A chance encounter with my former slut slave mistr

A chance encounter with my former slut slave mistress

I am in the Kroger grocery in Toco Hills in Decatur GA, picking up some toothpaste, and you happen to have stopped in there to get an appropriately sized cucumber in the produce section on your way home from your swing-dance class.
It’s a shocking “OMG” moment. Neither of us really knows what to say, but you look fabulous in your swing skirt and I’m in a tank top.
We’re both thinking … we should just say hi and keep on walking, but we can’t take our eyes off each other. You just look great. I can’t speak for you but it feels just as if we had never stopped, all those feelings of longing, just rush back in and overwhelm us.
There are a couple tables by the hot food counter and we stumble over there, we mumble a few meaningless nonsensical phrases. Mine is something like “wow you are a sight for sore eyes”
We manage to sit down – somehow too close to each other and touching arms and noticing our feet are touching and then noticing our calves are touching. You’re wearing something low cut, wow, your body just oozing sexuality.
Small talk “how are your daughters? An*** still painting? Ar***** still into science? When is she going to come to Emory to work with me? So you were out swing dancing.” That goes on for a few minutes until we are just looking at each other and we don’t seem to want to talk anymore.
“Could you just sort of lean over so that your right boob is pressing against my left arm?”
“You mean like this?”
It’s a supermarket, but we are lost in each other’s eyes, we have no idea if anyone is watching us and we really don’t care.
You whisper into my ear “is there anything else master?”
“Put your hand on my left thigh”

My dick is so hard that the shaft has traveled across my thigh and your hand lands on it instinctively.
“I’m so hard”
You say “I’m so wet, I’m sticking to the chair” your fingers are tracing the outline of my cock through my pants, and your fingertips are rubbing the tip. I’m throbbing, it feels fantastic.

I’m totally inappropriately trying to look down your dress. OMG you are so beautiful. You don’t seem to mind, you seem to lean over to make emphasize your cleavage, and the view is marvelous. I’m momentarily speechless, you just smile.
I have my left arm around your shoulder, and although people are coming through the door, we don’t look up, we have our backs to them and it’s our private spot.
I lean over to whisper, breathing hard and wet into your ear, making you squirm “Let me see more” and you lean forward and your top falls forward and you pull it down a little with your left hand while your right is still making figure 8’s on my thigh – making my dick jump convulsively.
“show it to me” you put your hand down the front of your dress and pulling on the nipple of your right breast, bring it out over the top of your bra, so I can see it – long, hard, bright pink, big and firm
“pinch it, pull it” but that’s already what you’re doing….
“do them both” and you take out the other….
Still inside your dress but pulled over the bra.
“touch yourself” and your left hand goes between your thighs but you say…
“let’s go now”
“don’t put them back, let’s just check out”
You sit up, your nipples are firm and hard and quite evident through the fabric of your dress.

As we walk to the checkout, we pass a college student and he stares at your chest in amazement and like a hooked fish turns to follow you to the self-checkout.
I put my basket on the floor, get out my debit card and scan your cucumber and then I ask you to pass me my toothpaste. But you know that if you lean over you’ll flash the college student. So you smile at me as if to say (“really?”), I just nod. You look at him, giggle, lean over, flash your full breasts at him, his eyes pop out. I pay and I have to drag you out of the store, because you can't stop laughing and finding reasons to bend over to pick up your purse, the basket, a magazine on the bottom shelf...
I'm thinking, wow what a fabulous exhibitionist slut, I have got to get this woman in my life again, but we've gotta go before you start stripping for him...
To be continued?

Any kinky xhamster women want to hear about this encounter?
send me a hot message and maybe I'll tell you what happened...

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very good
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yes plaese
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I want to read more, nice story!