My two cousins

Today is Saturday, my cousins ??arrived around 5 o'clock in the afternnon noon, Fanny was very sexy in white trousers and pink shirt, I could see her thong because he was black. My cousin, Julie, was also very sexy, she wore a skirt short enough accompanied by a longshoreman. Julie is now 18 years old, blonde with a mole on the chin, rather slender, a nice pair of boobs, she is with her boyfriend for several months. It's been a year since I had not seen since boarding is in the south of France, I was pleasantly surprised. At the sight of my two sexy cousins, My Band a lot, but the bump was hidden by my shirt. After unpacking all their belongings, we went to a cocktail where the main discussion was the evening's program: Julie and Fanny had left for a night on the box. After a meal quickly donned, the girls went to prepare, Julie also put a skirt, which excited me a lot. They were beautiful, I had only one desire: to kiss them all night but I knew the only chance where I could kiss Fanny was in the box out of sight of his s****r.

Now is 23h, we arrived in the box, it has several rooms, we choose to go to the dance hall. Fanny and Julie take a small bottle of vodka 2, unfortunately I left my orange juice as I drove. The bottle is over quickly: Julie took several drinks and then we'll dance. I quickly see the effects of alcohol appear to my cousin who began to turn many guys, many hands knead her ass leaving her appear that she has no string, how naughty! A half an hour Fanny wonder if we could return because his little s****r is not well because of alcohol and therefore harassed by many guys. Of course I accepted, during the trip, Julie was sl**ping off, Fanny stroked my crotch which made me bend again, I could tell she knew I could fuck her tonight. We arrived at the apartment, it is only 1am, we bring Julie in the 2nd bed, we are extending. We are watching it a few times since she sl**ps, I realize that part of her skirt is raised which leaves appear a part of her buttocks, I show this detail to Fanny that addresses a naughty smile. I approach my hand gently on her petticoat, I entirely within the skirt, we now have a full view of her buttocks, that she does not wear panties or thong is confirmed. My cousin, being slightly under the influence of alcohol, gently removes the legs of her s****r leaving her vulva appear, it was covered with a thin fleece of hair, the sight made me bend a lot. I pulled out my cock, the pleasure of Fanny, who began to masturbate me vigorously. The desire to touch this forbidden cave was urgent but it would abuse the situation, I could not resist and I approach my fingers at the same time my cousin had started oral sex, my fingers are now on her vulva, slightly wet . I insert a finger and started some spring back and forth and then I suck my finger all wet. Fanny was meanwhile trying to suck me, it was good, I ejaculate quite quickly given the situation in which we are exciting. We choose to let Julie "devat" because we do not abuse the situation although I would have liked to fuck like a b**st, we go to my room if I have Julie Fanny.
Now we both know that we can lower slowly for 2-3h time that Julie décuvé. We arrive in the room, we kiss, my hands begin kneading her nice pair of boobs, I undid her shirt and bra, I began to tickle her 2 beautiful breasts. After a few minutes, my hands reach the desired location, I cut him off with a blow her skirt and her panties and lying on the bed. I begin my cunnilingus as desired, wet fanny lot like a beautiful babe, I get 1 then 2 then 3 fingers with ease. I feel that she expects the same thing as me, I put on a condom and enters what makes her cry heavily, I undertake several coming and going, after a few minutes we change our positions, I lie on back and impales it on my gender. Fanny tries to restrain her cries, some sort anyway, a few moments later, I feel my sperm coming, I place myself in front of Fanny so that she could accommodate my seed in her mouth. My sex is wonderfully cleansed of all his sperm, a feeling of pleasure appears on its face. As in our last kiss, Fanny wants me to take her from behind, then she moves on all fours and I press my cock to harden his anus, I begin to return, it goes smoothly. I keep my back and just when we hear the door open, I turned and saw Julie, still slightly under the influence of alcohol, surprised by the situation.
I was taking my cousin Fanny doggy style when her s****r Julie opened the door, still under the effects of alcohol. Fanny's screams while I had to wake her bum.
She looks at us with amazement, not knowing what to say, a white sat ... I come out during this time my cock stiff anus of Fanny in front of Julie, who seems appreciative.
I see that Julie did not have much devat and does not seem aware of the situation. She approaches and asks me to resume my sodomy, I resume my coming and going while Julie remains fixed on my sex. I pass a hand around the waist of the blame Julie for me and we start a long kiss, I caress her ass as desired. This rise causes excitation and forth more and more powerful than my cousin suffered, which did not seem to bother her because she cries now without retained. Julie is always beside me, stroking and I kneaded her ass and a few fingers into his anus. Feeling the sperm come, I come away from the anus of Fanny and rushed to her to give her my juice. Julie am withdrawing my coat and guides my cock into her s****r's mouth. Fanny me clean it perfectly in front of astonished Julie discovers that her s****r in another aspect.
Now that Fanny had her account, and let stand for my tail, I resume my duties with Julie. I kissed her passionately, I cut her off her bra and her top, I caress her beautiful breasts and I start to tease her nipples with my tongue that gives him pleasure. Julie is left alone, I "dominates" which is very exciting. My hand goes under her skirt and strokes her pussy all wet, my cousin seems very excited, my finger fits easily into its slot. I cut her off her skirt, she is now naked before me. Fanny is sitting on a chair and caresses us watching, she seems to enjoy the spectacle offers him her little s****r. I lengthen Julie on the bed, she straddles knowing what will happen. I finally plunged my head between her legs and my tongue between her lips. I begin to reap its full wets, it is as good as that of his s****r, my mother continues to make return trips to collect all the juice.
After 10 minutes and felt that Julie wants to get serious, I put on a condom and introduced me to the entrance of her pussy. I look straight in the eye, and gradually pressed my cock in her hot pussy, Julie is no longer a virgin ... While I fuck Julie, Fanny returned by my side, one hand on my testicles and the other on the breast of Julie, my two cousins ??look and a smile appears on Julie's face which allows her s****r to continue. Fanny kneaded without retained his s****r's breasts and began to lick. Our positions are not really comfortable, Julie moves on all fours and then I resume intercourse. The excitement is such that my sperm is already beginning to mount, I warn my two bitches that sit opposite me squat. Fanny me motion vigorously, then j ejaculates on their faces, Julie immediately took my cock and cleanse me. They are really in need of sperm apparently.
Fatigue begins to arrive after meeting two beautiful cousins ??then we slept all three.

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3 years ago
Great story, but the translation is lacking a bit.
3 years ago
very good