Invitation to a Beach, Chapter 6.

Chapter 6.

Megan’s fingers massaged my pussy, blending the lotion with my own juices. I just laid back and enjoyed the feeling of someone masturbating me. Megan was a lovely girl. I watched her face as she played with my clit and stroked my labia. When she slipped a finger into my pussy, it was smooth and wet and I loved it. I closed my eyes and let her have her way.

I’d never had a woman touch me before, at least, never sexually. I was aroused in a whole new way, a completely different erotic sensation. I was starting to feel like cumming again when Megan’s soft red hair brushed my face. I felt her breath on my cheeks, felt her lips press mine, then felt the warm, wet push of her tongue entering my mouth. I pushed back, kissing this incredibly soft, incredibly beautiful person. Her large breasts touched mine as she laid her body on me, her fingers massaging my pussy even harder.

She whispered, “You love it, don’t you.”

I managed, “Yes. I do. I really do.”

“Do you like the way I’m touching you?” Her fingers were rolling around my clit, driving my sexual urges crazy. I wanted to fuck her so much.

“Oh, yes,” I said passionately. “You’re going to make me cum, aren’t you?”

“If you want,” Megan said. “I can do anything you want.”

I was gone. My body took over and I was like a spectator to my own orgasm. I came for the first time with a woman, and without a cock, a dildo or my own fingers. It rolled through me, a wave of pleasure, an ecstasy of sex, wetness that just erupted from my pussy and I had no need to control it. It came so hard my hips convulsed upwards and I gasped, gripping the towel beneath me with both hands, trying and not trying to hang on.

Megan seemed to know everything about what I was feeling, as if she was inside me, watching with me. I came for what seemed like hours of ecstasy, too too long,. As the orgasm began to overwhelm me, Megan slowed. Her hand rested on my quivering pussy. She put her face on my breast and sucked my nipple gently. As the throbbing in my pussy calmed, I relaxed completely She laid her head on my chest, patted my little patch of fur between my legs and sighed.

We rested for a few minutes. Then I heard Max’s voice. “So,” he said matter of factly. “You’ve met Megan.”

Max was standing over us, Courtney at his side, and I though I noticed a bit of shiny residue seeping down between her legs.

“She has,” Megan said with a knowing smile. “Not only that. She and Luke broke the dock.”

I saw Max grin. “How’d that happen?”

“She’ll tell you. How was he Courtney?’

Courtey blushed. “As good as ever,” she said.

“Ooh,” Megan teased. “I’d like to try!”

“Not for a while Megs,” Courtney said. “H’s temporarily out of sperm, so he’ll need a little time to recover.”

“You didn’t save any for me?” Megan taunted. “So rude.”

“It was her fault,” Max said, as if trying to explain. “And she squirted all over me.”

“You two are both useless.” It was Luke. His decorated cock swung between his legs as he approached, studs gleaming.

Maxnever understood your fascination with that dock.” Max said. “Of all the places…”

“What ever,” Luke interrupted. “Juan-Carlos has the grill going if anybody wants some food.”

All of a sudden food sounded like the best idea ever. As the five of us walked up the beach with the others, I could see thin wisps of smoke rising from behind the clubhouse. Megan put her arm around my waist on one side and around Luke’s on the other. I watched her large breasts bob and bounce as she walked.

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