A hot exchange with an extraordinarily sexy and un

What follows in a wonderful exchange I had with a beautifully sexy xhamster woman.
And by the if she should read this, I'd just like to tell her how much I enjoyed her messages:

Her first xhamster message:
I accepted your friend request, and after reading your profile decided to write you a message. My hair is not ‘frizzy’ but is long and dark. I have blue eyes. (no idea at all why I telling you this) I like to be used, especially my mouth although all sex is enjoyable, but to have a man thoroughly use my lips and mouth to get off, it seems submissive and intimate at the same time. (a strange combination perhaps)

I’ll stop. Don’t even know why I am writing to you. Just the thought I guess, and your profile message affected me somehow. Thank you for commenting on my profile.

soft warm kisses to you.


My reply:
Thanks for your message. I have blue eyes - thanks for sharing some personal facts, would love to hear more. Your response was very intriguing, since I find myself without any submissive role play in my life at the moment - obviously my own fault (if you read my profile).
Many women have commented that they enjoyed this video that I posted:

Perhaps you would find it arousing?
Would love to hear more about you, your fantasies, etc.

Emorymed (which is where I went to school actually - Emory Med School)

I watched the video and saved it in my favorites and will download it later. Loved it. Thanks for the recommendation.

Me: I have long dark hair, blue eyes, fairly sexy looking and a very sexually active mind. Fantasize about be restrained, exposed, used by strangers, having my breasts tortured, my lips and mouth cum in by awful nasty disgusting men over and over. (pretty awful huh?)

And basically I don't know what to say to you. What? Do you want to use me? is that what I should say? I hate this feeling: it's making me feel like a complete fool.

Hi there,
I suppose making you squirm or feel foolish is quite what I want.
It does not sound "awful" I have known several women who have the same thoughts that you describe.
On the contrary I find them quite appealing and I think that you are fortunate to be able to acknowledge them.

Indeed I would love to use you, use your body for my pleasure, perhaps you would entertain being a cyber submissive?
Perhaps sending me a picture of yourself in various poses to my liking?

Perhaps you could open up to some exploration of this side of yourself?
Take you out of your comfort zone into something a little more kinky?
Something that you might find a bit adventuresome?

I will not send nude or obscene pictures of myself.
I would send you real photos of the real me.
I would obey you.
And it scares me.
But my email is <<<deleted>>>>
Because it excites me more then it scares me.

We switch to email below:

This is me <gorgeous face with cleavage picture attached>.
I want you to use me, enjoy me, control me.
What do you want me to do?

Will you be my sex slave, slut whore?
Give me your body, your nipples, your mouth for my pleasure?
To do with as I may wish?
I will be submissive to you, obeying whatever you tell me to do.

I expect you to use me and treat me as a sex slave and will gladly be a slut whore for your pleasure.

My mouth will be for your pleasure to use as you wish. My lips; my tongue; my throat; for your cock to be in any time you desire. My face for you to fuck and cum in and on as is befitting a slut whore like me who desires to be used and controlled by a complete stranger.

My breasts will be for your pleasure. My nipples for you to suck on, twist and pull, stretch and slap, expose and use anyway you want.

My body is just a submissive slut whore sex slave's body. I will be your whore. I will be your slut. I want you to control me. I want to obey you. I am giving myself to you to use anyway you want.

your slut <with another gorgeous photograph of stunning sexy (but young looking) face>.

Would you tell me how old you are?
If you are not 18, you are really too young for this game.

I would like to hear you beg me to let you suck my dick and tell me how much you would like to get me off, and describe for me what you want to do when you make me cum.

I'm attaching a photograph of myself that I took this morning actually while getting dressed for work, just to exchange and for you to know more about what I look like.
I would be willing to send you another picture, but you would have to earn it.

<Sending my photo <I'll post the image on my profile as "this one"> was probably my fatal mistake, it made me seem too “real” and interfered with her idealized perception of who I might be?, but it ends after that. Read on>

You certainly are a sexy man …
Would love to run my hands over your chest while you explore my ass.

However, I am going to stop this before it goes any further. I am a nervous wreck about it ...

I am 28 and am married. The picture I sent because it shows the size of my breasts and I wanted you to know that I have large, soft, tits for you to play with. There are 4 pictures on my profile of me; on the bed, legs, breasts, ass.

I would be glad to describe how I would suck your cock and let you use my mouth.

My husband knows I watch porn and knows not to mess with my computer. We have a ....... strange arrangement to most people I suppose but it works for us. Ok, yes I dominate him to a certain extent; his b*****r fucks me; I am a slut and enjoy it; so I am not an innocent. I just keep having this desire to have SOMEONE dominate and control and use me. Maybe I am not really cut out for it. Oh well!!

No, I am going to stop it now.

Friends, ok?


No response to my reply.
Oh well!! Indeed.

I’d be interested in the thoughts of the xhamster women out there?
What could I have done differently that might have continued the exchange?

Warm kisses to all you like-minded wonderful sluts.

89% (6/1)
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1 year ago
It is a double edge sword..to be prim and proper to the world..to be a person with authority,and in control at all times, but to be a submissive slut for your Master. It is scary, because you are completely vulnerable, but the hottest thing in the world for me, i have discovered, is being humiliated and abused,for his pleasure. I am not a slut, i am His slut. But i could not be anyones slut, i had to feel safe, and trust Him implicitly There were several times I wanted to dash away..the conflicting feelings i have..but i need it now. It fulfills me in ways i never knew existed. I think a lot would be lost via cyber. Harder to form trust.~d.
2 years ago
i think that you added just a little to much outside of her comfort zone, besides the fact that she is already carrying on 2 relationships with a hubby & bro-in-law. the excitement was there but just to much for her to handle at this time. hope your friends on here
2 years ago
wow, after such an exchange, I didn't expect it to end so abruptly?!? Maybe (I'm guessing here) but maybe she wasn't ready to commit to another *relationship* yet, (I mean she was already married) and carrying on yet another relationship was just to much complication in her life. Until she's ready, I think there is nothing you can do to differently to keep it going. Just a thought.
2 years ago
This sounds like a wonderful exchange. I hope she finds you and your scorching exchanges can continue.