Coyote and the Wolf part3

“Coyote and the Wolf” Part 3

Ku'o was awakened by the loud ruckus the morning birds were making. Rolling over slightly to check on Lupo, he found nothing but sheets.“Swell, here I am aching for a little morning relief, and that wolf decides to take off early.” he thought to himself. Ku'o didn't stay angry long, as he had grown quite fond of the wolf, not to mention the scent of him drove him mad. Looking down at the throbbing erection between his legs, he said “Well little buddy, I guess we will have to wait till that big bad wolf gets home.” Getting up out of bed with an extravagant stretch, he looked over his shoulder where he left his armor. It was gone,”Damn it Lupo, what am I suppose to wear. Great, he will probably get it wet and stretch it out! Ohhhh! That wolf has had it!” Stomping toward the stairs, he grabbed a towel on the way down. He stopped at the counter and grabbed the two remaining biscuits “ At least he left me some breakfast, two out of the dozen that were left from last night! And all the hard boiled eggs! That wolf is going to pay for this!” he raged. He stuffed one of the biscuits in his mouth and strode through the door outside, fully nude, his still erect cock glistening in the morning light. Finishing the first biscuit, he started on the next while walking toward the stream. Setting the towel on a nearby boulder, he gingerly stepped into the freezing water “Oh Wow! This is damn cold!” Quickly as he could, he splashed the water on himself, soaking his coat thoroughly and scrubbing himself clean. Shaking as much water off as he could, he ran to the towel and boulder, to finish the job. Shivering in the breeze, he lay on the sun baked boulder to warm himself.
After a few minutes of enjoying the heat, he heard something crash out of the forest, into the clearing. Slowly rising up, Ku'o saw a large bull elk stumble to a halt, he had an arrow lodged in one of his antlers. It was one of the heavy black arrows he kept in his quiver. “Lupo again! Damn him!” Ku'o produced a throwing knife from an unknown location, and tossed it swiftly at the elk, dropping it instantly. He walked to the porch, grabbed some rope, and moved to the elk. Tying an end to each of the elk's rear legs, and fastening a stick to act as a spreader. He field dressed the elk, and threw the rope over one of the game stands nearby. After some effort, he had the carcass hanging and left to bleed out. Satisfied with his work, he went back to the stream to clean up.
No sooner had he finished, when another smaller elk stumbled into the clearing, this one with the same kind of arrow lodged in it's neck. Ku'o repeated the same process with this elk, now he had two carcasses hanging, ready to be butchered. Looking up at the sun, he judged that it was already late afternoon. Cleaning up one last time, Ku'o returned to the inn to dress, all he had left to wear now was his reconnaissance outfit. He donned the dark clothing, grabbed his pack and headed for the door. Ku'o back tracked the path the last elk took to reach the clearing, with a cold feeling in the pit of his stomach, he noted that the trail came from the east.
After two hours of careful tracking, he came across bl**d and Lupo's tracks. Tasting the bl**d, he was relieved that it did not belong to the wolf. Carefully, through the darkening forest, he followed the running path. By now he could tell Lupo was being pursued by an angry elk, it had not been long ago so he picked up his pace. Under the fallen tree, zig-zaging through the trees, and almost into the pit.

Looking down he saw the dead elk, but not Lupo. Circling around the pit, Ku'o found signs of iron shod boots and the smell of wolves. Thankful that he grabbed his black steel bow, he reached down to retrieve his quiver of black arrows left casually by the edge of the pit. Ku'o knelt down to prepare his equipment for the inevitable confrontation with the wolves.

Stirring awake, Lupo found himself tied to a heavy wooden frame, his hands held tautly above his head and his legs tied wide apart. He knew what it was, built by one of his former subordinates, it was one of Lunk's favorite torture devices. Judging by the stiffness of his muscles and joints, he had been held here stretched tightly, for quite some time. Looking around, he saw four of his former comrades around a large fire.
“Well looky here boys, our former captain has finally woke up from his beauty sl**p.” The largest one said glaring at Lupo.
“Lusius, Why did you come after me, you got what you wanted”
“I did? And what was that exactly?”
“Hay, you're the one who presented to me!”
Lucius replied with a heavy back hand blow to the side of Lupo's head. “I did no such thing!” he screamed “You took me by f***e, then after poor Chester saw us, you went and killed him!”
“Chester? You killed Chester? He never would have said anything, and you know it!” accused Lupo. “Why did you have to kill him, he was never a threat to anyone, he was the best servant I ever had!”
Lucius leaned close to Lupo's ear and said under his breath “Oh yes, poor little Chester would have said anything you wanted. So I had to get him out of the way, and put the blame on you for r****g a son of a prominent f****y.”
“You didn't need my help to rise in rank, you would have made captain soon enough with your own merit, and your f****y's power!”
Shut up! Quit twisting the truth!” Lusius screamed, hitting Lupo again. “I'm bringing you back to be publicly impaled, r****t!”
Just let me go Lusius! You'll never see me again! This won't do ether of us any good! Why won't you see reason?” Plead Lupo.
“Lunk! Go ahead and have your fun with him, I'll go get the ox and cart. Don't damage him too much, I want him to enjoy his impaling for as long as possible. Lusius marched off to the east, into the darkness. Yelling over his shoulder in command “Gray! You and your b*****r relieve the other two. I'll be back in a couple hours or so.
“Yes sir captain!” snapped Gray “Come on b*o let's go.” They both got up from their seats by the fire and left to replace the other watch guards.
Lunk stood up from where he was working, and grabbed a pointed iron rod from the fire with his gloved hand. Bending over Lupo's head, he brought the glowing iron close to Lupo's face, singeing some of his whiskers and fur in the process. “I always wondered what it would be like to have a little fun with you captain. Now I can get that chance!” He said with a broken toothed grin. Lunk moved to the other end of the rack, and with Lupo watching, presented the glowing rod close to Lupo's crotch. The fur around the area began to curl from the heat. “this won't do,not nearly hot enough.” Shoving the rod into the hottest part of the fire, he added. “Well, this will give me plenty of time to get you ready.” Grabbing a leather strap and a heavy cloth bag, he moved back to Lupo's head.
“I should have let you die at the hands of that horse tribe all those years ago!” Lupo spat at Lunk. “It would have saved me from explaining our loss of useful slaves!”
Lunk bashed Lupo's head with his meaty fist, leaving Lupo dazed, then tied his muzzle closed with the leather strap. “That's it captain, if you struggle hard enough, you might actually make me cum for once.” Giving Lupo a final nightmarish grin, he put the drawstring bag over Lupo's head, tying it tightly around his neck.
Struggling to swallow past the tight drawstring, Lupo steeled himself for what he knew would come. Lunk was the most sadistic bastard he knew of, and could only be aroused by causing someone pain, the more painful the better. While not very intelligent, he had a talent for making torture devices, one of which he was now tied to. Lupo could hear Lunk fumbling with one of the machine's levers. With little warning, Lupo's knees bent and his heels were drawn up towards his body, spreading his legs to their limit. Now he could hear Lunk pull the iron rod from the fire. “Ah, this is better, should burn that fur off your ass in no time. Then I'll make it a nice cherry red before I shove my cock into it.” he laughed wick**ly. Lupo could feel the heat from the iron rod, growing more intense as Lunk moved it closer to his skin. He could hear and smell the fur as it was burned away. “There, that takes care of all that nasty hair, now to give you a little color and a nice sting to go with it.” Lupo felt Lunk wipe the burnt fur away and slap his nuts painfully before moving back to the fire to reheat the rod. Then he heard the jingling of buckles, as from the sound of someone removing their armor. You have no idea how much I've been looking forward to this captain!” He heard the armor hit the ground loudly, a slight cough, and the iron rod being drawn from the fire. Lunk made a grunting noise, then silence. Lupo felt the heat from the rod with his bare skin again, getting hotter as it came closer. At his taint it made contact, he flinched, straining at his bonds from the icy cold feeling. Cold? Before he could think, something soft and wet licked at his hole.

Ku'o approached one of the guards that was leaning against the tree in front of him. Getting out a long weighted cord, he measured out what he judged to be enough length. Tossing the weight in an arc around the tree and the guards throat, catching the weight and pulling with all his strength. Hearing the slight gurgle telling him the guard was dead, he tied the cord tightly to the tree, to make it look as though the guard was still standing. Pulling his bow off his shoulder, and knocking an arrow, he took aim at the other guard. Ku'o heard movement from his right, letting the arrow fly, he pinned the guards head to a tree. Returning the bow to his shoulder, he went in search for the source of the sound.
Quietly sneaking behind the approaching guards, using a blade in each hand, he reached between them and slit both of their throats deeply. They stood there a moment and dropped to the ground. Moving back to the first guard, he retrieved his weighted cord, then headed toward the firelight.
When he came within sight of the camp, he saw a very overweight wolf tying a bag over Lupo's head. Cautiously moving around the camp, he watched as the wolf adjusted the rack that Lupo was tied to. Ducking behind a tree when the wolf turned to the fire, he watched him pull a white hot metal rod from the coals. Readying his bow, Ku'o prepared to shoot the wolf, but now he was to close to Lupo. Ku'o couldn't see around the b**st to view what he was doing, but he also could not hear Lupo crying out in pain. He dropped the bow and moved closer, readying his weighted cord and pulling a hook from the end of the weight. Ku'o froze as the bear sized wolf turned again to the fire, replacing the metal rod. Ku'o couldn't believe his luck, the b**st of a wolf started to remove his armor. As the wolf bent over, Ku'o struck, whipping the cord around the monster's neck, he pulled tight. Jumping to the fire, he grabbed the rod and rammed it up the bastard's backside, forcing his face into the dirt. Watching a moment to be sure the body did nothing more than quiver, he turned his attention to Lupo.
With a slightly twisted grin, he thought “Oh goody, pay back time!” Moving toward Lupo's nude form on the rack, Ku'o bent down between his legs, breathing hotly on the exposed skin. He gently touched his nose to Lupo's taint and wetly probed his hole with his tongue, delighting in the shocked reaction. Once Ku'o was satisfied that Lupo had finally relaxed, he stood up and exposed his already erect member. Kissing it to the wolf's ass, he slowly pushed it in. Hearing Lupo's low moan he stopped for a moment before continuing deeper. After a few slow thrusts, he buried himself to his knot, and stopped again. Reaching across Lupo's body, Ku'o untied the bag and removed it from the wolf's head, giving him an evil smile while he blinked his eyes into focus. “I suppose I should free your muzzle, If you promise to be quiet.” Ku'o said with a chuckle as he cut through the tight leather strap.
“Ku'o? You're here! I thought I was going to be skewered and burned alive!”
“Nope, I decided he needed it more.” nodding toward the large wolf with the still smoking rectum.
“Come on, get me off of this thing before the other one gets back!” Lupo said straining against his bonds.
“Nope, not yet! You owe me for a few things first. You owe me an apology for leaving me only two biscuits and no eggs for breakfast. And for taking my good arrows, that are far too heavy for that bow you found. Oh yeah! And for the two elk I had to clean, that you couldn't bring down. They wondered into the clearing with MY arrows still stuck in them.
“OK Ok! I'm sorry! I'll never do it again! Now please get me out of this thing!...
….Wait, so your going to just leave me tied up, while you have your way with me?” Lupo said in embarrassment.
“Mmm Yeah. That was the general idea. May as well get paid, while the getting is good. How is that burn, does it sting at all?”
“ No, just a little sensitive is all.”
“Good, then I can continue pleasuring myself!” Grabbing Lupo by the balls with one hand, he squeezed his sheath with the other, coaxing it to an erection. Pulling out, Ku'o bent down and deep throat-ed the wolf, gently kneading his balls. The wolf twisted against his restraints in moaning pleasure. Ku'o stopping on occasion to be sure Lupo's ass stayed wet, brought the wolf almost to peak. Standing again, Ku'o pushed his meat into the wolf's hole, watching the wolf's eyes roll back and his back arch.
Ku'o began thrusting, slowly at first, but gaining speed. Soon Ku'o was ramming Lupo with all abandon, slamming his knot against the wolf's ring. Lupo began a low grunting moan as his ass was pounded with increasing fury. Feeling close to cumming, Ku'o pushed harder, finally popping his knot in and continued with shorter strokes. Lupo howled loudlywhen the knot passed in. Ku'o grabbed the wolf's cock and began beating him off. When lupo came, spraying them both with his cum, his ass tightened like a vise around Ku'o's knot, forcing him to cum as well. Physically spent, Ku'o collapsed on top of Lupo's still ejaculating body, pumping his own jiz into the wolf.
After nearly an hour, Ku'o was able to pull himself free of Lupo, standing unsteady, he freed his friend from the machine. Trying to gather his weapons, Ku'o asked “So what was that about someone else coming?”
“Uh....yeah, the one that got me banished from the Pack, Lusius. He'll probably be back soon, I don't know how long ago he left. I think he went to the edge of the forest to bring an ox or something to carry me back.
“Great!” Ku'o looked through the trees to the east. “We may not have much time.” Looking back to Lupo, he asked.”Can you stand?”
“Yes, the feeling is coming back to my limbs.”
“Good, find as much clothing as you can carry, and I'll set up a trap of some sort for this Lusius fellow.” Ku'o worked as quickly as he could, laying out trip wires for the traps he had in mind. Once he finished, then loped after Lupo and the inn. When they finally made it back to their new home, Ku'o rigged an alarm at the two doors into the inn, and climbed the stairs to plop next to the sl**ping wolf.

END Part 3
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