BDSM Fantasy part one

I am walking in the near woods, climbing and taking breaks once in a while. This is always a peaceful place. I sit on the bench I usually sit to take some rest when I hear a sound of moving leaves. 'It's just some a****l' I say to myself. 'A rabbit may be'. But it isn't a rabbit. He catches me from behind and puts one hand on my mouth so I can't scream and with the other holds my hands behind my back. He calls for someone. Another guy comes and ties my legs and hands with rope. Then they slide on a pantyhose on my head and tape over it to block my vision and to stop me from screaming. One of them - strong, muscly one - puts me on his shoulder, my ass up in the air, while the other one suggest what they should do to me. 'We should gape her asshole.' "Yes, we should' answers the guy caring me ' But with what?' 'Well, we'll start with enema and then from small to fist' answers the other guy. 'Yeah, I like that. what else' ' I want to flog her so bad that her ass becomes a nice purple color. Purple is my favorite color, you know.' 'I do. OK, we'll do that but i want something to stretch her asshole in the mean time.' 'yes, yes, I definitely like that. Mm. I wanna feel her juicy pussy on my cock. Her titties shaking while she fucks it.' 'b*****r stop with the fantasies now. We have plenty of time to use that filthy little slave.'

The room I am in is twilight. I am naked. My ass is up in the air, while I am on my knees, head down on the floor with my hands on each side. I hear footsteps. It's the guy who carried me. I like his body, he was definitely working out. He stops next to my ass ans says 'Mm, what a beautiful asshole. It's clean from the enema and now it will get fucked.' He puts some lube on my flowery asshole and puts a finger inside. 'So warm! Oh, yeah! Beautiful.' He takes the finger out and spanks me hard on the right chick. 'Hey, Jack!' he called the other one. ' Hurry up! Bring the toys!' Jack comes in less than 30 seconds, almost running, carrying a table full with dildos, anal toys, floggers, paddles and many, many other toys.

They talk with which toy should they proceed. 'But I want to use all of them!' demands Jack. 'You will but lets start with this small plug, okay, bud?' 'OK', says Jack. The big guy, whose name I learn is Peter, or P., puts lube on his hand and spreads it on all of his fingers. At firs he puts one, then two and starts fucking me faster. I start moaning. I've never experienced this much pleasure! I feel that I will come. The hot waves run through my body. I feel that my pussy is getting wet. 'Are you trying to cum?' asked me P. 'You can't cum until I tell you to. Do you understand, slave' No answer, only more moaning. He doesn't like that. He spanks me three times with his free hand. ' I said, do you understand, slave?!' 'Yes' I manage to mumble between the gasps. 'Yes, what?' 'Yes, sir!' He stops fucking me and spanks me again. 'Good.' He takes a plug. From what I can feel it is glass one. 'Now, let the fun begin! Jack, my boy, put this in her asshole, while I choose the flogger, will ya?' 'Yes, big b*****r.' Jack comes to my ass and starts fucking it with three fingers. The desire to cum is back and I feel that I can't hold it anymore. Just when I thought that I will cum, he stops and plugs the big, cold toy up my asshole. He kneels down to my face and grabs my hair so I look at him. 'If you want to cum you will beg us for it, whenever we do something to you you say 'thank you, may I have another?' and when we ask you a question you answer with 'yes, sir' or 'no, sir' and if we like your answer we will be merciful. Do I make my self clear?' 'Yes, sir.' ' Good slave. You learn fast, I like that.' P. found the flogger he was looking for and he started flogging me. My ass started burning and soon enough it started getting red. 'Slave, I want you to count. If you miss counting we starts 10 below. Then if you miss again - 20 bellow and so on. I want you to count up to 100. Do you understand?' 'Yes, sir' 'Ok, start counting' He gave me a 160 strikes with the flogger because I skipped a number three times. My ass was purple, just the way P. likes it.
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