Adventures Part 3

I crawl down between your legs in search for those sensitive spots you mentioned I had to find. Kissing down your sides and leaving a slightly wet tongue trail behind where my lips just were, inching my way lower. My hands are following shortly behind, yet stopping to caress your ample chest, tweaking your very sensitive and erect nipples. Moving my hands down to catch up, none of your body left untouched by my hands, lips or tongue. I find your hip crests to be slightly sensitive, more ticklish than anything, but continue my journey downward. At your pubic bone I pause to gaze up into your eyes, which have only shut when I was tweaking your nipples from pleasure. I see that you are watching my every move, moaning all the while. Without saying a word, we lock eyes and I get the approval from you to continue my journey.

You say you haven't been taken this way in a long time and have never experienced this to be pleasurable, but I have good intentions, making sure you see and feel every aspect of what is about to come. I break our eye contact to move lower, now in between your slightly parted legs. You are hesitant to let me in, yet are not resisting very hard. I run my hands up and down your soft legs letting you know you can trust me and feel completely safe with me. I am not f***efull and take my time with comforting you. I move past your nether regions and caress your legs all the way down to your feet. My strong hands are massaging your feet, one at a time. Some say there are certain pressure points in your feet that releif pressure and hieghten arousal in your feet, I try and find those diligently. Getting a few sharp intakes of breath and a few moans of how good my hands feel, I take it I am pushing all the right buttons.

Moving up the underside of your legs, I continue my massage on your muscled calves. Working my hands and fingers into your muscles, kneading out the knots. Moving my hands higher, I inch my naked body up with my hands. Now I am at your thighs once again, looking up into your eyes that have been watching my every move. I spread your legs just wide enough for me to sit between and begin working on your thighs. Outside first, I massage from your knee to hip, making sure no part is untouched. I can tell by your moans that you are now relaxed, from head to toe. I lay flat on the bed and prop myself up on my elbows. A sharp intake is heard as my lips touch the inside of your left thigh, just above the knee. Either not expecting my touch or it is an electrifying feeling, a moan escapes, "OH, my god that feels SO GOOD!" Smiling I continue to kiss my way up the inside of your thigh to just mere centimeters from your pussy. Wanting to feel me there is gonna have to wait, another leg is getting kind of jealous. I switch to your right thigh and again kiss just above your knee. I use my tongue this time, swirlling and licking a trail right to your pubic line. I plant a soft kiss directly on your pussy, knowing your have been waiting a long time to see just how it would feel. "OOOOMMMM, don't stop now please, I think I am liking this," you tell me enjoying my kisses. I don't say anything in return, just keep going. Placing my hands between your thighs and the mattress, I am able to spread your legs to somewaht a eleveated position, thus allowing me better access to your waiting and wanting pussy. I see the slight wetness on your inner thighs and know that I have done that. I smile again and move up so you can now feel my hot breath on your pussy. I don't waste my time, sticking my tongue out straight, I dive in finding your erect clit waiting to be touched. "MMMM, right there," you tell me in a very seductive yet excited tone. I lick your little nub and suck on your clit with passion and ernst. I love the taste of your sweet pussy, knowing the best is yet to come (cum)! I ease my grip on your thighs and lower them over my shoulders, allowing you more comfort, knowing i will have you in this position for at least 15 or so mintues. I don't need my hands though, so they are lightly laid on either hip, caressing while I work. I continue to lick all around your pussy, sucking your lips into my mouth, swallowing all you have to offer. You are getting antsy, because your hips are no longer stationary on the bed and you are getting more and more boisterous! Licking your pussy from top to bottom and back up again to your clit, these are my motions for a bit. Using one hand, I place it at the to of your pussy and spread your lips wide. This pulling your hood back from your clit, access for my waiting tongue. I flick and nibble on your clit, bringing more and more pussy juice out to me eaiting mouth, followed be more and more moans of pleasure, "OOOH YEAH BABY, MAKE ME CUM, MAKE ME CUM, OOOOOH!!!!!"

I am ready to make you cum so I divert my tonguing attention to your tight entrance. I plunge my harded tongue in, until my nose is buried into your clit. Thrusting my tongue in and out, rubbing your clit with my nose at the same time is doing the trick. Immediately after my tongue started thrusting, your pussy started contracting around it. I knew this was a sign that you were about to cum, so I sped up my pace. You reached down and grabbed the back of my head to grind it into your pussy. You are so close to cumming, I can feel your pussy tightening around my invading tongue and getting wetter and wetter with each inward thrust. Feeling your hips rise and fall around me, your legs clamp around my head, "MMMMM I'M CUMMMMMMMMMMMMING!!!!!" Flood after glorious flood, your pussy explodes all over my waitng face. I drink and swallow your copious amounts of pussy juice, happily knowing I did that!!!!

Unclamping your legs, allowing me to pull my tongue out of your now drenched pussy, I sit back on my elbows and alternately kiss your inner thighs. Watching you continue to convulse and catch your breath, I lightly blow hot air on your soaked pussy. You wiggle and giggle, "OH MY GOD, that felt......"

To be contiued.....

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