Invitation to a Beach, Chapter 4.

Chapter 4.

“Happy Anniversary Richie and Angelline!” someone shouted. Others cheered, and they all began offering congratulations to the happy couple. Soon they were setting up camp around the beach, all blissfully inobservant of being naked. I learned from the conversation that the six were members of the club and friends of Richie and Angel. They’d planned to throw a surprise anniversary party for the couple and had somehow tricked them into coming to the closed club that day thinking they’d be alone.

Juan-Carlos, a Hispanic man in his late twenties was particularly proud of their success. “Peace and quiet?” he taunted. “No fuckin’ way!”

We all relaxed on the shore. Someone opened up several bottles of chilled Prosecco sparkling wine, and we drank and talked. As the morning wore on, I noticed several couples stroking and petting. Gradually the activities grew more and more overtly sexual.

A blonde girl named Sandra was talking to Juan-Carlos. She got on her knees and straddled his waist, sitting directly on his cock. I don’t think he was in her, but she rocked gently as they talked. He was obviously getting hard from the wet pussy that was massaging his long brown cock. In minutes, she adjusted slightly, reaching down and obviously slipping him inside her pussy. One of the other girls, a red head had spent half an hour putting on sunscreen. A few minutes later, she was entwined with one of the men In the group, fucking a tall blond guy, and was also face first in the pussy of the blond guy’s girlfriend.

A leggy Asian girl named Courtney came over and introduced herself to me, then sat down cross-legged on our towels, her dark, lovely pussy spreading open, exposing a seam of pink between her dark lips. Her nipples were small, brown and hard.

“I’ve known Max for years here,” she explained. “We used to go up to Indian Rock and screw. We’d fuck for hours,” she said matter-of-factly. “I’m glad you’re not boyfriend-girlfriend,” she continued. I’d like to see if he’s still any good.”

Max looked a little embarrassed at her frankness, but she was right. We weren’t in a relationship and I had no trouble if they revisited old times. “Go ahead,” I heard myself saying.

“Do ya wanna go?” Courtney asked Max.

“Sure.” Max said. “I’ll get my flip flops.”

In minutes, the couple was bouncing up the trail, presumably to wherever Indian Rock was.

It didn’t take long for the remaining guy in the group to join me.

“Hi,” he said. “I’m Luke.”

“I’m Ellen,” I said. “I’m new.”

“So what do you think of this crazy place?” Luke said. He had long, straight sandy hair and reminded me of a surfer or some kind of outdoor type. His muscular body was the obligatory golden tan, unblemished by white swimsuit lines. His blue eyes crinkled when he talked. I tried not to look but I stole a glance at his cock anyway. It was pierced along the top, with several large studs leading from the head back, about an inch apart. He had no problem looking at me, and did so with a long, appreciative survey of my body.

“You’re with Max?” he asked.

“Yes. Were you friends here too?”

Luke grinned. “You could say that,” he said in a tone I didn’t quite understand. “We go way back.”

“I see you’re pierced,” I said, curious about the silver studs on his dick. “Do you have to take those out for sex?”

Luke looked incredulous. “Are you k**ding me?” he said. “Those are in there for you, baby! Have you’ve ever read on the condom box ‘Ribbed for Her Pleasure?’ These put ribbed rubbers to shame.” He held his cock in his hand admiringly, rolling it slightly to show off the metal balls on its length.

I was fascinated by the piercings, and the effect they supposedly had on a pussy. I wanted to try it, but it seemed really slutty to have sex with a stranger I’d just met. But still, Max said people here were cool with it. From the people around me on the beach having sex so openly, I guessed he was telling the truth. I thought I’d test the waters.

“Wanna show me?” I said teasingly. I never expected he’d say yes.

“Let’s go to the dock.”

I realized Max was right. “Why not?” I thought. After all, Max is fucking his old girlfriend, and it seems like most everybody else is doing something sexual. I wasn’t about to be the odd one out.

I hadn’t noticed it before but there was an old wooden dock off to the left of the beach, slightly hidden from view by reeds and bushes. As we got nearer, wading through the water, it looked pretty rickety.

“Hop up here on the end,” Luke said.

I pushed myself up onto the wooden dock, being careful to avoid splinters, and turned around. When I did, I was sitting with my legs spread in front of Luke’s face. He was standing thigh deep in the lake.

“Scoot forward a little, baby” Luke said. “Hang your pussy over.”

I did as instructed and Luke pressed his face into my naked crotch. His tongue arched into my pussy, caressing my labia first, then my clit, then as deep inside as he could get. Luke was very good at oral sex. He moved his tongue slowly at first, then faster, and alternating between sucking my clit and massaging it with the tip of his tongue.

I felt my body start to wind up, to tingle and get more sensitive as he licked my pussy. I felt myself getting slushy wet. I could see his lips and cheeks getting increasingly wet and shiny. It was such an amazing new addition to the sensations of being outdoors naked, with the sun on my breasts and the breeze on my body. Max was right. Sex outdoors felt fabulous.

It got good pretty fast. I let out a little squeal when his lips on my swollen clit hit a sensitive spot. Luke pulled away and said,” You’re almost there babe. I’d like a little help from you now.”

He hauled his slender waist out of the water and up onto the dock and pulled me down gently onto my back. He positioned his face by my pussy lying down on his side. His cock stared at me with its one eye. I knew what to do. I hoped he would too.

I turned toward Luke and slipped his cock into my mouth. It was cold, poor thing. As I manipulated it with my tongue, sucking and licking it, I could feel the metal studs on it that so fascinated me. I felt his tongue continue its work in my pussy. It was wonderful and soon I was hot again.

Luke’s cock started to grow in my mouth as soon as it warmed up a bit. I stroked it with my lips and caressed it with my tongue and teeth, and soon it was nicely hard, at least hard enough for the task at hand. It wouldn’t take much to penetrate my soaking wet pussy.

A few minutes later, Luke got up, pulling his cock from my mouth. “Get on your knees,” he said, “facing the lake.” He was going to fuck me from behind.

I complied, presenting my ass to him like a monkey in heat. In one motion, Luke slid his cock into my pussy and began pumping gently. It felt so good to fuck Luke. There was no emotional baggage. No wanting to please, to make him like me - just two people fucking, with the sun on our backs and not a care in the world if anyone saw us or not.

I started moving with him, wallowing in the sensations of sex travelling up through my naked body. We moved faster and harder. It felt like even the little dock was rocking, encouraging us to fuck more and more. Soon, Luke was pounding his cock into my pussy and I was sure he was going to cum. The dock rocked precariously with our motion. I felt an orgasm rising in my pussy. I was going to cum too.

Luke started fucking me even harder, pounding my soaking pussy, his thighs slapping against my ass and his cock ramming my slit. His balls slapped under my pussy.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Luke shouted, pounding my pussy with hard, jolting strokes. Then I heard a loud “CRACK!, SNAP!,” and the dock gave way beneath us, breaking loose from its mooring onshore and sliding us face first into the water. The last thing I heard from Luke before we went into the lake was, “Fuuuuuu…”

Luke and I tumbled into the shallow water together. I held my breath as I hit the surface and plunged in face first. I felt Luke pulling out of me and slipping away. When I got my footing and stood up, Luke was standing up beside me. We were both laughing our asses off. When we finally settled down, I noticed his cock was still hard. His piercings gleamed in the sun on his suntanned cock.

“Shit,” I thought, “I forgot all about the studs on his cock.” I realized that when he fucked me from behind like that, they couldn’t touch my clit. I pulled him close, lifted my right leg and positioned my pussy in front of his cock. I wasn’t going to let a little thing like collapsing lake equipment keep me from feeling those studs.

Luke knew immediately what I was up to. Without a word, he pushed his cock back in my pussy, deep into my cunt. I immediately felt each stud as it rubbed against my clit, and each one sent a lightning bolt of pleasure ripping through my body. He began stroking in and out again, and WOW, my pleasure meter went off the scale. The faster he pumped me, the closer I got to my orgasm.

Luke fucked me hard and I fucked him back. Those studs certainly were for a women’s pleasure. I felt my orgasm rising, burning like a swelling b**st between my legs. Then I came, and I literally erupted on his cock, gushing all over him. My pussy was shuddering on Luke’s cock in rhythms of perfect sexual pleasure as he stroked in and out. Finally it was way too much, my pussy had become too sensitive and I just wanted to enjoy my orgasm.

“Stop! Stop,” I groaned. “Just keep it in me.”

Luke obliged. I slowly wound down, throbbing, until finally Luke gently slipped his cock out of me. We waded carefully around the sunken dock, me on wobbly legs. I got back to shore with my arm around his waist for support. I was drained!

The crowd at the beach cheered with approval when they saw us. They’d heard the dock collapse and could see us splash into the lake. Juan-Carlos, apparently the comic in the crowd yelled, “Well I guess the dock is fucked!”

Yes, it certainly was.

(Next: Ellen meets a girl.)

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