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Emma's Story 4

Emma sat ready to go out, shot skirt, heavily made up and with some very sheer stockings. She wore his favourite pink open crotch knickers, her clitty hanging out and her hole felt, very exposed. Steve's car arrived and she walked out, sitting in the passenger seat she saw him looking at her stocking tops, blushing as the skirt rode up to reveal her bare thighs and the her pink knickers. Without a word they drove to a quiet lane, he stopped and pulled her skirt up. He tied Emma's balls with elastic bands, using so many that they felt very separate from her. Her little cock was also gripped in ... Continue»
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Emma's Story 3

Emma stood dressed as his complete slut, fully fashioned nylons, open crotch pink knickers, very high heel black stilettos, a small bra, blouse and no skirt. Without warning Steve entered and put a collar and lead on her, he led her out into their play room. He secured her hands and legs onto the bench he had made. face down. He explained she was to be punished for not sucking his cock properly, that she had forgotten to put her finger deep into his ass as trained. She looked up in fear to see him select a cane. 12strokes you will get and each one you will count and mark by saying thank you ma... Continue»
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Emma's Story 2

Emma heard the door open and Steve walked in. She was dressed in sheer tights, tiny little panties and a short skirt. He sat down and she went and stood in front of him, shyly she pulled up her skirt as instructed. Steve said '' right lets see if you have been masturbating'' Emma panicked knowing that she had been playing a little bit. He pulled her tights and knickers to her knees. With one hand he firmly grasped her clity, pulling the head right back until it was painful, with the other he held open her pee hole looking for any glistening juice. She knew she had failed, Steve spun her around... Continue»
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Emma's Story 1

Emma entered the room, her 'husband' was sat on the settee looking at her, she had spent hours preparing for his return home. He told her how sexy she looked, she had on his favourite seamed nylons, very high heels and a short skirt. Today he said is your examination, as before I like to examine and look at every aspect, satisfy myself that your training as my wife is going well. Emma nervously knew that soon he would be touching and looking at every inch of her body. She took a breath as he said strip down to your knickers and stockings, lie on the table. Emma lay there as Steve put on rubber... Continue»
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[Story] Sissy Emma is Turned Chapter 7

Steve unlocked me from the cage and handed me over to Master. I went to wipe Steve's cum from off my face but was told to leave it.
'So Sissy that's 3 serious demerits you've earned for that little escape attempt. I warned you not to mess with me but you just couldn't help yourself could you?
'No Master' I said sheepishly.
'Right well get yourself home and learn to follow orders' he said. 'I want you to have an early night and watch the videos I have given you on your ipad. And don't forget to take your pill first. Finally, Steve here has agreed to keep an eye on you at work and ensure you ... Continue»
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[Story] Sissy Emma is Turned Chapter 6

I went through into reception to see my ex-wife sitting there. She was a big lady, maybe one some people would call a BBW. Today the was dressed a little more conservatively than the last time I had seen her, but only just. She wore a very tight low cut top which exposed her massive cleavage, a short skirt and when she crossed her legs, I caught a glimpse of her stocking tops.
'Ah sissy' she said, 'I'm here to check up on you'
I hurried outside with her as quickly as possible, hoping nobody had heard what she called me. We walked down the steps from the building and around the corner out of ... Continue»
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[Story] Sissy Emma is Turned Chapter 5

After that they let me go home.

Everything had been removed other than the cage which they said should remain on throughout the week to ensure my mind was attuned to being a sissy. Once home I showered myself completely and fell into a deep exhausted sl**p.

The following day I went to work and tried to act as normal as I could despite the fact that I was wearing stockings and panties underneath as instructed, not to mention having a butt plug stuffed up me and my 'sissy clitty' in a cage. All day the sensations reminded me they were there, the silkiness of the stockings against my hairle... Continue»
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[Story] Sissy Emma is Turned Chapter 4

I couldn't go outside dressed like that could I?

Here I was f***ed to dress like a slut in locked on heels, barely black stockings, mini skirt, frilly white blouse with which could clearly see my black bra and 38d breastforms and heavily made up face. I would have looked like a reasonable vision of a woman, albeit a very slutty woman other than the fact that my new Master and my ex-wife had failed to give me a wig. So to anyone seeing me it would be clear that I was in fact a feminised male. This was going to be humiliating.

But I couldn't think of a way out. At the least it was going to... Continue»
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[Story] Sissy Emma is Turned Chapter 3

There in front of me stood my ex wife.

This was the woman I had fought for years to get away from due to her vindictive and bullying ways. After years of trying I had finally left her and moved away, but things had deteriorated as we fought over my rights to see my c***dren. She had used any means possible to ensure I would not be granted access.

She was a big girl and now she stood in front of me looking like a vision of a bdsm fantasy. Her hair was tied back tightly in a pony tail and she had very heavy makeup on. She had a black PVC basque on which was pushing her ample breasts up to... Continue»
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[Story] Sissy Emma is Turned chapter 2

At that point I was allowed to go back upstairs and remove everything and go home. As I was walking out towards the door, John said he would see me the next week. Not if I can help it I thought.

Once I got home, I quickly got into the shower and washed away the thoughts of what had happened to me and was soon in bed and fast asl**p.

Over the next few days, I began to forget of my ordeal and resolved to keep away from any of the chat rooms. I hoped I had learned my lesson.

That was before I received an email from him. Attached was the video of me, but it had been edited. None of the pa... Continue»
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[Story] Sissy Emma is turned

I had been a crossdresser all my life but completely in the closet and hidden from all my friends and f****y. To ease my tensions, I often chatted with people on line, at first with females and other crossdressers but as I got braver with men as well. I loved to chat with them and their strong demeanour made me feel even more feminine.
I had been chatting with John for a couple of weeks, about my fantasies. And let me get this straight, that's all they were fantasies. I mean I talked of having implants, of being tattooed, hair permanently removed etc but did I really want that? I also talked ... Continue»
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