I finally got a vacation, where to go? I sit down on my flight headed for Ohio, knowingonly one person there. Her name is Mary and she is an extremely attractive lady i have taken a liking to. We met online through an adult chat site and moved to emails, over the past 6 months. She doesn't know I'm coming, other than my email to her stating I would be gone for the next two weeks on vacation. Little did she know, the next call she gets from me is me getting off the plane in Cleveland. I hope to suprise her and hopefully see her. Not really sure if she can swing time away from her husband, but a bit to late to turn back now.

A long flight gave me time to think, ponder if what I was doing was the right move? I have talked to Mary on the phone several times, chatted and emailed almost everyday. I am sort of a spur of the moment guy, but this is definitely a first for me. Hopefully this works out for the best. Only one way to find out right?

Departing the plane, I struggle with the crowds to find the baggage claim. After stopping and asking for directions, yes a man stopped to ask for directions, I found my bags. Getting my rental car and hotel package squared away, I went about the city in search of that hotel. Getting my room key and unloading the car, I lay down on this huge bed and make myself comfortable. Flipping on the tv finding nothing good on, I grab my phone. With butterflies in my stomach, I dial Mary's number. "Mary, it's Sam, just calling to tell you I got in ok and am comfortable in my hotel, well sort of. Was wondering if you could call me back when you get this, got a question for you? Talk to you soon, Sam". Hanging up, I glance at the alarm clock on the nightstand next to this huge, lonely, king size bed. The clock read 4:37pm, only twenty more minutes and I should be getting a call back from Mary. As I wait in anticipation, I decide to take a shower and freshen up a bit, just in case I have company later.

The shower felt real nice on my aching back, soothing the muscles from the long plane ride. Just as I lay down on the bed to resume watching the meaningless tv, my phone rings. "Hello? Hi Sam, it's Mary! Hi Mary, how are you? I'm good, you sounded urgent on the phone is something wrong? Nothing is wrong sorry, was just excited to call you today! As you know I am on vacation, but I am lost. Was wondering if you could help me out? I'm not sure I follow you Sam? Didn't you check out where you were going on vacation before you left? Yeah I did, only to see how far Akron is from Cleveland!" the phone fell silent on Mary's end. After I thought she hung up on me, there was a sharp intake, then silence again. "Mary, are you alright? I am shocked, you are in Cleveland right now aren't you? Why else would you want to know how far it is from Cleveland to Akron? Well, my vacation was to come see you and your parts of the world! I have never been here and was hoping I could enlist you as a tour guide? If nothing else, was wondering if I could buy you drink and dinner tonight? Well I was going to the gym, but I would love to come see you instead! Let me know where you are staying and I will leave now and be there in about an hour?"

Giving Mary the name and address to my hotel, I hung up the phone with a smile griningfrom ear to ear. Finally we get to meet each other face-to-face and see the real "us"! I have written and dreamt of this day for months, now it merely an hour away. Getting dressed, tidying up my room I looked myslef over in the mirror, "Gonna have to work" I said to the man looking back at me in the mirror. I rode the glass elevator down to the lobby, casually walking into the lounge and waiting. There was a live band playing soft jazz, almost soul up on the stage. The lounge was dimly lit, but I chose a booth towards the rear of the room, so we could have some privacy together. Afraid she may not recognize me, I kept my eyes peeled.

Almost an hour to the minute, Mary walked into the lounge and up to the bar. She looked around, puzzled look on her face until we made eye contact. I got up from my booth, walked in her direction and stopped half the distance to her. Watching me, she started walking my direction as well. We were standing merely inches from each other, "Mary, is that you? Wow, Sam, you are gorgeous! Who me, the only one that is gorgeous in this room is this stunning and very attractive lady standing in front of me!" Without another word, we closed our distance and embraced in a big hug. I offered her to my table and asked if she would like anything to drink? Fetching after our drinks from the bar, I left Mary sitting at our booth staring at my ass!

Sitting down with the drinks, we struck up small talk. Conversating about why I chose this place for vacation, what my plans were, what my intentions were? I had so much to tell her and little time to explain, but i tried anyway. "There is only one person i know who lives in this state, and that person is you Mary. I wanted to suprise you and catch you out of your element, My plans consist of nothing more than discovering new adventures, with you if you can get away. I know you have a home life and work, but I don't have much going on the next two weeks. If I can swing it though, I would like to cook you dinner one of these nights?" "That all sounds really good and I would love every minute we can spend together! My husband is working second shift until tomorrow, then he is off with his buddies for a 5 day fishing trip up north. So yeah, I have some time alone this next week, starting day after tomorrow!" That was that, we would catch up with each others' lives and make the best of our time as enjoyable as possible.

Over dinner we both had more drinks than we planned. I asked her if she wanted me to hail her a cab, but she said she wasn't going to pay the expensive fair. I offered to pay it for her, but she wasn't having any of it. Then I just blurted out, " You could stay with me tonight? My suite has a huge bed and a couch. I will gladly take the couch, so you may have the comfort of that plush king size bed." "That sounds like a good idea, but first I need to dance...come dance with me?" I got up and offered my hand to Mary, leading her out onto the desolite dance floor. She put her arms around my neck, layed her head on my chest, my hands on her hips. Soon I got up the nerve to move my hands to the smallof her back. We swayed to the music, both feeling a lil tipsy. I am not a very good dancer anyways, but this was the perfect setting. Dimly lit dance floor and slow, soft music, we danced.

Upon the completion of the song, we stayed arms around each other out on the floor. i asked if she was ready to go up to the room? Instead of saying anything, should squeezed my neck tighter. i could have sworn a slight moan escaped from Mary, but I could have just been hearing things. i led her back to the booth to retrive her coat and purse. I asked her to make the call in the lobby before we got into the elevator. "He wont miss me tonight, never does when I am out late anyway." "Ok, well then, shall we?" Leading Mary to the elevator, we walked arm in arm like school k**s. As far as anyone could tell, we were a couple tha thadn't had alone time in awhile.

Arriving on the top floor, we exited the elevator, down the hallway to the last room at the end. Swiping the card, a green light allowed us into the expansive room. Noting the big room, Mary asked to take her coat and purse, she had to freshen up. Splitting in the door way, I placed her things on the counter and took a seat on the couch facing the large four post bed. Hoping Mary wasn't gonna be sick, I heard the water from the shower turn on. The water ran for about 10 minutes or so and the steam began rolling out under the door. Just as I was about to ask if she was ok, the water turned off. I gave her a few minutes then asked, if she was ok and needed anything? "I am just fine handsome, however, do you have a shirt I can borrow? I realized after I got into the shower I don't have anything to wear." "Not a prob, be right back." Off in a hurry, I tripped over my own feet and fell on the floor with a loud CRASH! "Are you ok, did you hurt yourself?, Mary announced through the door of the bathroom. "Yeah I'm fine, just tripped. One shirt coming up!" I grabbed a dress shirt and annouced I was at the door, to open and recieve her request. I held the shirt out and turned my body away from the door as to shield my eyes from her. I wanted so badly to see her standing there in just a towel, but the gentleman side of me took over and was left with a thank you from Mary.

I resumed my place on the couch and thumbed through a magazine on the coffee table waiting for Mary to return from her shower. Coming out of the bathroom, I looked up over the magazine, finding this BEAUTIFUL woman standing just a few feet away from me. "I hope you didn't mind me taking a shower, just that I have been at work all day and needed a hot shower." "No worries, I fortunately took one before you got here to get it out of the way. Gave me time to read through this magazine anyway, some good articles in here." "Oh really, like what?" "Actually, I haven't read a damn thing in here, knowing you were abou to come out of the shower, in my shirt, and staying with me tonight. I can't focus on anything other than your beauty!" "You are very thoughtful and speak very kind words. I like you very much and hope this night never ends!"

Putting the magazine back onto the coffee table, I asked if she would like to sit with me? I bought a bottle of wine when I was going through the airport, should I pour you a glass now that you are not going anywhere for the night, or have you had enough for one night?" "Actually, I am confident I could drive home, I was just seeing what you had in mind for the rest of the night and played it off for the better. But yes, I would love a glass of wine!" I got up and poured a couple glasses of Merlot, brought the bottle out to the seating area with us and handed her a glass. Sitting back down, I noticed her feet, neatly manicured. I took another step and asked if she would like a foot massage to go with that glass of wine? Without a word, her cute feet lay softly on my lap. I began to massage her left foot, admiring her olive tone complexion. My shirt came down just below her buttocks, which she had tucked under herself. I complimented on her complexion and soft skin, all the while starring at her sexy brown eyes.

After 15 minutes or so with the left foot, I moved to the right. Looking at Mary, I saw her eyelids were getting heavy. I offered her my hand once again, took the glass of wine away from her to set down on the table. I led her to the bed and turned down the sheets. She climbed into bed, covering her up I said, "sl**p good sexy, I will see you in the morning!" A soft peck on the cheek, I tucked her in and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and get ready for bed myself. A few minutes later, I came back into the room, checking on Mary before heading off to the couch. Mary lay on her left side facing the couch, her eyes softly closed, moaning softly as sl**p was taking over, she slipped off into sl**p. Watching her for a few more minutes, I grabbed the spare balnket and pillow, nustled down on the couch and turned out the light.

Laying there in the dark, listening to Mary breathing, I hope she wasn't mad at me for not making any advancements tonight. Tonight I didn't feel was the right time to try anything more risky. I would hate for something to go wrong and then be stuck here for two weeks with someone mad at me only an hour away. That and the fact I didn't want to rush anything. What happens will happen at the right time, patience Sam. I do hope she is dreaming sweetly, knowing that this guy she spent the evening and night with has been a true gentleman and wasn't pushing anything on here. Next thing I know, I too am asl**p.
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I can't wait either!! Great start.
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I can't wait to read the rest