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[Story] Waiting for a Friend

Thursday, November 29,2012, a few weeks after Thanksgiving. I picked up my friend who needed a ride to an appointment. She was without a car that day. Since I had the day free I offered to drive her and then wait as she met her appointment. Found the place with my GPS and parked in the spot right next to the entrance to the building where her business was held.

She got out of the car and went inside the building. After she disappeared inside the building I moved my driver side seat back all the way down. I sat in the seat inclined with both my feet on the car's driver side floor. As I leane... Continue»
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So, gals have asked me how it feels to be uncut. I've got years of experience drilling babes with my uncut cock. I'll explain and add more information later.
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First Post

I'd thought I'd make my first post. Now that I've made my first post I feel so much better.
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