Adventures Part 2

I thought I had a second part to this story already, but can't find it. On the chance I did and already sent it to you, this is the revised version. Hope you enjoy!

Mary was the first to awake, by the smell of coffee brewing in the hotel room. When I opened my eyes, I saw Mary propped up on the bed, still in my shirt sipping her coffee and reading the same magazine I was thumbing through last night. "Good Morning Beautiful, how did you sl**p? Oh, good morning to you too sl**py head. I slept ok, but got a bit cold and loney in the late morning. Sure would of been nice to have you next to me, snuggling and keeping me warm!" I got up and off the couch, walking over to the bed to join Mary. Closing the gap to the bed, Mary put down the magazine and had a huge smile on her face. Gazing down, I noticed my bare chest, clad in boxer breifs and a huge tent formed. Not as embarrassed as I thought I would be, I just kept with my pace and climber over her to the other side of the bed. Mary's eyes never left my tent, but the coffee cup she was holding did make it to the bedside table and that magazine must not have been too interesting, it too was down and on the floor.

Getting under the covers to retrieve a pillow, I propped myself up next to Mary. "How about you come over here and snuggle with me now? I would love to Sam, but I need something first?" Before Mary could tell me what see needed, I leaned down and kissed her full on the lips. Staying htere for a momnet, I felt a smile part our lips from Mary. "Did I read your mind? Was it a kiss you wanted before I came to bed with you? I swear you are a mind reader Sam, that was the idea I was having, except for more...." I didn't give Mary the opportunity to say anything else, my mouth covered hers again. Only this time I introduced my tongue into her mouth. rewarded with her tongue as well we stayed this way for some time.

Mary adjusted her weight a bit, only to turn towards me with wandering hands. Her soft hands found my chest and began tracing her nails around my pecks and neck. I thought of only the same, clutching both sides of her face and neck with my hands. I moved my right hand down to the buttons on my shirt and started undoing them, very slowly one at a time. She could sense my intentions, because her left hand left my chest and worked its way down to my tent, now sticking straight out, yurning for attention. I broke our kiss and started kissing her neck, to her shoulder, all while my hands continued to unbutton my shirt and reveal her soft olive toned skin. Getting a sharp intake of air and moan of approval, I removed the her shirt completely and tossed it on the floor. To my suprise, Mary had no panties on this entire time, what a fool I am. If I would have made a move last night, I probably would have gotten lucky. But for now, I will make the best of lost time. I kissed my way down to her ample chest, moving more so I was over the top of her. I stepped completely over her and off the bed, only to shuck my underwear and return in a flash. Mary was about to protest to me getting up, but quickly affixed her eyes to my now aparrent thickness. Leaking pre cum already, she was more than happy to have me on top of her again. I resumed his her neck and breasts, alternating between each rock hard nipple, paying each due attention. I went up for another deep french kiss and broke again to lay on my side next to her.

Mary took the hint and rolled on top of me, kissing me passionately while her hands roamed my nakedness. She broke our kiss saying, "My beautiful man, lay back and enjoy!" With that Mary worked her way down my body, stopping off to kiss and lick each of my nipples. Kissing her way down my chest to my hips line, I squirmed. "You know I like that don't you Sexy!" I said looking down at her. She didn't stop there though, she went right to work coddling my hardness in her sof t hands. She stroked my up and down a few times, alternating her looks between my eyes and my cock. Smiling, Mary pushed my legs apart and got inbetween them. Her nipples were leaving enticing trails along my chest and belly as she moved lower. Seeking out her prize, Mary smiled, stuck out her tongue and lightly licked off my pre cum. She didn't stop there, she licked down the enitre length of my shaft and back up again. Entertwinning my hands in her hair I grabbed on for the ride I was about to recieve. Mary didn't waste anytime either, her warm mouth enveloped my HARD throbbing cock and began her assault to my release.

With Marys' skillful mouth and tongue, she had me closer and closer to cumming, but must have sensed it because she released my cock with a loud "SLURP!" "I am not ready for you to come yet, first I want another kiss, then I might let you cum," Mary said crawling back up my body. I released my grip in her hair, grabbed her by the hips and belly rolled her onto her back. Taken off guard, Mary started to say something like, "hey I wasn't d.......". I didn't let her finish, I quickly moved inbetween her legs and went in for a kiss. Supporting my weight on my arms, I bent down and kissed Mary for a long time. I purposely flexed my cock so it would bump her pussy while kissing her. A moan and a smile from Mary told me she liked my "no hands" feeling. I worked my way down her body, again stopping off to tongue and nibble on her ERECT nipples. Tracing my tongue around her areola without contacting her nipple was torute for her. She would squirm and wiggle around just so my tongue would contact her nipple.

Continuing to kiss downward, I decided to go exploring. She told me she had parts of her body more sensitive than other, I had to find them for myself. Kissing and licking down her sides to her hips. Ahe wiggled more amd more with each kiss and tender touch of my tender tongue.

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