A letter from Janet

From my girlfriend Janet, written after an incredible weekend camping trip last summer... we were in a very secluded spot near our campsite.. she finally agreed to let me share it.

To the love of my life,
The feel of you playing with me is more than I can handle. The pleasure is so immense. My excitement is overtaking me, and I can't help myself any longer. I climb up on top of you and grab your hands. Pulling them up to your head. I place my lips on your neck and begin to nibble my way down. My bites are gentle as to not hurt but strong enough to let you know I mean business. As I nibble on your neck my hands are pawing at your sexy tits. And I'm grinding my wet pussy against your skin. As I'm focused upon devouring your sexy body, you somehow manage to untie my bikini bottoms, and pull them off, yet I barely notice that I'm in the middle of a campground completely naked, playing with you.
I can't help myself any longer just nibbling you, and I work down your body. I take your nipple between my teeth, and gently pull. Holding your nipple between my teeth I flick my tongue against it. Your other nipple I take up with my other fingers. Rolling it gently between my fingertips. Then I trace my fingertips up and down your chest and belly. Feeling every single curve of your fantastic body.
Having teased your nipples plenty, my mouth wanders even farther down. I kiss down your ribs and down your belly. I find your belly button and I work my tongue around it in circles. The circles get smaller and smaller till my tongue slides into you belly button. The path doesn't stop there though. I continue to kiss, lick and nibble down your belly till I come to your bikini bottoms. But they have to go, and I fumble at untying them as fast as I can. I pull them off and throw them to the side. But for just an instance, the sight of your sexy pussy that has been exposed to me entrances me. Like me it's wet and ready to be played with. Your pussy lips look so soft and inviting.
I slide my body into the grass and position myself between your legs. I spread them apart and my fingers gently pet your soft lips. They feel amazing under my fingers. So soft, so perfect. I look up at you, and you’re watching me closely while biting your lip. Your eyes say to me, "eat me out baby". How could I refuse an offer like that? I gently pull your lips apart with my fingers, and I lower my head down. You first feel my hair fall upon you thighs and belly as I make my way. Then you feel the tip of my tongue against your clitoris. My tongue works circles around it until I can feel it engorge itself against my tongue. My lips then encircle it and I gently suck against your clit. I can hear you moaning, and that just makes me play harder. My tongue works farther down, and I slide my tongue as far as I can into your pussy and begin to tongue fuck you. Having my tongue slide into your body is such a turn on; I can feel my juices sliding down my legs. The taste of your sweet pussy is fantastic, and I can't get enough.
After sliding my tongue in and out for a few minutes, I continue to work my tongue down until it finds your perky ass hole, which I lick, circles around. I try to slide my tongue in, but just can't make it in, so I decide that a finger my work better. So I look up at you, and stick my finger in my mouth getting it nice and wet. I then gently slide it deep into your ass. I can hear you gasping for breath, and my tongue goes back to work on your pussy. I speak to you saying "Cum for me baby, I want you to cum for me". Your breathing becomes more intense, and you begin to squirm under me. I pump my finger into your ass faster and faster, and I tease your clit more and more. You are biting your lip, but you can't keep your pleasure hidden.
You let out a moan, followed by a tiny scream, followed by a screaming yes, and your body begins to shake. Your thighs tighten up against my head and your hands grab me holding my face tight to your pussy. I open my mouth over your pussy and you cum intensely. As you scream my name your juices begin to gush in my mouth. I try to drink it all down but I can't contain it all. Your gushing juices drip down my chin down onto my finger working your ass, and down your ass cheeks. I keep working you hard till I have milked every drop out of you. I bring the fun to a stop slowly, and pull my finger out. I look at you shaking from complete pleasure and I look at all the juice over your legs and ass and decide that I can't let it go to waste, so I lick it all up until you are all clean.
I then slide my naked body up on to you again, and share a deep kiss with you so that you can taste yourself upon my lips and tongue. I then look deep into your eyes and smile. Your eyes tell me that I have done a great job, and I'm well pleased with myself.
I love you so much,
Yours forever Janet

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5 months ago
still good.............
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2 years ago
great letter :)
2 years ago
intense and hott - yumm!