Erin enjoys her mum

It had been over 6 months since mum and I moved to Bristol, her promotion to sales and marketing manager was everything she had wanted, we had settled down in our new home and our love life was all so good and exciting, we have explored each other’s bodies to the maximum, leaving nothing we could not do in the sexual department apart from a few ideas, but overall mum made love to me as a love not a boy turned girl, I had even got a job working in the same department as her as an accounting clerk, I had learn to drive and had an operation on my throat to make me sound more like a girl talking than a boy, although I still had my penis and testicles to all tense and purposes I was a girl though and though, and I was loving the fact that when I went to work I was treated as a girl not as a boy, even had some of the guys asking me for a date which I turned down for a number of reasons, mum said she didn’t mind me dating boys but it was a little too soon thinking of a boyfriend at the moment, my mum, who was one gorgeous woman has the men buzzing about her, to me she had an air of authority which nobody seemed to cross, and at work I worked to everybody’s rules so there would be no compromising her position, anyway, I was the one who went home with her, and I was the only one who made love to her, in its self was something special.
We was driving home and mum looked at me, “do you know darling, I am going to make love to you all weekend” she said softly, I looked at her, she did look so sexy how could anyone resist her lovely looks and her sexy charm, “mum, I hope so because today when I saw you in that meeting it gave me such a hard on I could have made love to you there and then, she laughed, “now would that make the lounges waggle” “sure would” I laughed with her, she looked at me again, “I am so excited” she said touching my leg and sliding up under my dress and over my cute little panties, it didn’t take my cock any persuading to go hard as it fought to get out of my panties, “my” mum said, “you are a big girl now, I will have to make sure you have everything you need to help this” she held my cock, “to have its way with me” “ho mum, I love you so much” she smiled as we pulled into the drive, “home, sweet, home” once inside we kissed long and passionately, then I took hold of mums hand and lead her upstairs, turning her around I proceeded to undress her till she was naked, “it is something I love to do to you” I remarked, “sweetie, I love you stripping me naked, I love it also when you take control of our sexual activities, I will let you do anything, and everything to me you” “now that is what I like to hear” “get into that shower” I said like it was a demand,” I need to be with you and make sure we are very clean and eatable” “please madam” she cried out in fun, “please be gentle with me” we laughed, “I will so long as you are going to behave” “I will, I will” she went into the shower, I quickly took my clothes off and joined her, we sexually washed each other not missing any of the best bits, mum really enjoyed bathing together, she said it was like getting close and personal with sheer satin, once I had dried mum’s naked body I took her to our bed and laid her down, she automatically opened her legs to show her lovely shave pussy, “mum, you have the most gorgeous pussy, I think I am going to eat you for my starter” “I was hoping you was going to say that” she said coyly, kissing down mum’s leg she shuddered with anticipation of what was to come, soon I was squarely between her legs and face to face with her pussy, it looked so nice, smooth and so much inviting, I licked about her crotch, tasting every inch of her fleshy lips before making for the folds of pussy, I sucked and licked her open, as the moisture of my lips revealed her dark and throbbing hole, she cried out as I softly nibbled as her clitoris, “that I so good” she cried like she was out of breath, the feeling of her in my mouth was out of this world, I eagerly sucking and licking her pussy as she shuddered with pleasure, and the more and more I licked in and about her hole the more she cried out with delight, “omg” she screamed and her legs clamped together on my head, she held me there as she shivered with over whelming pleasure, then slowly her legs opened wide and freely, her pussy bathed in moisture, I licked about her pussy lips like a cat getting the last of the cream from the saucer, and in a way I was, mum juices was flowing wild and I was taking ever advantage to tasting every pleasure she could offer me, it took me some time to lick all of her and I didn’t finish till I had my fill, I appeared from between her legs and she smiled her satisfaction, “sweet heart, that was something else, I had, in all my years of sex ever had a feeling like that, I will cherish that for the rest of my life” I moved on top of her, “mum, I have never have a woman who enjoyed some much sex as you” I paused, “I love you” we kissed, “make love to me sweetie” she said as our lips parted, “love to” I quickly rolled off her and then manoeuvred her onto the stomach, she knew what I wanted and she got onto all fours, I looked at her pussy inviting between her legs, I put my hand cross her lips and gently massaged her, she whimpered, then I started to lick her and she cried out once more, “do you like that sweet heart” I called to her between mouthfuls on pussy lips, all she could do was moan loudly, I took that as a yes, there was something very horny when a woman is on all fours and pouting her pussy at you, a few minutes later I got my cock up to her and she turned and looked at me, “please, I am begging you, give me a good shag” I stroked her curvy bottom, “just coming my sweet” she was wet and waiting for me to enter her, I pressed the tip of my cock to her, putting a little pressure on her, I watched my cock slid into her and she cried out with pleasure as she felt my hard cock penetrated her gorgeous shave pussy, I watch as the more I pushed the farther I went into her, it didn’t take long before she had gobbled up the whole of my cock between her legs, I thrust hard to ram myself home and she moaned once more, “fuck me hard sweetie” she asked, I was a little taken back, mum never swore, well not in my presents anyway, but I realised that sexual activities with mum she probably like a bit of dirty talking, I was banging her fast and hard and I was getting rather hot, but I didn’t slow down till she lifted her head, “sweetie, why don’t you let me have you sperm in my mouth, I would love it if you want” mum was getting more adventurous as our sex life progressed, and hay, what the hell, I was not going to let mum down was I , “be my pleasure, you better roll over, I am nearly ready” mum was on her knees just in front of my cock, I was masturbating slowly now but mum had other ideas, “here, let mum finish you off” she took my cock and put it into her mouth, the moment was unbelievably sexy as she sucked on me, “ho mum, mum, mum” I cried out as I unloaded my love juice into her mouth, at first she could not cope with the amount I had come and my sperm was coming out from the side of her mouth, she swallowed feverishly to keep up as the whole experience was over powering but very special, mum had swallowed all of me and now she had my cock and she was squeezing it softly to get the last drops of oozing sperm from the tip of my helmet, when she finished I collapsed onto the bed and she rolled on top of me, “ho mum, that was something else, I have never experienced so much in such a short time” she cuddled into me, “me neither sweet heart, but it was great, was it not” we both drifted off to sl**p, satisfied and contented.
I woke early morning and looked over at mum who was sound asl**p; quietly I slipped out of bed, put on my negligee and went down stair to make us breakfast, when I returned mum was still asl**p, I leant over her looking at her beautiful face, she was a very sexy and lovely woman with or without make up, and I counted myself lucky that she was my lover also, many men at work would love to be where I was right now but they weren’t and I was, so I always cherished the time we have together, I kissed mum till she woke, “morning sweet heart” she said stretching, “morning my lovely mum” I leant forward and sucked at her nipple, then I went to the other one, she stroked my hair to one side, “I love having my nipples sucked” she remarked, “well you do have the most lovely tits I have ever seen, I wished I had tits like your” I said as she looked at mine, “you have lovely breast also, a little smaller but none the less suck able” she said smiling, “I have made breakfast down stairs, would you like to join me” I joked, “with pleasure” she returned, over breakfast I asked mum what would be her sexiest, most horny pleasure she would like to do, “I have always wanted to walk along a beach naked, to have the sand in my toes wearing only the smile on my face” “what about you” she asked, “I like to go swimming” “that sound good” she replied, “but I would have a hard job hiding my cock” I said, she frowned, “can’t you get those covers, like the cricketers wear, I think that I have seen them somewhere” “yes, good idea, need to get on the web and see if it is possible” I sipped my coffee, “anything else” I asked, “yes, can we go back to bed and make love” she ran her slender fingers through my hair, “now that sounds a good idea” we took a shower together and ended on the bed with mum laying there with her legs wide apart, “omg, mum, you look so horny and sexy when you lay there naked and open, I can’t resist you even if I wanted to” “and you standing there” she paused, “naked, lovely breast and hard on only makes me want you more and more” I knelt between her open legs, “well my gorgeous mum, I better give you a loving piece of me” “yes please my sweet heart” I slipped my hard cock into her and she softly whimpered her pleasure as I let her take all of my cock, gently we made love once more, it was not like when we first had sexy, now we took our time and made our love lasted a long time, she would orgasm which made me very excited, I had learnt to control my sperm so I could to prolong our love making, I really loved coming inside her and she knew this so she nearly always said to me as I was coming, to stay in her as long as I liked, “I am coming my lover” I said to mum, “she held me a little tighter and I felt my sperm being injected into her, “mum, mum, that is so good” I carried on pumping into her sexy pussy, “I just love you coming inside me sweet, it makes me feel so horny, I love you filling me up with your baby juice” I stopped, I had not even give it a thought that while I was unloading my love juice into mum I could be making her pregnant, “mum, could I make you pregnant” I asked a little worried, she looked into my eyes, “would you like your mum to be pregnant” she searched my face, “I would like that but your are not, are you” “no sweetie, but if I was then you would know, we have been making love for 8 months, I would have a fair old bump by now” “up to a point I am pleased your are not, I have much more cock for you and I would not like anything to spoil our love for one another” “ I understand” she remarked, “you want me all to yourself” “yes, that is actually it” I said and mum smile, “anyway, I am on the pill, so you never need to worry on that score” we lay there a short while till mum got up on mum elbow and looked at me “what would like to do today” she asked, “make love to you” I replied, she smiled, “do you know that we have been enjoying each other for all that time but not once have I ever thought that making love was taboo, something to worry about or even i****t” “come to think of it neither have I, I have seen you as my mum who I love and enjoy being with day and night” I said and she kissed my passionately, my mind wondered, “I knew that I had to tell you something, have you seen me sitting with a girl at break” “yes, very petty” “yes, her name is Amy, I don’t know if it is me but I would swear that she is a lesbian” “I am interested, tell me more” mum said with coming closer to me, “well all the boys are around her like bees around a honey pot” “I can understand that” remarked mum, “yes, so can I but she keeps saying that she is not interested in men” “so” mum asked, “she keeps asking about us, what we get up to and in more particularly she mentions you, what you like, what you do in you spare time, it is if she wanted us, no, you to be precise” I waited for mum to answer, “wow,” “I know why she fancies you, because you are a sexy looking woman, I like more would love to be with you” “I don’t know” “yes, and why not her, she obviously thinks you could be the one for her” mum paused for a minute and I tried to read her mind, “once” she started off, “I had a relationship with a girl at school, we fumbled about a lot and touching each other, it lasted for a couple of weeks” “mum, you surprise me” she looked at me, “why, you are a girl, you could say we are lesbians” I waited, “when I am making love with you I think a girl not a boy” “I had not thought it like that but now you mention it you can see it that way” mum stroked my naked body, “I only want to think of you as a girl” “so If I was right about Amy would you like to make love to her” mum stopped what she was doing, “yes and no” “what is that” I asked, “yes, I would love to have sex with her, and no because I would not want to leave you out,, sex with you is the best thing that has happened to me and I would not want to damage our relationship” “thanks mum, but why not share her if she is willing” I said and mum gave me a wicked smile, “and I thought I was the adventurous one” “ I am full of surprises” I remarked, “I feel horny, you are going to have to make love to me sweetie” I thought you would never ask” I said rolling onto my back, mum straddled me and my cock slipped smoothly into her, she whimpered, “ho sweet heart, that is so nice” she bucked on the end of me getting all of my cock as deep inside her as possible, my finger moved on to her clitoris and I played with her, she flung her head back and cried out her pleasure and excitement, “ho sweet, more, just do it more” I done what she asked as again she exploded into another orgasm, she was softly moaning and holding her tits, squeezing her nipples hard, then she collapsed onto me panting and out of breath, “you really know how to please you mum, as I said earlier, nobody, not even your dad has come anywhere close to given me so many orgasms as you have” she lay still, my cock deep inside her wet, hot and very horny pussy, I rolled mum onto all fours, she still showed signs that she wanted more cock, she looked over her shoulder, “give it to me where the sun doesn’t shine” “mum, I think I will” as I looked at her pouting pussy I noticed that her bum hole look inviting as well, I contemplated to give her a rim, mum was getting more adventurous in our love making, why not, I took the KY jelly and applied it to her bum hole, “what are you doing” she asked, something different” I replied, “are you going to put it up my bum” she asked “yes” I said, she settled back and I knew she was not against anal sex, I gently pressed my cock to her ring and then slowly put pressure on her, at first it didn’t seem to move but she relaxed and my cock started to slip into on the Jelly, she looked uncomfortable and I stopped, “how is it” I asked, “a little strange and a little painful” “do you want me to come out””hell no, I want to try it” I pushed a little more and more till my cock was completely into her bottom, “are you ok” I asked again, ”yes” she replied, so I started to trust my cock into her, slowly at first but the excitement took over me and I was banging her hole as fast as I could, after ten minutes I called to her I was coming but she didn’t respond to me apart from a moan of satisfaction, I unload up her bottom and mum was beside herself with excitement, I cried out as the feeling of total sex overwhelmed me, I stayed in her till I felt me cock starting to die, I pulled out and wiped myself, mum looked down at me next to her, “did you enjoy taking your mum from behind” she smiled, “yes, it was different but none the less enjoyable, what about you, what was it like” she pondered for a while, “strange, at first I felt I want to go to toilet, but the more you bonked me the better it came, I would love to try in on you, but I going to need a dildo, or a strap on” “I would like that mum, I would like to see how it feels” we went and took a shower to wash the love juices away for our next love play, mum had become for me, a great lover as well as a mum, my mind wondered to Amy, what, if she was willing to make love to with mum, all I did know Amy would be in for the ride of her life.

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