Invitation to a Beach, Chapter 2

Chapter 2.

Going down on Max was a bit of a surprise for both of us. Neither one expected an impromptu blowjob. But I enjoyed his magnificence in my mouth, and I knew he did too. I sucked his cock for a long time, raising it from soft and supple to hard and hot. He tried to restrain himself, but in the end, he came.

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum,” he said emphatically. I took him out of my mouth, stroking it with my hand and said, “So what?” But before he could answer, his orgasm exploded. He shot a load of cum straight up in the air, which splattered back on his cock and stomach. Another shot went even higher, landing in my hair and running down my forehead. A third, not quite so f***eful, shot out of his cock and over my hand, which was still stroking his hard penis. Max moaned in panting yelps as he came and came.

“I didn’t want to cum in your mouth, in case you didn’t like it,” he said. Semen was all over my face and hair, his lower stomach, and covering his cock in a shiny coating. It still ebbed out of his penis like a slowly dying fountain.

“Too late,” I said, and took his cock, still shuddering occasionally and covered in a milky white shimmer of cum, and swallowed it into my mouth. I sucked off his jizz down to his balls, down to everything not covered with hair, swallowing his salty, thick semen. I squeezed and stroked his cock with my hand, urging more to come out, and it did. I tasted it all, each throb of glistening semen beading on the end of his cock went into my mouth.

Max was quiet for a while, then his regular breathing told me the swim and the sex had taken its toll on his consciousness. We lay there, his sperm everywhere. Finally, I took my hand and wiped up the semen which had puddled around his navel. I smeared it on my tits. “Call it sunscreen,” I said. It was then that I realized in my first two hours at Max’s nudist club, I’d broken the “Swimming with Clothes On” and the usual “No Sex” rules, both expulsion-worthy infractions. Max was asl**p on his back, sprawled naked to the world. Moments later, I joined him.

(Next, a surprise for both of them.)

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