Wife fucks best friend

March 12th 1985 7:00am

I was married in 1984 I was 18 and my wife was 16. I had a reoccurring fantasy about watching my wife getting fucked by another man whilst I watched. Nigel who was 18 and best man at our wedding seemed like a likely candidate.

I suggested to my wife Sharon that she might like to have Nigel fuck her, at first she thought it was a little strange, but we were young and looking for kicks, and finally she agreed to give it a go, she said it would be interesting to know what it was like to have another mans prick between her legs.

One night Nigel slept over at ours and slept in the front bedroom in the single bed. Me and Sharon retired to our room at the rear of our house. We got into bed and started to have sex, it was at this time that I realized my fantasy was only a room away.

I asked Sharon “how would you like it if this was Nigel’s prick between your legs?” “you’re always saying that but it will never happen” she said. “lets go and see Nigel then I said. We went into the front bedroom and Nigel was still awake, I sat down at the side of the bed and Sharon sat on the end of the bed.

I explained to Nigel that my wife would ‘like to have some fun’ at first he was shocked but decided that it would be good. My friend put his hand up my wifes nightdress and down into her white panties, he began to give her a good finger fucking and she lay back on his chest and they held hands. My penis was so hard and I began to masturbate; the sight of my friends fingers moving beneath the material of my wife's panties devastated me but at the same time aroused me. I took hold of the elastic of her knickers and pulled them down her legs and off. Now I could actually see Nigel’s fingers penetrating my wifes vagina.

I said to Nigel “I think that it’s time that you fucked her” “are you sure?” he asked. “that’s what she wants” I replied.

Sharon sat up so that Nigel could take off his trousers and underpants, he slipped them off revealing his long smooth circumcised penis its’ length which put mine to shame. Sharon lay back, forgot her wedding vows and spread her legs widely in anticipation and to accommodate Nigel as he positioned his prick at the entrance of her hole. At this point I could have probably stopped the whole thing, but although the scene was something of a nightmare, it turned me on and I let it carry on. As I watched the tip and length of his rod slide smoothly into my wife's vagina, I felt like dragging him off, but he was physically stronger than me so I dare not.

He began a rhythmic stabbing with his prick deep into Sharon’s cunt. Between intensive kissing Sharon glanced at me at the side of the bed playing with myself and smiled, I felt so ashamed that another man was between her legs satisfying her. I watched my friends tight buttocks bobbing happily up and down as his tool explored Sharon’s inner depths. His thrusts become more urgent and with several sharp stabs at her pussy his balls exploded and I could imagine the baby making juices gushing from his balls through his prick and deep into my wife's cunt.

I thought that was the end of it but within minutes they started again and I lay at the side of the bed listening to the creaking of the bed and the noises of sex.


notes: Sharon
He used to ask me to grab gear quick but he meant the one between your legs

Remember at his mothers in the bedroom, when we did it with him watching and his mother was only in the next room, remember that?
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1 year ago
That's a great story...it was nice of you to share your wife..lucky wife!
2 years ago
loved that, made my cock wet
2 years ago
Love it hope to hear more!
2 years ago
Nice one. Hope to hear more
2 years ago
very hot story, got my cock hard and i liked the pic too! thank you for sharing
2 years ago