Invitation to a Beach, Chapter 5.

Chapter 5.

When I stepped on shore, Luke held me as I collapsed heavily on my towel, in the middle of a crowd of concerned nudists. “You OK?” The red-headed girl asked with concern.

“I’m fine,” I said. I don’t know who took more out of me, Luke or the dock.”

The crowd started to disperse. With the drama over, the nudists went back to their blankets and umbrellas. The red-head stayed to talk, introducing herself as she smeared sunscreen on her large, natural breasts, standing in front of me. Her red hair was definitely real – a tuft of orange pubes on her otherwise shaved pussy fluttered in the light breeze. The hair on her head fell around her face and down to the middle of her back in red golden ringlets. Her name was Megan.

“I know what you mean about Luke,” Megan said knowingly. “He was a helluva member to start out with. Did he cum?”

“No,” I said. It hadn’t occurred to me until she asked, but no, Luke managed that whole fuck without cumming.

“He’s kinda the stud of our little club,” Megan explained. “Both style and stamina. It’s good you started with the best.” Then she looked at me and said. “Have you seen yourself, girl?” she asked. “You’re getting pink.”

I thought my tan was pretty good for this time of the year. But looking down, I saw what she meant. The white patches where my bikini used to be on my breasts and the triangle between my legs had never seen much sun and I was indeed getting pink.

“Try this,” Megan continued. “SPF 30, and water resistant.

I reached up for the bottle but instead of giving it to me, Megan got down on one knee beside me and began rubbing handfuls of the cream on my shoulders. She smoothed it on my back and I remember how nice it felt to have her soft hands massaging me.

“Have you been a member a long time too?’ I asked.

“No. We joined last year, actually,” Megan replied. “We were kicked out of Sun Setters when we got a little frisky after a bonfire. When we found out they’d black listed us for all the other clubs in New Jersey, we found this place. We were lucky. Too bad it’s closing down.” Megan smoothed cream down my arm.

“Why?” I asked

“They say property taxes, but I think the county doesn’t like us very much.”

When she finished my back and arms, she turned me around to face her and applied cream to my neck and chest. Then she very gently and softly started rubbing sun screen on my breasts, kneading them, I thought maybe a little too sensuously. I was aroused by Megan’s attentions, and my nipples showed it. “Lie down,” Megan said in a matter of fact voice. “Let me do the rest.”

I complied, stretching out on my back while Megan stroked my stomach and under my breasts with her slippery, creamy fingers in a kind of sunscreen massage. When she finished my top, she began running her fingers through my pubic hair, long and curly brown. “You know,” she said. “You really ought to trim this before we put sunscreen on it. It’s more hygienic that way. That and it’s a lot easier to wipe off cum.”

“I’ve never…” I started, but she was already digging through her beach bag. I was too relaxed to object. “What the heck,” I thought to myself, “If I don’t like it, it’ll just grow back.”

Megan retrieved a pair of scissors from the bag and began to snip at my bush. She started on the edges of my hairy triangle and worked inward from either side. “This brings back memories,” she commented at one point. “I was a hair stylist in a previous life.”

“Can you leave just a little?” I asked. “Like yours?”

“Sure,” Megan said. “And you won’t be shaved down to the skin. You’ll have to do that yourself. But this will at least be better for the sunscreen.”

Megan trimmed until she was satisfied, taking a final look at her work before dropping the scissors back in her bag. “What do you think/” she asked.

I looked down my shiny torso to my pussy. It was like she said, trimmed very close but not shaved clean. A small brown tuft of hair sat directly over the cleft of my pussy. I reached down and felt myself. I was thrilled to feel so clean, to have cool air blow on my pussy. “It feels wonderful,” I said.

“Good,” said Megan. “Now let’s finish you up.”

Megan squirted sunscreen on her hand and massaged the triangle where my bikini bottoms used to be. Her fingers smeared the lotion between my legs, across my thighs and over my remaining patch of pubic hair. Then her hand slipped lower, and I felt her fingers glide over my clit, gently touching me up and down. I couldn’t help myself. I gently spread my legs, ever so slightly, and gave Megan the answer she was looking for. I closed my eyes. Two fingers slipped into my pussy and started massaging my clitoris. It felt so good, so unlike the way men do it.

“I’ve found out a lot about myself here,” Megan said softly. “Do you like girls?”

(Next: Megan finishes what she started.)

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