My BDSM Extreme Fantasy Day One Part Three

Please, read part one and two to understand the full content. :) Enjoy!

The plug in my butt feels amazing. I am only on the second out of five plugs I must take in my ass to complete this challenge. "Let's make you edge twice, how about that?" asks my master. "I would love that, sir." "Yeah, you would, you dirty slut! This time I will countdown from ten and you must hold your orgasm while I count down. You will only have 20 secs to recover and I will edge you again." "Yes, sir."

"Sit on the edge of the table with your pussy exposed, with open legs." I do as I'm told, sitting on the butt plug, I spread my legs open, leaving my cunt at his mercy. He puts the vibe on highest. Gosh, this feels so GOOD! I want to cum so bad! But I am not allowed to cum for 7 days, and before that I didn't for two weeks, so it would be almost a month by the time we are done! But, man do I love it!

In couple of minutes I want to cum and beg "Please, master, may I cum?" "I have to count down slut. Ten. Hey, do you know that slut Jannese? Yeah, apparently she got pregnant and the k** is not even from her master! Oh, am I forgetting something, slave?" "Please, sir, please may I cum?" "No. Nine. Eight. Yeah, so she cheated on her master. I heard that she is in a dungeon for three months, receiving a 100 whips a day! Ain't that something? Seven. Hold it slut. Six. Five. By the way, if you ever did cheat on me, you will be punished for three years! Four. So don't even try, slut!" "I would never. Sir, please I cannot hold it, please!!" "Nope." And shuts off the vibe. "You have 20 seconds and I will start again." "Yes, thank you, sir."

After 20 seconds on the dot, he puts the vibe on my clit again. This time it only takes me five seconds to edge. "Sir, I am very close, please, sir!" "Nope. Hold it for a minute." "Yes, sir." And I do as I am told. After a minute, he takes it off, thankfully. "Now, time for bigger butt plug." "Thank you for stretching my ass, sir." "You're most welcome, pet."

He starts playing with my plug, tugging it to come out. As soon as my asshole stretches to the widest part, he shoves it in again. And again. And again. Then takes it fully out. "Mmmmm, I like your ass gaping." He takes the flogger and starts flogging my ass. One left cheek, one right cheek and one in the middle where my asshole is. He repeats that 10 times, giving me a total of 30 floggings. By the time he is finished, my ass is super red and it hurts a lot, especially my stretched asshole.

"Alright, nice and red. Let's go with butt plug number three, which is this one." He takes two big balls, three inches thick, and it slides right in. "Looks like we can skip that one!" he takes it out fast and puts it in my mouth. "Clean it, slave" "Yes, sir." I say with full mouth. He takes the next biggest one, it looks like a dildo, but it is wavy, so it goes thicker, thinner, thicker, thinner, and it has a string so it goes all in. Since my asshole has been stretched mainly at the beginning, putting this plug all the way needs some work but it doesn't take long before I can feel my stretched anal ring close behind it.

"Mmm, yesss. I love when I play with your ass. And you're such a good slave! I should make you edge 100 times this week, minimum!" "Yes, sir." I say, excited that I will be used like a slave should be and thinking of the six days coming up.
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