Full Circle, From Beginning to Now - Ch. 2

It was a very difficult situation to get accustomed to, at least not many people knew about it. She had expected me to break up with her, obviously; but she really didn't want me to.
I asked her she did this to me, and she detailed how terrible I was in bed; just with foreplay and confidence.
So I asked her why not just break up with me? Because outside of the bed, I was the greatest guy she ever met. It wasn't even close.
I kept trying to make sense of it. But it was no go. In the end, she told me that she wanted to have her cake and eat it too. She thought there was no way I'd be able to accept it and that was why she finally told me.

I asked if we were going to have an open relationship and she laughed. She told me that she could give me everything I'd ever want, whenever I want. And she did continue to deliver, in so many ways. But she did promise a surprise, which I was much looking forward to. In the meantime, I every single day for a month she let out a little more slack on what she had done.
I had taken her at her word. That she couldn't deal with me anymore and that week started fucking the linebacker. That was true. But that wasn't her virginity. There was one guy while her f****y was on vacation two months earlier in the summer. I had been turning her on a lot by going down on her every day before she left. She met a college guy, and told him she was 18. That was a week-long vacation, 4 times.

Her second guy was (finally) a guy our age. She told me that he was more awkward than I was. She only fucked him once, but it was a special turn on for her, because that was the second guy and she was cheating and it was nothing special. She told me it was a special kink knowing that he was average looking and couldn't give her an orgasm, yet she still cheated, gladly. She told me about this one as I licked her to orgasm. This second guy was a neighbor, I had a feeling I knew who.

It was detail after detail and I was getting a little frustrated. I was getting more play than ever, albeit humiliating; but she hadn't gotten to how/why/when/who took her virginity. Apparently, that wasn't going to happen. We had started dating during the summer, and she got fucked a week before that. She told me that was off-limits. I got pissed and didn't talk to her for a week, where she fucked...well, I guess I don't know...but I think two guys the same day (but not at the same time). But didn't tell me about it. I had to learn the true submissive nature of this lifestyle.

Now, I had no idea what she was talking about, but clearly I was outwitted. This went on for the rest of the year. My surprise was the beginning of the next stage of my submission. She had been asked to prom by a senior and was excited to go. She said I had been a great guy during this year and she was so happy with our relationship. She knew the night would be hard for me (she described what he told her his plans her, and she added her plans, too) and so she gave me instructions for ''some fun'' of my own.

That night I simply went where she told me to and it wasn't until I was too late that I realized her plan. When I got to the house, it was a good friend of hers. But this friend didn't adhere to the 'hot chicks hang out with other hot chicks' theory. This girl admittedly had a cute face...but it was on a 300-pound body. Everything on her was huge. She was an upperclassman with no prom date, until I showed up. She didn't want to go to prom. She finally just wanted some attention from a boy. I hadn't had any play for over a week and while I was not attracted to her, I also thought there would clearly be consequences for insulting her friend.

We made small talk for awhile...I would stall all night, if I could...maybe she just wants a friend to talk to? But, no. She told me she wanted me to undress her. I obliged. I was a skinny guy, definitely not a jock, more like a nerd. I could've used her clothes as blankets. Her tits her huge, she said 48F, at the time I had no idea there was bigger than D, or DD. There were two sets of tits underneath those...where a usual belly would be.
Her thighs were massive, almost the size of my hips. I wore 30/30 jeans, and she must've been close to a 60" ass. There was cellulite from the bottom of her back, over her ass, down her hips and thighs...even on her calves. The one attractive thing this chick had going though was that she tanned a lot, I loved tan girls...and now I had, well, 3 tan girls to play with.

This girl was overall ugly as sin to a 15 year old. But she was a freak. She slobbered my cock as she sucked on it. She sucked my balls, she even tongue fucked my ass. My entire crotch was soaked, she was so into having a guy to suck. Half of the porn movies I watch now wouldn't do this chick justice. She left the light on, had she not, I would've cum. Easily. It became clear that the light on was intentionally. I flipped over and asked what she wanted next, if I should return the favor. She told me, of course...but that she wanted me to be honest with her. I was confused.
She wanted me to humiliate her. I still don't think she knew anything about me and Nikki, but she said I know you can't think I'm attractive. Nikki told her that I wanted to help her about Nikki told me about her lifelong drought. She told me it would turn her on knowing that I thought she was nasty, but was still doing it. At first I couldn't, but...why not? I had a year of anger built up. I started licking her while describing everything that I thought was disgusting about her.

She tasted horrible, but it was kind of hot and kinky. She was so wet, dripping and soaking. She came constantly. She started begging for me to fuck her, and so I just rammed it in without thinking...she was still a virgin...and she screamed, but somehow kept going. We fucked for hours, I came a few times actually, and Nikki let this relationship continue for awhile. I developed a hard fetish for SSBBW's because of her. I remember fucking her doggystyle this first night and her ass was so massive in front of me, jiggling like crazy. I loved it.

For the first time, I didn't care what Nikki was doing. This would serve me well as our open relationship would turn into cuckolding in college to the full cuckolding it is now.

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