Full Circle, From Beginning to Now - Ch. 1

I've never written about the tales with my wife. We are both now entering our 30s, and have been together since we were entering high at around 15. We have spent half our lives together -- albeit there have been some lengthy breaks before we got married.

We love each other dearly, but since almost the very beginning one thing was clear. Even though I didn't know what a cuckold was, I was going to be a cuckold - whether with her, or someone else. She was always above what I should get, but we hit it off. She loved guys, loved to make out, and loved everything about sex. Our relationship was always perfect, except for the sex. Even then, and she was going to exploit it.

You might wonder why I'm writing about this now. Well, my 32nd birthday is coming up in two months, and she is planning quite the fuckfest. She has kept a log of ever guy she has never done anything sexual with; first it started as a cute high school teen girl thing. After awhile it became a source of pride, as she used the word "slut" as empowering. By my 18th birthday, I was already entirely emasculated -- she graduated having messed around with over 100 guys. Next month, she will fuck her 1,000 different dick.

Imagine that. Your wife, who you've known since she lost her virginity, might be the worlds biggest whore. How many pornstars have even fucked that many dicks? It's so humiliating. And I love it. It's makes me so jealous. And I love it. It turns me on every time. And I love it.

I have so many stories from over the years that I've never told anyone -- other than the few in my life who have actually taken part in it. You'd be surprised that while she's fucked 998 different guys, only a couple dozen have been people we've known, or are close to us.

I remember the first time she did it. We were freshmen, and had decided that tonight would be the night we would lose our virginity. She had worn a hot outfit to school, and I even showered, shaved, and gotten a haircut. Throughout the day, we flirted between classes; we even had three classes together that semester, oddly she missed them all.

Each time I saw her, she jokingly made an excuse and I thought nothing of it. Then we got back to my house, 'rents we definitely going to be gone until 9. This was going to be amazing. Surprisingly, there was no foreplay. She stripped down and shoved my head into her crotch. It smelled...very different. But I got hard.

She got on the bed, and told me to ram it in. I had to ask what was going on. I asked about being gentle. And respect. Blah, blah, blah. She just blurted it out. It floored me. You didn't think I was going to give my virginity to you. I love you. But I wanted something memorable. I was to cum. So I went to a real man (it's almost ridiculous to type, but, yes, she fucked an upperclassman on the football team). Now, I will give you something memorable: A slut in heat, he turned me on so hard. Or you can cry, dump me, and you can watch me sl**p with hotter boys for 4 years.

She always had confidence...and a bit of swagger. She was hot. Most guys wanted her. But she was also a sweetheart. I was hard. Rock hard. Jealous and near tears. And my heart was about to explode. So I fucked her, she rode me and acted like a wild slut. I came in 30 seconds. She laughed at me for 30 minutes. Then she left.

I had no idea what would happen next. Looking back, I should've known the rest would be history.
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3 years ago
Pretty good. Hope there's more because it offers lots of avenues.