Invitation to a Beach

Chapter 7.

Behind the clubhouse, Juan Carlos was standing before a large barbecue grill, a steel drum cut in half lengthwise and laid on its side, with a long grill on top and four sturdy metal legs holding it waist high. It was bellowing pale smoke and sparks as he flipped pieces of chicken, hamburgers and hotdogs. I it occurred to me that he was taking quite a risk, since he was wearing nothing but a woven necklace.

Some of the group had opened the insulated picnic chests they’d brought with them and were pulling out large bowls of salads and side dishes. In minutes, a feast sat on the table surrounded by our group of naked diners. We dived in.

I really enjoyed my first picnic in the nude. One of the great things about being naked is that if you spill something on yourself, it’s no big deal. I was standing by the picnic table talking to Mark, a short but muscular thirty-something with wavy brown hair when Max passed by and accidently bumped my elbow. I was holding a glass of wine at the time and it splashed all down Mark’s front. Normally it would have been a disaster – red wine on Mark’s shirt, down his pants – and a bit of an ordeal cleaning it up. But Mark was naked and the wine just ran down his front, dripping on the ground. He didn’t even wipe it off with a napkin. I apologized profusely, but he just laughed and said, “Oops!”

I learned that Mark was with Megan, they were married but enjoyed the sex club. Mark explained that Megan was really a closet bisexual – she only allowed herself to have sex with women at the club. Megan was actually a fairly high ranking executive in a large conglomerate corporation which has its headquarters in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Any word of her bisexuality could threaten her position or promotions there Mark explained.

I also met Kenya, a tall black woman who apparently came with Luke. Kenya looked like Venus Williams. She had broad strong shoulders and thick thighs, full lips and breasts. She had every attribute I imagined of a female Masai warrior in Africa. She approached me and introduced herself. “You’re with Max, right?” she said. Her voice was deep but friendly.

“Yes,” I said. “We came down this morning from school. I’d never been here before.”

“And Max explained what this place was about before you came?” Kenya asked quizzically.

“Well, no. But he made it pretty clear when we got here. We went skinny dipping.”

“And you’re OK with the, uh, special rules?”

I must have blushed. “I have to admit, I was a little shocked at first. But being around everybody who was so casual and friendly and open, I got used to it pretty quickly,” I explained.

“Really,” Kenya said. “That’s cool. Most visitors have a hard time with the casual sex.”

“Well, I take to new things pretty fast, and I guess this has been inside me for a long time. I just never knew it.”

Kenya stepped closer, her nipples brushing my arm. I felt her hand touch my trimmed bush and a finger stroke the cleft of my pussy. She smiled a mouth full of perfect white teeth and said, “Stick around for a while today and maybe we can get it goin’ with some of the others.”

“That’d be great,” I said enthusiastically. I really wanted to see what this gorgeous black woman had in mind. I reached down to the thick black hair on her pussy and massaged it gently. “Let’s do that.”

Again, it occurred how odd it all seemed – all these people standing around, talking, eating and drinking, being sexual, all without a single bit of clothing on. It seemed so natural, but also so weird. Add to that the fact that all these people also had sex with each other, openly, unashamedly, and without conflict. I watched Megan walk up to a blonde woman about twenty five, and caress her bare buttocks, greeting her with a smile. The woman kissed her affectionately on the lips and they chatted casually.

Another girl who was talking to Luke was tugging gently on his studded cock as they chatted. He seemed to be totally un-fazed by her attentions, even though his cock was fully erect. These people just did whatever they wanted, enjoying themselves and their bodies in a way I never thought I’d be part of.

And I was also surprised how I was reacting to what would have seemed impossible for me before today. Maybe it was Max’s explanation that made it seem so natural to have casual sex so openly. I’ve never been one to sl**p around. I’ve had numerous boyfriends, and we always eventually got around to having sex, but never in front of anyone else, and always within a relationship.

It was funny how I took to the concept so quickly. Maybe it was because I didn’t know anyone here, and wouldn’t see them ever again if I wanted to, except for Max. I thought about the blow-job I’d given Max. It was, admittedly, an unexpected impulse for sure. More of a joke than anything really. But fucking Luke, and that fabulous experience with Megan’s magical fingers, they were totally out of character with who I was a few hours before. And I really didn’t care. I was much happier being who I had just become. I loved it, and I wanted more.

(Next: Ellen Visits Indian Rock.)

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