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Our current cuckold situation

Yes, she left me three years ago and when she came back two years ago I asked I she wanted to fuck on a regular basis this bull that she had been fuking now and then before.
She seemed embarassed when she answered yes, then she got pregnant and the guy was traveling so nothing happened untill our Anniversary this May. In March I showed her a picture of a woman holding the cock of a black guy and telling the husband: " This is going to be one great Anniversary. Thanks Honey..."
My wife told me: " so this is what you wan for our Anniversary?. Nothing was said afterwards bu because of work I f... Continue»
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[Story] My wife fucks young black guy and leaves me

My wife and I had been fighting for some months and the situation became unbearable; she started to og out with ”friends” and me too and one Saturday late at night or Sunday early in the morning, at around 4am I came home and she came home right after me. I was angry at her coming back so late so I decided to leave again. She asked me to stay and I answered that I would just drive for a while and then I would come home.
I drove to the center and saw a young black guy eating a hamburger in the street. I stopped, showed a naked picture of my wife that I have on my phone and asked him whether he... Continue»
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My wife with black vendors in Tenerife

The first day we arrived in Tenerife after a day at the beach I took two sunglasses vendors back to our hotel room and they banged my wife.

She did not want me to participate and told me to put my socks in my mouth, shut up and watch her fuck while listening to the music of Rolling Stones.

Every time I listen to Voudu Lounge I remember my humilliation.

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