Me and my s****r

A year ago my little s****r was sixteen, a small blonde bombshell, her body is like an hourglass, her hips are excavated and revealed his post as an apple to munch. I have three years her senior. My little s****r has graduated college in another city and this was three years since I had seen more, except a few quick shots son as b*****r and s****r! When one month after his graduation in July, here at the foot of my apartment

By opening my door, it made me jump for joy, I hugged him, lifting the ground.

In my arms, she had a bob, my hands on her hips held her naked because she had a short tank top without a bra from her bare shoulders. She had a jean shorts cut with scissors rather too short and that showed three quarters of her tanned legs with a pair of white sandal.

I rested on the ground, I overshot a good head, and I offered him entry.

I offered him an orange squash and was using a cooler and we settled down on my big sofa.

She made me a bit tense, she had her tanned legs sprawling on the sofa, that it formed a triangle between her thighs stretched her jeans shorts.

It was still a virgin, it was evident right away and I was happy that she is not stuck!

I had a seminar in Paris and I suggested a place in my car
We spent the rest of the morning to discuss things and others, and to tell you I felt some palpitations before his ingenuous beauty, but I was not too proud because she was my little s****r.

My workshop was in a week, I was delighted to take him with me because we had walked all over from our c***dhood.
The past week was fast and nine hours on Saturday in question, shots at my door I was leaving my house and opening it, she holding a fur on his forearm.

My little s****r had a long red dress, no suspenders, but his shot encircled by compressing his chest half-naked, she arrived at mid-shin, it was cracked up to his mid-thigh and I could distinguish black stockings with black stilettos
I dared not embrace ...

We had a kiss without getting too close.

She understood me and we reached my car, she was past me and down the stairs his firm posterior waltzed under her dress that really drew her body and I noticed her dress opened up his shoulder blades. I had to tell you that I had a rather loose shorts that did not stop my sex waltzed too and he began to point automatically.

My jacket was hiding my erection early and we went back in my car.

We had traveled by discussing everything and nothing, she was really open to a young woman she had hired all the subjects then had wandered into a shopping center before the seminar as two friends, people thought surely we formed a couple and especially when she pointed to a lingerie shop that I note below the super sexy inside. Several times I had sex instinctively stretched and relaxed without her noticing despite being my little s****r but she was so sexy.

The evening passed without any problem, we have a few drinks, and we even tried to dance to rock n 'roll, her dress rose and left her legs sheathed in black stockings.
She laughed with open mouth clapping.

We left the seminar is being welcomed by the guard
My s****r had responded very gripe about her in the arm by her elbow.

It was now necessary to find a hotel and not too expensive because I had way too much
We walked a few hundred meters and could be seen flashing a placard marked hotel.
I was arranging the room which had two single beds happily and we came back, taking off our jackets and hopped into the room.

We sat on our beds staying back and there was a reluctance to undress without the show.
And once she had lit the lamp, I returned to my bed and my little s****r leaned her head forward and slid her dress by stripping the upper body, her firm tits and taut by two small brown nipples appeared.

I had removed my shoes and I gave him a few furtive glances, wondering if she was downright strip naked as me and I began an erection in my pants. I take my shirt.

My s****r thought I embarrassed by this and excited by both sound itself and its natural because it tended more and my penis when she clasped his robe hung his thumbs in his waist, I saw clearly in the thin light of the emergence of a bedside holder Jartelle black lace and gradually as she delicately mold release her dress, it stopped just before the appearance of its underside because my sex had formed a tent in his direction.

She said that by watching my crotch and biting his lower lip, I did so u*********sly unbuckling my belt and I zipped my fly, I looked at my pants dragging my feet automatically. My penis was oozing creating form on my red cotton pants.

And she pressed his thumbs on dryly that made her dress fall to the ground, my eyes were out of their sockets when he saw my s****r wearing a very sexy.

She went over her dress crumpled on the ground and skirted the bed in my direction. I was contemplating head to toe, she always had her black stiletto heels, her bottom further refine his legs and mid-Jartelle door of his red and black lace, a tiny red thong separating her pussy in half and that covered half his sentence shaved blonde fleece. She continued to move forward confidently eyeing my cock out of my pants had ripped a button so I a hard-drive.

She firmly frigged half of the sex I contractor in the matting in her eyes, she applied to me to retract the foreskin which ran down his wrist.

I slipped my fingers into her panties and I rubbed myself as firmly as she did, she had also grabbed with both hands and my cock continued to pump me, our lips met for a deep kiss and languid. My other hand went into his back to remove the string it was between the buttocks and draw my fingers through her slit compressed gluteal muscles. Our groans filled the awkward silence and i****tuous s****r guided me to sit on the bed releasing me from the kiss by the sound of suction saliva.

I sat on the bed, his head swung in all directions, her blond hair fluttered in the square, she sucked me like crazy, our hands were intertwined on the bed, she would sometimes abut the head of my cock in her throat trying to make deep grooves in salivating over my hair, she greedily licked my tail by slapping the face and when she approached the sperm taste she straightened her t headed back to conquer my penis out his tongue I had collapsed on the bed while my s****r worked my shaft on her knees with her hands and her mouth she pressed more and more.

I really felt a gurgling cum in my balls that would soon explode like a volcano and my little s*s got up to naughty.

She climbed over me, kneeling on my thighs and my sex by knocking very hard on his lower abdomen.

And we all noted the tip of my penis touch her navel and she whispered.

We smiled and departed the thong and the other hand she pointed my penis on her pussy, her lips began to cover the mushroom of my tail, I saw entirely his fleece beautiful blonde and I pinched her nipples in while massaging her breasts hard, my s****r lost the order because it was rubbing on me instead of impaled on my pole.
So I grabbed her hips and lowered it gently on my cock, I trembled at the same time it was relaxing.

I replied with a nod of the head and continued to impale her pelvis squirmed and finally our pubic hair bushy met and I sent my head back.

She gave me a nod affirmatively and she began moaning a ride by rocking back and her hair danced the basis of its fleece was slightly open in two and she Ramon on my tail that touched the unexplored.

It snaps into slamming her ass on my thighs for ten minutes insatiable and she leaned forward so I gobble her nipples.

My little s*s was mounted on a bed down in his red string that clung to his ankles and sat on the elbows and knees at the edge of the pile with his feet and points his ass apple stretched to the ceiling, his garter belt stiffened more, and I position myself behind her, standing on the ground, our sexes were the same height and we winked.

Any sex waved in the air as it writhed and groaned to hurry.

I walked toward her, taking my cock in passing I confirmed that his ass hole was virgin because it looked like a mini star and I sank up to half and she fell on her buttocks until you feel me touch my abdominal belt.

I had grabbed her hips and I set the pistons all my strength as if there was ever a next time. It had given way to breathlessness as it had found a perfect pace even with its repressions on me. Every time our bodies were undermined, buttocks apple is distorted by snapping her hair and her breasts quivered exploded.

I cast my rod steel scabbard, my s****r broke down on the bed enjoying long streams by liquid coming out of her pussy and I m'astiquais tail violently spurting powerful bursts of semen on her buttocks splashing like a large stone that is thrown into the water.

She was lying across the bed, dirty fuck, without moving and laughing.

We had joined our beds into large mattress fuck until dawn without her I would accept that deflowers her star ring despite my insistence. And finally, when the morning sun lit up the room through the curtains, we were sl**ping side by side after taking an enjoyable sixty nine, my s****r had landed on her elbow, the painted face of sperm and fingering my balls emptied.

And when we hit the road in the early afternoon, my s****r complained, laughing throughout the trip having backache ...
Since she is still my little s****r and we never talk of our i****tuous night.
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