“wondering what he would do…”

“wondering what he would do…”

This post, inspired by a communication from a specific xhamster woman, is purely my fantasy, based upon a remarkably small number of private messages where she shared what she liked about my writing.

Chapter 1: Shake something at them...
SHE (starting from her perspective):
I can’t believe that I’m actually flying to Atlanta to check out this kinky “Emorymed” guy from xhamster (Wonder what his real name is?). What started as a passing curiosity, evolved to email exchanges, 'make me blush' photos, skype and now, finally, “in the flesh”. Although we shared every intimate detail of our sexual proclivities, except that he’s a doctor of some sort, I don’t know anything else about him.

The instructions were so explicit, including exactly what to wear. Shoes and two articles of clothing: a skirt and a top. No bra, or underpants. Oh, and one more thing, bring a raincoat. I brought it, but it’s not raining.
The rental Mitsubishi Eclipse was paid for, GPS set to my destination.
Every detail accounted for.

More instructions. Arrive at the hotel at exactly 9:00pm. Don’t be late. Park in the last spot on the right, furthest from the entrance. Stay in the car.

That’s all. Arrive, park. I’m experienced and I travel a lot but I have to admit, I’m unnerved. Truth be told ever since he sent the tickets I have been obsessed –
wondering what he would do? -

The thing is, all the men in my life are just too boring. It’s always the same tender, soft, and considerate. I’m a strong willed woman but I need a man who will take control. I have an inexplicable craving to want to please him. Let him use me as he wishes. I have a dark side, that watches porn, leaning to the “Sex and Submission” videos. Brandon Irons, Mark Davis. Fantasizing, identifying with the women, to please, f***ed to orgasm. Utter and complete submission.

What really scares me is that not only did I actually tell him this, but I know that sexually, he’s an alpha male. Athletic, smart, and dominant. I’m scared, nervous, and excited beyond anything I’ve ever experienced, but I’m powerless to resist this attraction.

Here’s the hotel...
Hmm, this lot is full, wait there’s one spot left…and…it’s the last one…on the right. I’m beginning to think that nothing here is a coincidence; this is all according to his plan.

Pull in, lights off. Ok, just me my raincoat, skirt and top.

I’m spooked. No sound, no movement. Am I being watched?
The door opens, HE’S THERE. OMG.

Finger to his lips, he leans across with his right hand grasps my hair firmly bringing my mouth to his. Strong, passionate, and breathtaking. I’m speechless gasping for air. Another kiss, just like the last but … more so. He pulls away, finger to his lips, says
“here put this on”
It’s a ball gag. I had tried one at my porn shop and longed to actually be used by one.

This woman is the most beautiful, and passionate sex obsessed slut I have EVER had the occasion to encounter. Doctoral student in international affairs and political science, smart, funny, clever. I’m sure that she out wits all the men she meets.
But tonight, there’s no need for talk. Going with strong and silent.

Leave nothing to chance.
I’ve got the ball gag, wrist restraints, blindfold, and a few pebbles in my pocket in case I decide to make things interesting.

Park poorly taking the last two spots, wait for a Mitsubishi Eclipse to pull in around 9:00 and back up to give her the vacant spot.

Ok, here she is!
I’ll just ease my car back, turn it off, and watch her pull in.
It’s dark she can’t see me.

Let’s roll…

Take her by surprise. Slip quietly into passenger seat, no talking …
Oh GOD she’s GORGEOUS. I’m gonna lose it…quick, kiss her… before she speaks.
WOW, fireworks, hot delicious. GOTTA do that again.
Jesus, even better…
Ok, now back to the plan

“Here put this on ” handing her the ball gag.
She accepts it surprisingly enthusiastically, no protest, so far so good…

“where’s the raincoat? Ah, back seat, ok”
“take off your top and your skirt”
She can’t talk, but the top is already gone and now the skirt…
I love being around stunningly beautiful naked women.
Especially the ones who lose their clothes so readily.
Dude you are blessed that she crossed your path.

“Put on these wrist restraints and then this blindfold”
“I’ll come around with your raincoat and open your door.”
“Here I am” opening her door.
“Turn around so I can fasten your wrists restraints behind your back, and I’ll help you out of the car and slip the raincoat over your shoulders”

Fucking ball gag, I couldn’t protest if I wanted to.
Take off my top and skirt? Already? In the parking lot?
Who am I k**ding, this is what I came for.
Good thing I’m a fucking exhibitionist slut. God this is so hot, naked, exposed, humiliated, and … freaking turned on like hell. I can’t stop stroking, pinching my nipples. Can he tell? Does he see?
I’m so aroused I want to cream in my pants. Wait, I’m not wearing any. Never mind.
I surrender. I’ll do anything he asks. Everything, I’m his slave. His slut whore bitch.
Use me. Abuse me. Please? Can he hear my thoughts?

Fastening the blindfold, and now the wrist restraints behind my back.
He’s helping me out but – HEY, HEY!!! I’m NAKED – remember?
Ok, I feel the raincoat on my shoulders.
But, wait, it’s not closed, I can feel the breeze on my breasts.
My pussy is exposed. Anyone who looks out will see me.
I’m utterly helpless, restrained, blindfolded and naked, and my god aroused beyond imagination.
Is there something wrong with me? This is insane, and insanely sexy erotic hot.

Oh, he’s grasping my head, another hot kiss, I’m engulfed in his arms.
Yum, his shoulders are big, he’s strong. No point resisting, not that I want to.
I guess no one can see me if I’m in this bear hug.

Helping her out is a little awkward.
Oh good god, this woman is way too hot, I’m gonna lose it and start babbling nonsense.
Quick, KISS her. Tight! I can’t stop squeezing, what a body. I should just pick her up and carry her.

But I want to take advantage of the exhibitionist tendencies she told me about, and how uncontrollably hot it makes her.
One more surprise for this self-avowed exhibitionist sexy slut.

By tossing 3 or 4 pebbles, it sounds like footsteps. Then 3 or 4 more, a little closer.
“Sounds like someone is here” I whisper.
I step back, as if to look, exposing her body to the direction of the sound.
“Should we say hello?”
“Oh, you can’t talk, just nod at them, or shake something at them.”
“hi fellas, great night isn’t it”
“ok, that's enough shaking, are you laughing?”

EMORY!!(whatever your name is) I’m standing here naked in front of people?
Say hello? I’m wearing a goddamn ball-gag.
Shake something at them?
Ok, that made me laugh, except for the ball-gag, that is.
Well that I can do, shaking my boobs like I’m trying to shake off flies.
God I’m a slut. But I'm lovin' it.
Should I stop shaking? I'm thinking no.
Maybe the raincoat will fall off and things will really get interesting.
Hope you enjoy the show fellas.

"ok, stop shaking now, that's enough,
"I think one of them is getting out money."
I have to drag her off to the room because she's trying to make the raincoat fall off.
Wow, she is an exhibitionist, this woman is utterly fantastic.

Chapter 2: Talk to me (The initiation)

Ok, muse, give me something to work with here…

I have a feeling my original muse might have abandoned me, so if any other xhamster sluts want me to continue, give me some encouragement...

Just one more thing. My stories cannot be used without my permission.
I'll sue you, and I have the money to do it. Plus my b*****r is a lawyer.
100% (10/0)
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1 year ago
I read this first whish I would have known the prologue Assome writing skills I love it Bill
2 years ago
it looks like you're in a corner, story wise. but i do love it, the different points of view.
2 years ago
lol do you think so rawchina?. when we wet the next part?
2 years ago
loved it and i dont read a lot of blogs here but my friend had saved it on her profile and i can see her doing this very same thing
2 years ago
Thats a great story, love the he/she point of view
2 years ago
sorry typo... should have read enhancing not enhance
2 years ago
Ahh the last part makes more sense to me now. This is a story and a very exciting one too. It shows that you enjoy exposing her or showing her off (and tapped into her desires of being exhibited) but ultimately for the purpose of enhance your own private pleasures with her.
Great story!
2 years ago
very nice start for a sexy story, would love to hear more from you
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
wow.. that is hot...
2 years ago
i hope to see a chapter 2..... fun start to the story x