Invitation to a Beach, Chapter 9

Chapter 9.

We rested awhile, lying in the soft grass under a warm spring sun. It was my idea of a perfect place to fuck. I imagined how going to this place as a teen would have made me grow up a very different person.

Soon, we started the walk back toward camp. We stopped several times, and Max pointed out some of the interesting flowers and trees around us. At one stop, Max turned to face the side of the trail and started to pee into a bush. He held his cock casually in one hand and just let it flow.

“I wish I could do that,” I commented. I really had to pee. “I shoulda gone before we left the club.”

“Why can’t you do it now?” Max said challenging me, as his stream splashed into the bush and onto the grassy trail.

“Here?” I asked, a bit shocked.

“It’s OK,” Max explained. “We do it all the time. Just spread your legs a little and let it go. It’s not like the deer and squirrels use toilets.”

I moved one foot to the side and relaxed. I started to pee, and heard it splash onto the grass between my feet. For some reason, it seemed terribly funny! It was as if the two of us were having a piss together at a ballpark urinal.

I loved the feeling it gave me, like I could do anything I wanted. So I walked over to Max, the water still flowing from my pussy. It splashed on my inner thighs and feet as I walked and I didn’t care.

I impishly lifted a leg and started to pee on Max’s foot. Max jumped back in surprise, and turned toward me, his piss now streaming down my belly, down my pussy and legs. Instead of jumping out of the way, I took his cock in my hand and pointed it up, and directed his flow all over my breasts and on to my neck.

I let Max pee on me for as long as his stream came. We stood there smiling wordlessly, our piss mingling in the mud below my pussy. It was pleasantly warm, and having it run down my body was exquisitely sensual. “That was nice,” I said when he was done. “My first golden shower.”

“Ellen, you never cease to amaze me,” Max said, shaking his head. “Is there anything sexual you won’t try?”

“Well it seems like this is my day to try anything new,” I said. “I mean, where else can you do anything you want and it’s OK? So why not try things you’ve thought about doing but were always afraid to do because someone might be watching?” I still held his large penis in one hand, stroking his shaft and that marvelous head. Piss dripped off my hand and elbow and dribbled down my torso and legs.

(Next: Max and Ellen get dirty.)

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