caught by a group of lads . . . P1

The other day we decided to have a bit of a mid day shag in the bedroom and given the time we presumed that all our neighbors would be at work, consequently we started to strip one another without pulling the curtains too. With my naked arse in the air I began to suck my boyfirend's already hard cock on the bed and feeling that bit naughtier I asked him to lick my pussy as I stood at the window. He was not visible and my top was still on so we thought that no one would be able to see us, I watched as people walked by, some looked up, some didn't but even those that did surely suspected very little . . .

I then told him to get behind me and fuck me, he climbed up and thrusted himself into me . . . he fucked me hard, we were both very turned on and as we began to get into it I noticed a group of youngish lads (some black, some white) at the house next to that which lies directly opposite. They began cheering almost, they were quite chavvy I must admit, but I liked it, my man hadn't noticed, I pulled my top down for them too see my pert little tits and then one took his cock out, it was BIG! I I came instantly upon seeing it!! I felt so dirty, and even worse I knew I would see them again at some point . . .

Well I was right! The other day as I left the house to meet some friends they were all stood there on the corner! I had no choice but to go that way and worst of all as I was going out that night I had on the tightest little skirt I own and a large pair of heels, they began shouting, wolf whistling, and grabbing their cocks as I walked past. I was sooo red, soo embarrassed, and just when I thought it couldn't get much more embarrassing one of them began playing it on his phone! He put his hands down his pants, and pulled out his cock, it was huge, it was the one i had seen before, the one tat made me cum on sight! And as he did so and I felt myself getting wet, there I was surrounded by a group of young lads, all of them had seen me get fucked already, they all had me on their phones, I knew they had wanked over me, and I loved it!

I said I am running late but that maybe we could meet again in a more suitable place (there was no way I was getting fucked now although I had to admit it crossed my mind :) ) . . . I asked for the one with the big dicks number (I had always wanted some black cock, my man knew it). . . of course he gave it to me. I then left, my pussy soaking, my heart racing wondering what the hell I was thinking . . . I knew!

To be continued . . .

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3 years ago
very hot story, good start!
3 years ago
hot story
3 years ago
A hot start.
3 years ago
Sounds like fun.
3 years ago
That definitely needs a part 2!
3 years ago
very naughty; please next episode :-)
3 years ago
cant wait to hear what happens next! sounds like its gonna be hottt!