Invitation to a Beach. Chapter 10.

Chapter 10.

It was sort of odd to be walking like that, naked and all wet. But being naked, it didn’t really matter. We continued our hike back to the lake. When we reached the lake’s far side, I decided to go in for my swim, rather than clean up at the beach. The edge was rocky and the water carpeted by lily pads, the odd yellow lily flower dotting the expanse of floating green leaves. When I climbed carefully over the rocks, I found the water only a few feet deep, and it was mucky on the bottom. I could only imagine what manner of creatures were crawling around my toes. At its deepest, the water came up to the top of my thighs and just grazed my pussy.

I squatted down slightly in the water and splashed the lake on my breasts, massaging them in its cool wetness. I took up several handfulls of water and washed my pussy and scrubbed the little pore between my ass cheeks that still throbbed a little. Max’s cum had been running down my legs for the entire walk back. I slipped a finger inside my butt and worked out as much of his jizz as possible, then washed everything down with lake water.

Max washed off too, and both of us looked like Adam and Eve in the lily pads, two water nymphs splashing around enjoying themselves in a virgin lake. Max came over as I washed and stood in front of me. “You’re a dirty girl,” he said, grinning.

“What did you say?” I replied, indignant.

Max raised his hands from behind his back and smeared lake mud down my front, covering my tits and stomach. It was muck from the bottom, and its slippery brown streaks covered my naked front.

“Very dirty,” he smirked.

Not to be outdone, I reached down and grabbed a handful of lake goo as Max ran, splashing out through the lily pads. “Catch me if you can,” he shouted as he made his getaway. I hurled the gunk at him, splattering his back as he turned away. He bent down to scoop up more muck and I splashed over to him, smearing my dirty hands all down his back. Max turned with more black silt in his hands and smeared my tits again. The mud poured down my body. I grasped Max around his waist and pressed my muddy tits and stomach against his, smearing the goo back and forth between our bodies. It felt amazingly sensual. I pressed my dirty hands down and found his cock, and painted it gently with mud.

We splashed and thrashed in our mud pit until we were too tired to continue.

“Truce,” Max said.

“Later, dude,” I said as threateningly as I could. I squatted back down in the lake and washed the muck off easily, feeling the smooth slipperiness of the mud as my hands ran over my nipples and breasts and down my body. Who knew mud could be so much fun naked!

Soon we headed back the beach, and as we rounded the last turn through the underbrush, I saw an amazing sight. The entire group was lying together on the grass by the beach, completely entwined with each other.

“What the hell are they doing?” I asked Max.

“Oh,” he said matter of factly, “They’re having a cluster fuck.”

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