Sissy Emma is Turned Chapter 4

I couldn't go outside dressed like that could I?

Here I was f***ed to dress like a slut in locked on heels, barely black stockings, mini skirt, frilly white blouse with which could clearly see my black bra and 38d breastforms and heavily made up face. I would have looked like a reasonable vision of a woman, albeit a very slutty woman other than the fact that my new Master and my ex-wife had failed to give me a wig. So to anyone seeing me it would be clear that I was in fact a feminised male. This was going to be humiliating.

But I couldn't think of a way out. At the least it was going to earn me a demerit. I had been told that any demerits would mean me doing something to feminise myself. These I was told were going to start of easy and not be visible leading up to more visible and permanent changes. I'd already earned three in the short time I'd been there. God only knew what that was going to lead to. And worse than that threat was the bigger threat of sending out the tapes they had made of me to all my contacts and to the courts who were dealing with my right to contact with my c***dren. I just couldn't risk it. Humiliating or not I was going to the shop dressed like this.

'You can go to the local Asda' Master said, 'that way you won't need to drive the car in those heels'

Great that would mean further ridicule walking down the street not to mention having to manage these heels.

'we're going to give you a shopping list' he said, 'go and touch up your lipstick while we get it ready'

I did as I was told and I stood upstairs in front of the mirror thinking about what had happened in the last week or so. I put on the lipstick and automatically topped it off with gloss. I was changing, I was folding to their wishes. I needed to think of some way out before it became too late.

Back downstairs, they gave me a list sealed in an envelope.

'Your shopping list is in here, do not open it until you are in the shop, get everything on the list exactly right and pay at a manned checkout not the self service one. We will check on the receipt when you get back. Any failures will result in a demerit' my Master said.

He pushed me towards the front door and I opened it and looked out. suddenly the world looked a scary place. As I tottered down the drive, I could hear them laughing hysterically.

As I got on the main road, several cars started beeping their horns at my and I realised what a sight I was. I was ashamed but for some strange reason my 'sissy clitty' started to strain against my cage.

Shortly after, my worse fears came true as I could see up ahead a gang of young teenage men shouting and laughing and heading my way. I put my head down trying to avoid eye contact and trying to walk as girlie as possible in the hope of getting away with it.

'Hey what have we got here?' one of them shouted.

'Show us your tits love' said another.

I glanced up to assess the situation but that was my downfall.

'Oh my god, it's a man dressed up'

'Yeah look at the fucking fag, what the fuck would posses you to do that?'

'I've been f***ed' I said thinking it would be the easiest way. 'Someone is blackmailing me'

'Yeah right' one said 'are you sure you don't just want to get down and suck my cock?'

'No I don't, now please excuse me' I said.

I pushed on past ignoring their shouts and wolf whistles. Eventually I reached the superstore and went inside, getting some stares from other shoppers.

The men I saw looked at first at my legs and boobs initially excited but on realising I was male, and turning their noses up in disgust. The women were worse, laughing and giggling amongst themselves.

I decided to open the list. It read as follows;

1 White wine
2 Packet of extra small condoms
3 cucumber
4 tube of ky jelly
5 packet of tampons
6 bright pink lipstick
7 pair of bright pink panties

This really couldn't get any worse. I was going to be so embarrassed at the till. I quickly wet round the shop and soon had all items in my basket other than the condoms that I now realised were kept behind the cashier.

I went and joined the queue and eventually reached the cashier.

'Please can I have a box of extra small condoms?'

The woman behind me erupted into laughter whilst the girl behind the till tried her best to keep her face straight.

'Sorry' she said 'we only do normal ones'

I paid and bagged my goods and went to make my way home.

As I was leaving the store a man approached and said 'how dare you come here dressed like that you fucking pervert, get the fuck out of here and take your cock sucking face down to the red light area where it belongs'

I was going to explain but decided it was best to just leave and get back to Masters house. I thought at that point I was better inside rather than exposed in public but I was not aware what was to follow.

I got back to Master's house and was let inside. I was told to stand in the middle of the living room. All the items were checked off and the receipt.

'Anything else to tell us sissy?'

'No Master'

'Are you sure?' he said.

'Yes' I said.

'Tell me sissy, how are you meant to behave when in the presence of real men?' said Master.

That smug look had returned to my ex's face and I fealt I was in for something but how could they know.

'Like a simpering sissy who wants to dress as a girl and pleasure men' I said meekly.

'And did you act like that sissy?'

'Yes Master' I said.

At this point Master withdrew a remote from behind him and turned up the sound system so that I could hear a hissing noise.

'Speak for us sissy, tell us what a cock sucking whore you are'

'Please Master I'm ........'

I stopped. My voice was amplified all around the room. I was wired. They could hear everything.

'You see sissy, you necklace also doubles as a microphone, isn't that great?'

I had a sudden sinking feeling. this was not going to be good.

'So sissy, did you act like a simpering cock loving whore while out on your errand?'

'No Master'

'You disobeyed me sissy?'

'Yes Master'

'Oh dear, I think that earns you an extra demerit and as an extra punishment, you are going to lose your virginity sissy'

Oh no, I suspected we would get to this point sometime but I thought maybe I could have got away that weekend and found someway out of this predicament and leave myself intact.

Get up to the bedroom. All this time my ex was smirking away like the cat that had the cream.

Once in the bedroom master decided that my ex also deserved some pleasure and he asked her to lay on the bed. She spread her legs in front of me exposing her well used pussy between those shapely thighs.

'Put your tongue to good use sissy, but first beg your Mistress to let you' he said.

This was embarrassing. I had fought for years to get away from this woman and here I was having to debase myself again.

'Please Mistress, let this sissy pleasure you, I am worthless and am only good for pleasuring you with my tongue'

She was in hysterics. 'oh get on with it you pathetic loser'

I leant forward and I could smell her scent. She grabbed my head and pulled me in and I got to work.

Being in this position left me bent over the bed and soon I felt my skirt being pulled up and my panties being pulled down.

Soon after my plug was removed and I suddenly felt empty. However it was soon replaced by a lubricated finger which started to squirm and play. Despite my situation it started to turn me on.

'Ask me properly to put another in' said Master.

' Please Master this sissy wants you to put another finger in please fill me up like the slut I am'

Embarrassed as ever and aware that yet again this was being filmed I felt another finger going in. I was getting turned on, my body was betraying me.

'Ask for another sissy'

I did and soon felt another join the action. At this point I was getting very aroused despite my 'sissy clitty' being locked away.

'Tell me what you want sissy'

I knew what he wanted to hear, what they both wanted to hear, what my body wanted to hear. only my brain was in outrage but I knew what I had to do.

'Fuck me master, stick you big hard cock inside my ass pussy, make me your little whore, your slut, your bitch.

And he did I felt his cock head against my sphincter, probing and pushing and slowly he made his way in. The initial pain turned to a feeling of pleasure as he hit the spot and I just wanted to be fucked.

'Fuck me Master, give it to me hard'

He did gradually building up rhythm, each stroke forcing my face deeper into my ex-wife's pussy. This was intense and a feeling of calm came over me. I was desperate to have my 'sissy clitty' released but it wasn't to be. However the intense feelings both physical and the humiliation of what was happening to me, I came despite being soft. Master followed, blowing his seed straight up into my insides and lastly followed by my ex-wife so turned on at the thought of my debasement.

We all fell silent coming down from our individual highs. Master pulled away from me and I Stood up. I had cum dripping down from my ass pussy and my own release dripped down from my cage.

'Oh my god the slut came as well, how pathetic that you love being fucked so much' said Mistress.

In that moment I realise she was right.

To be continued, please leave feedback and suggestions


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1 year ago
Soo good,,,and trained to a point where you can cum,,excellent
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love it
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This was a very exciting chapter
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Sometime this week I hope xxx
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great addition to your story Emx
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