Living in America...............Part 2

The next day was hideous to say the least, some people hadn't made it out of bed, some had made it home and some were stuck inbetween like me and the lads. Sitting in News Cafe beside South Beach wasn't living up to the Tony Montana/ Will Smith lifestyle i'd pictured, although the vicious hangovers following us around might have been clouding our judgement.

Not only had I spent a weeks wages in a night, and not only did it feel like i'd spent it all on southern comfort, but I also had work to think about that night, think about how my balls had been slapping off my managers chin only a few hours ago. As much as I wanted to avoid seeing her for a while, I still felt the worst part was that I couldn't have my customary bragging session with the lads, although the secret was easier than I thought to keep, nobody was in any fit state to listen to a long story that morning nevermind remember one.

After a long day and a slow recovery I finally rolled into work expecting the usual awkwardness that follows a work place "frollick" but I was pleasantly surprised. I checked the floorplan, happily seeing my name in the floor supervisor box for a wine dinner, the good point of this is that I was able to stand smartly behind the bar all night with a sheet of paper in my hand and look like I was working. The bad part was that I had to go and see my milf to retrieve this paper haha.

No matter how professionally I tried to act as I walked round to her office, as soon as I stepped in a cocky grin came over my face as I was confronted by her lovely set of tits just sitting on her desk, which a few hours earlier had been covered in my cum. As stupid as I knew it was i couldn't help myself fancy her a bit more, which is usually the opposite after I get the girl. She was wearing a very sexy pair of patterened stockings and another one of her tight low cut tops, and she was driving me mad, I was dying to say something but I bit my tongue...............literally, she looked good lol. However she managed to get a cheeky comment in where I missed out, pointing at the floorplan on her desk for me to pick-up she simply said "well MJ you Irish boys really are a lot of fun after all, don't forget to look that over before you talk to the team". I left that office feeling pretty proud of myself, more so just because I didn't embarrass myself, but as I walked into the bar where everyone was waiting to be told what section they would be taking and hear what we would be serving, I found a post-it on the second page that said round two: and her number, must be luck of the irish!

We started texting a lot, I found out she had a son a little younger than me, and an ex boyfriend who was trying to squeeze back in, but aparantly he had a small cock and an even smaller sexual appetite, which made me the ideal candidate, i couldn't get enough! but by the looks of the texts she was sending me I think she took that as a challenge.

After plenty of coaxing I finally got round two, her son was gone for the weekend and she was extra horny. We met at a restaurant a few miles away to try not to bump into anybody we might know, and being as excited as I was i got the early enough to get a beer in. As I walked outside to sit and have a smoke I seen her pull up and get out of the car, with every intention of making me spill my beer, she was waering a pair of heels that made her legs look very long with a pair of skin tight jeans on and a low cut loose top, I didn't know whether to stare at her incredible ass or her huge tits that she was throwing in my face. Playing it cool I didn't say anything as she came up to me, knowing I loved how she looked she went straight in for a kiss biting my bottom lip as she pulled away, this is where I knew things were going to get out of hand. As soon as we sat down we were talking non stop, serious things at first but within ten minutes her hand had travelled up my leg and was now massaging the huge erection under my jeans, the conversation turned filthy, she started telling me how hot it made her thinking about my young fit body and how horny she made me, which wasn't helping my already straining cock. All I could think about was ripping her clothes off and having people know what we were doing made it even hotter, here was this sexy older woman rubbing my cock, her rock hard nipples showing through her loose top in the middle of the restaurant. We made it twenty minutes before leaving money for our un-eaten food and running to the cars, which we didn't even get moving haha. I felt like i was being taken advantage of and I loved it and I think she loved it for the exact same reason, she got into my passenger seat and nearly ripped my trousers off to get at my cock which had been dripping with precum for quite a while now. I've never seen anyone so horny in my life, as soon as she seen my cock she started licking from the base to the tip, moaning as she did it, and telling me she couldn't stop thinking about tasting my cum again but she didn't have long to wait. As she was furiously sucking on my cock I held her head down and came hard right down her slutty throat, my balls were actually sore from needing to cum for so long. As she came up her eyes were watery from gagging on my cock but she had such a grin on her face and a big drop of cum on her bottom lip which had been distracting me from seeing her hands down her now dripping wet panties. She quickly got out and came round to my side of the car, told me to follow her home and said she wasn't going to let me leave until she got the best sex of her life, or one of us died from exhaustion, i couldn't think of a batter way to go haha.

Before we even got to her front door I had pushed her against the wall and had her amazing huge breasts in my mouth, using my tongue to try and tame her rock hard nipples. We stumbled into her house with her trousers around her ankles and she nearly fell against the stairs, I pushed her down on them with her fat milf ass in the air, ripped her pants off and buried my face between her ass cheeks greedily lapping at her pussy. I love being between a womans legs at the best of times, but right now we were both so worked up she must have came on my face three times, which by now was soaking just like her bald pussy. She again nearly took one of my legs trying to get at my cock, she took my phone and wallet from the pockets and put my clothes in a cupboard and told me I wasn't allowed any clothes on until she said so and she even took a picture of me! we didn't even make it up the stairs before my throbbing cock again found itself being sensually kissed and licked as if she was worshipping it, I quickly took the opportunity to bend her over the last few steps and take a look at the extremely well kept pussy i'd been dying to drive my cock into. Without hesistation I drove my cock into her dripping wet cunt, which by the sounds of her very loud moans she had been waiting for. Any game plan i started the night with had long gone and I now found myself in an american cougars house fucking her like a cheap slut on her stairs. She started telling me again just to use her as an object, use her and fuck her and dump every single last drop of cum into her, this is the moment I became addicted to older women. I was holding her arms out behind her and fucking her as hard as i could, her fat ass was shaking everytime i rammed my cock and body against it and i could feel my balls slapping against her, i was so turned on. She started moaning loudly and shouted at me she was going to cum, she came all over my cock and i could feel her dripping all over her carpet i loved doing this to her it made me feel great, i pulled out and turned her round quickly cumming all over her face and tits. She didn't stop for a minute she was straight onto the end of my cock getting every last drop of cum and licking all the cum from her tits which didn't give my cock a chance to get soft! we fucked crazily like this all around her house for a few hours, her ass was red from being fucked so hard, my balls were sore from being drained so much and we were both exhausted.

One of my best memories from being away was actually after not realising we'd fallen asl**p, waking up with this naked, extremely sexy milf on my knee in her living room. Before she would give me my clothes back she made me some early breakfast and teasingly sucked my cock just before i left, maybe to leave me wanting more i don't know but it defnitely worked, i couldn't get her out of my mind, but more urgently i could barely get my cock out my boxers, he was defnitely out of action for a day or two.
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