Astronomy 101?

I was over at the college dropping off Maggie, my daughter, for her late evening class when I saw a young-appearing woman trip and fall, spilling the contents of her carry-all as I was leaving my parking space. I hopped out of the car and rushed to assist her, making sure she was okay and helping her gather her things. It turned out this was her first-year as an instructor at the college and she was from out of town. I thought she was very pretty - she had sparkling green eyes and deep auburn hair. She was dressed in business attire, but it was more than obvious she had a fantastic figure. I was glad she was an instructor - the ache I'd begun to feel in my pants as the two of us spoke would not have been appropriate to have for someone the same age as my daughter.... This lovely woman giggled freely at my sense of humor - it felt good to have someone showing me attention. My wife certainly never did.

I offered to help her to her car - she had so many things jammed into her bag that haphazardly they just would not fit properly back in. She looked at me kind of hard, up and down and then into my eyes, probably trying to see if I was some kind of serial killer or other freak of nature, and then graciously accepted.

I took her hand and helped her up and we collected her s**ttered belongings, putting some back in her bag, and me carrying some in my hands. I asked her where she was parked and she said the student parking lot. I noted that it was a long walk and since my car was right there, why not just ride. Besides, it would give her the chance to recover from her spill. She agreed, and so we packed up her things and slowly drove off in the direction of her car. As we idled around the campus, we began to talk. I asked her what her name was and where she was from and she said, "My name is Celeste. I'm from Florida." I could have guessed that, I suppose. She looked very much the outdoor type. Young, tan, and very fit. She said that she had just completed her master's degree and that this was her first teaching job, straight out of college. Her excitement was palpable. I could just feel the energy radiating from her. She was young, beautiful by anybody's measure, intelligent, and a long ways from home, but she was ready for the challenge and some excitement after all the hard work in college. I told her that I had a daughter taking classes and we joked that maybe she would end up having her in class.

We arrived at her car and I pulled up beside it, long since the only vehicle left in the lot. We sat and talked a while longer and I asked if she had been out since she moved to town. She said no, she was still unpacking and setting up her office at school and had not had the chance to even think about going out. She seemed interested at the idea, though. Then she looked at my hand. Uh oh. The wedding ring. I should have known. A beautiful girl, half my age, alone in the car, and now comes the question. Sure enough, she says, "Isn't that a wedding band?" Busted. "Yes", I said. "It is." She asked about my marriage and I told her the truth. I wasn't happy and hadn't been for a long time. The circumstances were too many to enumerate, but the real issue was did she have a problem with it. She sat and thought for what seemed like forever and then she said, "I don't know why I'm telling you, a person I just met, but I actually dated my professor at Florida State University." She went on to say that he was about my age and like me, he was married. I sat in stunned silence. The more she talked, the more she seemed to sense my own excitement. She had started off as a "teachers pet" type, and then became an unofficial assistant. Back then, she wore short shorts, flip flops, and tank tops like most of the girls, she said, and she could tell when she had on an outfit that he liked. She said she started the flirtation by wearing increasingly revealing outfits, just to tease him. Shorter shorts and deeper cut necklines. She said she would sometimes go to his desk to ask an opinion on a paper and she would lean over and point to sentences or words as she talked to him. She said a lot of times she didn't think the guy even saw the paper at all for looking down her shirt. I nervously said that it wasn't hard to tell, even in her business attire, that there was plenty to show off. I told her that from where I was sitting, it looked to me like she had everything needed to make a man very happy.

She said that her flirtations led to a physical relationship with Ron, her professor, and that she found out he was a "boob guy." It turns out that her cleavage shots really rocked his world and he apparently admitted later that sometimes after she left his office, he would lock the door and masturbate thinking about her. She made a joke about guys in unhappy marriages having to jack off and then realized it kind of hit home for me. "Thats alright,", I said. "I can't really deny it." I told her that I teach high school and that I have some girls that do the same things she did to her professor, leaning over my desk and giving me tit shots. I told her that I liked it, but being that they were in high school, I couldn't act on it, but it made me horny, so I took care of things the same way Ron did. She said she saw no shame in it and that she believed masturbation was a healthy release and even fun. Most girls, she said, won't admit to doing it, but she said she did. She surprised me further by saying that she liked to look at porn when she did it, another thing that most girls won't admit to. I told her I did the same thing when I was alone at home or sometimes even in the bathroom at school, especially if one particularly well-endowed girl was showing off her goods that day. She seemed really surprised that I would go and jack off in the bathroom but I told her that when I see something that excites me, I enjoy getting off on it. Then she said that sometimes she watches men's masturbation videos and she likes those, as well as other things. I was starting to squirm in my seat at this point. She reached up and began to lightly stroke the front of her neck with one finger. Slowly, her finger moved up and down, gradually going a little lower each time. I sat and watched. She knew I was locked on to her every move. She asked if I jacked off at school because I was a boob guy too. Did all those girls titties get to me, she asked. Yes, I said, they did. I wanted to see them naked but I was afraid of getting caught and being labeled a perv, so I just took matters into my own hands, pun intended. She laughed softly and said that even though she was young, she wasn't too young for me. She moved her hand down further and started to slowly unbutton her jacket.

After the first button, I could see her cleavage good for the first time. Even though it was dark outside, I could see that her breasts were held down snuggly by a bra that must have been industrial strength. As she went for the second button, and then the third, she said that she was going to let me in on a secret. She said she wore bras that flattened her out so she wouldn't look as big as she was. In the classroom, she said, the boys would stare at nothing else. Then she opened up her now completely unbuttoned jacket. She had on a bra that looked kind of like a sports bra, but lacy and very feminine. She leaned forward and took her jacket off completely. She looked rapturous. Then she said, I'll show you what I keep under wraps if you show me how much you like it. By then, I was completely hard. I reclined my seat a little and turned on the interior light. I unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my jeans. When I unzipped them, my dick was about to poke through my underwear and there was already a wet spot where the pre-cum had started to soak through. I couldn't see stopping at that point, so I pulled down the front of my underwear and grabbed my dick hard at the base of the shaft. I squeezed it, making the head swell a little and I asked her if she thought I was excited by her or not. She said I clearly liked what I saw. Then she said, "If you like the bra, wait til you see what comes out of it."

Nothing could have prepared me for the massiveness of her tits. All-natural with areolas the size of baseballs. They must have been at least double Ds, if not bigger. She pulled her bra up over her head and as she did, her hair fell down around her bare shoulders. Her breasts swung down and bounced a little when they fell out. I couldn't stop staring. She started to cup one and then the other with her hands, caressing her nipples with her fingertips. As her nipples got harder and harder, I realized I was u*********sly jacking off. She just looked so good, I had started to stroke myself without even realizing it. I laughed and said that sometimes I wished it was longer so I could suck it myself, then I'd never have to leave the house. She said, you mean like this? She pulled one of her tits up with both hands and turned the nipple towards her face. She leaned her head over, stuck out her tongue and began to lick herself. S he pulled it up even farther and started to suck it, lightly at first, then more aggressively, slowly gyrating her hips while she did it. She pulled it out making a popping sound from the suction and told me that she had done that since she was in high school. She developed early, she said, and had long ago learned to enjoy her own body in many ways. Then I said that since I couldn't suck myself that way, maybe she would help me out a little. She smiled a devilish smiled and began to lean my way. Her boobs were so big that they hit my lap long before her mouth got to my cock, which was now throbbing with anticipation. She opened her mouth wide and took it in, tonguing the tip of it as she engulfed the massiveness. After a few strokes, she pulled her mouth off long enough to comment on my girth. I told her that I had never thought I was super long, but I had always been told by women that I had a thick cock. She giggled and said that they weren't lying to me to make me feel good, but she loved a fat cock. As she was sucking me, I began to feel pressure in my balls. I didn't want to come yet. Sure, coming in her mouth would have been a great fantasy, but I had other ideas at this point.

I told her that I wanted her pussy, flat out. She smiled and said, "yes sir" in her best school girl voice. The parking lot was long since deserted so I told her that we should just get out and do it. She showed no fear at all. She opened up the door and stepped out, her massive tits swaying as she moved. I was still in the car, taking off my pants, and through her open door, I saw her taking off her skirt. She reached around the back and unzipped it, then slid it down to reveal a black lace thong that was see-through in the front. I could see that she had a Brazilian strip, which turned me on. I told her that a lot of girls these days shave completely, but that I actually like a little hair. As I got out and walked around the car to her, she said it must be an "older guy" thing, cause Ron was the same way. By now, we were both completely naked to the world, in the student parking lot. I held her by her waist as I came to her, pulling her close to me. I could feel her tits push against me and I slid one hand down between her legs, slowly pushing them apart ever so slightly. She spread her feet a little to accommodate my hand, and I slid my finger between her legs. It was obvious that I wasn't the only one who had been enjoying themselves. Her pussy was dripping and, as I fingered her, she began to moan softly. I stroked her clit with the pressure from my hand as my finger continued to penetrate her. She started thrusting her ass back and forth a little with the motion, like she was fucking my hand. The intensity began to build as I kissed her neck and her breasts. Finally, I could take no more. I grabbed her by the hips and spun her around, facing away from me. I put one arm across her lower stomach and one hand on her shoulder. I held her ass close to me and pushed to bend her over the hood of my car.

Her pussy was swollen with anticipation and dripping with juices. I used my foot to spread her legs further, the way cops do when they arrest someone. She complied and I stepped up behind her and plunged my dick straight into her pussy. I held her hair with one hand and pulled her ass to me with the other as I pounded her from behind. I was stroking furiously, fucking like a mad man just out of prison. I still wasn't getting it good enough though. I moved her to the lowest part of the hood and remounted her from behind, this time with one foot up on the bumper, so I could get her ass elevated and get the best possible angle for penetration. I was finally bottoming her out, pounding it like she wanted me to, fucking her for all I was worth. She began to moan, just as I was feeling an irrepressible fullness in my balls. Before I knew it, I could feel her vaginal muscles contracting wildly, putting a death grip on my cock. I was locked in and ready to blow. I stroked her once more and plunged my dick in as far as I could, pulling her ass close to me. I started to cum and I thought I would never stop. Her pussy was so full of my dick that my load immediately began to run down her legs. My dick was throbbing, convulsing as it shot spurt after spurt. I felt like I must have shot a gallon. I felt the tension go out of both of our bodies as we fell against the hood.

As we stood there, regaining a consciousness of our surroundings, she continued to move her ass up and down, ever so slightly, as if to milk every last drop of cum out of me. I looked up at the night sky, the beauty of the starry heavens barely competition for the wonders of G-d's creation that now stood before me. Talk about your heavenly bodies. Then it hit me. Her name.....Celeste, as in celestial, as in heavenly. She turned to face me, smiling her gorgeous smile, her eyes sparkling in the starlight, and she asked what I was looking at in the sky. "Nothing," I replied, "nothing that compares to you...."

We got dressed and then noticed the time. Oh my G-d. We had been in the parking lot for over an hour. My daughter would soon be getting out of class and looking for me. I had never made it back home after dropping her off, and I would have to explain that as well. But it didn't matter. Tonight would be worth any cost. Celeste, now back in her best business suit, stood by her car. We laughed that we never even got her stuff out of my vehicle. We made the transfer and then stood face to face, looking at one another. I didn't know what to say or to expect. I didn't want to ruin it with a bunch mushy talk and being too emotional, and I didn't want to seem cold and not say anything. She broke the silence. She told me that she had actually been in love with Ron, her professor, but that she never told him. She figured he had enough on his plate. She told me that it broke her heart when she left school and that she hadn't been with anyone since until now. I told her that it had been forever since I was with anyone but my wife. I told her she was the best thing to happen to me in a long time and that I hoped that we could meet again, soon, but that I understood if getting involved with a married man was not in her plan. She smiled her celestial smile and kissed me softly. Then she leaned up and whispered in my ear...."You couldn't get rid of me now if you tried."

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1 year ago
Great hit lots of fantasy points, including precum and masturbating while being watched!
2 years ago
That was excellent.I love a good story.
2 years ago
Great fun and I really got a kick out of learning the basis for the title--even more fun.
2 years ago
Very erotic and sensual, I noticed a wet spot forming. Thank you for sharing.
3 years ago
Great story. It's always better to read an Erotic stories written by a woman. I love a Lady with a dirty mind.

3 years ago
Very sensual. Great story!
3 years ago
Very good :)
3 years ago
terrific story
3 years ago
Another great story.
3 years ago
Great story
3 years ago
that is awesome
3 years ago
Great story and well written. Loved the storyline. It was something different than most stories. Another chapter would be nice if you decided to. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
great story....hope u take it further....was hot
3 years ago
Great Story!! Thanks for posting!!
3 years ago
Thanks for sharing the sweet story, it was such a pleasure to read!
3 years ago
Great and erotic story.. Keep up the writing.
3 years ago
Thanks everyone - I actually had some help on this from a male friend :)

I don't believe there will be another chapter, though since I'd not considered that, perhaps something could develop in the future. There will be another story posted in a day or so, though, but totally separate.
3 years ago
Great story!! Love the picture you drew for me to enjoy!!!
3 years ago
Great story. You are good. Lots of detail.
3 years ago
Great story, I liked the setting and the theme, there is something forbidden about old VS young yet we know it happens and the fact that it was consensual and above legal age means it is saved to my favorites. Hmmmm, is there another chapter coming?
3 years ago
excelent 9/10