His sexy flies catches my eye

Another routine day was passing as I carried my shopping bags back home. Turning up a side street the late afternoon sun shining I suddenly encountered the most sexy guy I had ever seen. He was so cool that I hadn't even seen guys on TV as cool and good looking as that.
He was an Asian guy in his mid 20s tall and with a really muscular and well toned body. He had a confident air about him maybe with a touch of manly arrogance too born of an awareness he had that he was a big guy. He was with two other Asian guys and together they maybe looked the sort of guys who knew they were big and used to being respected.
But the thing I noticed most about this stud was just how sexy he looked in his black jeans. The flies to these jeans just looked so so sexy my hungry slut eyes were just glued to them - honestly I just couldn't take my eyes off them. The thought of his big manhood dangerously lurking behind the sexy flies of those jeans. I just gazed away at the guys flies sometimes quickly checking that the guy wasn't noticing before resuming looking again like a stupid demented slut not wanting the inevitable moment to pass when we would pass one another and never see one another again- he was honestly the sexiest guy I had ever seen.
But the stud obviously was aware that I had been staring like a complete slut because just as we were about to pass he flashed me this absolutely gorgeous smile and said insinuatingly "you look hungry".
He had his thumbs resting in his pockets to his jeans his fingers pointing down towards those sexy hot flies. "Yes" I smiled back saying eagerly like a complete slut "you bet I'm hungry".
The stud smiled "do you want me to fuck you?" he asked.
"Yes please" I replied eagerly.
The guy pointed out his car, an expensive car parked under a tree. He indicated for me to get in opening the car door so I could put my shopping in and then I got in myself like a street whore. He stood there over me sitting there in the car as he tucked his expensive silk shirt into his jeans. Then he explained to his friends that they would have to excuse him as "I've got a girl here who's dying for a good fuck". His friends were OK about it and they had a good laugh about it. He counted out some money to the men explaining to me that he had some business to do.
Then he climbed into the car and adjusted himself in the driving seat. He tucked away the remaining money in his jeans pocket stretching in the seat to do so. His friends were still there outside the car waiting for the car to drive off. Suddenly his mouth widened into this delicious wide cheeky grin "what you interested in" he asked "my prick or my money?"
"Your prick" I joked back his mates bent over laughing.
This gorgeous stud then got out a wad of money and stuffed it down between my tits. Then with more male bravado from his mates he drove us off.
This georgeous hot stud introduced himself as Steve he apologised for the bravado of his mates. We drove off to my flat which was nearby.
We soon arrived and I wondered what people would think seeing me getting out this expensive car with such a hot good looking stud dressed in his expensive clothes.
We were soon in the lounge and Steve advanced upon me cornering me and covering me with kisses.
(I have a slight dilema I am a transexual--a chick with a dick--and Steve of course doesn't know it. I was carried away by this georgeous guy but now how to explain I got a little extra he isn't expecting).
He's feverishly cornering me. How to buy a bit of thinking space I wonder I know "Steve" I ask "have you got a condom?"
"No" Steve casually replies kissing me.
"Maybe we should pop out and get some condoms" I suggest.
Steve then stops kissing so that he can point down in the direction of those sexy flies or rather a big hard bulge straining against those sexy flies. "Babe" he askes smiling "does my dick look like it frankly gives a fuck at the moment about condoms - trust me babe I'm clean".
So that's settled then I saw his hard manhood straining to get at me through those sexy flies. What will be will be I wait for him to discover my little secret but for the moment Steve is giving my tits some attention with his sexy rough stubbly mouth. I tremble awaiting discovery.
I don't have long to wait. His hand goes up my skirt and explores between my legs. I instantly sense when he makes the inevitable discovery. I tremble waiting to see how the guy is going to react to me being a chick with a dick.
I am seriously nervous now and I tremble and shake.
Steve is grinning widely that sort of cheeky arogant look I find somehow strangely appealing. But how is the guy going to react I think nervously.
"It's alright" he says "you know a lot of guys would beat you up but your lucky that I'm not like that". Then he orders "suck my dick". I sink onto my knees before my Asian prince my still shaking hand reaches to his sexy flies and my trembling fingers fumble to release his still bulging manhood from his black jeans.
I look up and see Steve towering over me I watch as he masterfully removes his silk shirt revealing his georgeous well toned muscular dark body. Oh his arms are so muscular and big.
My hand is not shaking so badly now and I release his cock. Steve's manhood springs out of his sexy flies hard and erect. He takes his cock and beats my mouth a bit with his hard firm dick. He stimulates himself and orders me to suck. I suck Steve off and it is so good I love sucking his cock. I stimulate my Asian prince's cock and suck greedily and eagerly like a greedy little whore.
"Let me see your body" Steve orders next.
I remove my black silk blouse for him wanting him to appreciate the breasts I had. "Good girl" Steve says encouragingly as I reveal my breasts to him in a black lace bra.
I am hesitating so he demands me to "take off the rest".
I do and see the hated penis hanging there.
Steve now fully removes his jeans so that he is naked and I am naked. My slim white figure contrasts with the muscular darkness of this Asian stud.
"Come and suck my balls" Steve orders me. I submissively kneel before Steve open my eager mouth and take his balls into my mouth and suck away while Steve stimulates himself towering over me.
Then Steve removes his balls from my mouth as he does so reaching down to feel my tits and leaving me with pubic hairs on my tongue after Id sucked off his balls.
I lean over and kiss Steve's sexy ass then I lick his ass submissively like a demented whore because I just love licking out a stud's sexy ass.
Now Steve suggests that he fucks my throat. He picks me up and places me on the sofa with my head over the side so he can comfortably ram his dick down my throat. Next I see his big body looming over me then covering my face as his big hard bulging cock enters my mouth. My eager lips close around his shaft and soon my Asian prince is fucking away. The sounds I make are stupid like a blocked sink being plunged. Goo streams out my mouth and down onto the floor as Steve carries on ramming his big hard man of iron into my throat. From it being slow and rythmic the guy starts getting more violent with his fucking. Suddenly all of a sudden Steve just stops but he doesn't take his dick out I can't breath at all because his cock is shoved so far down my gullet. Just as I am starting to get a bit scared Steve takes his manhood out my throat and to my relief I can breath again.
He lifts me bending me over my sofa. He spits a few times onto my ass hole explaining that "as you havn't got a pussey I'm gonna screw your little shit box." Then he uses some of the goo from the recent throat fucking as lube for my "shitter" as he calls it.
I feel my Asian princes weapon pushing against my ass. He keeps on pushing and applying pressure with his dick till my shitter starts to grant him entry. His big cruel hard bulging cock fills me and he starts to pound my "shit box". He fucks harder and harder with me groaning under his bigness.
He stops --changes position--so now I am lying on my back facing him my legs resting on his big muscular shoulders he fucks me stupid almost till he's ready to shoot his load of hot sperm into my receptive "shit box". But then before he cums he withdraws his cock from my ass, athletically leaps on me so that now his big legs are virtually sitting on my tits his bigness nearly squeezing the silicone out of them. "Suck my dick" he orders urgently I do and soon my Asian prince has shot his load down my sperm hungry throat.
Steve gets up and we take a shower together. I love feeling the big muscles of his dark big body as I tenderly wash him.
"Will you piss on me Steve" I beg. Steve obliges and I love kneeling there feeling that lovely warm stream of golden piss warming over my body, I love it as his warm golden piss soaks my hair trails down between my tits. I drink it and love the bitterness of my Asian princes golden piss.
Steve finishes showering and I hand him a nice cream coloured bath towel to dry himself with. His dark bigness looks so good contrasted with the cream colour of the towel as he emerges with it wrapped around his waist.
He dresses once again in his expensive silk shirt and his sexy black jeans he is about to leave when I ask him anxiously about wether he wants to give me his phone number. Steve writes down a number on a bank note and again places it down between my tits he says "I'll be in contact" before climbing into his expensive car are speeding away.
But typical man he doesn't make contact again and when I try the phone number it's not his.
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3 years ago
Great story you having a Dick would not bother me . I would fuck you harder
3 years ago
Well thats my fifth time i jack off today thanks that e=was so hot