Invitation to a Beach

Chapter 1.

When I was in college, I had a friend, Max, who sat next to me in third-year French. We talked a lot, had a lot in common because we were from the same place in New Jersey, although we attended different high schools. He was ok looking, skinny, taller than me with collar length brown hair. Not the sports type; more of a musician/skateboarder. We had fun but never hooked up or went out.

At the end of senior year we both had early finals. We were talking how unfortunate it was we were stuck at school waiting for graduation with nothing to do and all our friends were still studying. Free but trapped.

Max got the idea that we should go to the beach for a day. He said he knew a cool beach not far away and it wouldn’t be too busy. So the next day, we headed out early.

“How far is it?” I asked. It seemed as if the car had been droning along the New Jersey Turnpike for a long time.

Max shook his head. “A little less than an hour,” he said. “It’s in the woods. Kinda rustic.”

“How rustic is it?” I said. “Does it have changing rooms?”

“No,” said Max. He turned to me with a bemused smile.

“What? I’m supposed to change behind a tree?” I was still a bit prudish at the time. Although I’d been naked a lot with my f****y and in our hot tub, I still hadn’t opened myself up to public nudity per se.

“You’ll see.” Max said. “It’s no big deal.”

We got off the highway and drove through the back woods of northern Jersey. As the roads got smaller and smaller, turning from two lane to gravel, I wondered just where this place was.

Finally, Max pulled off the gravel road and onto a narrow winding path, actually two bare tire tracks with weeds in between, and we disappeared into the bush. We slowly meandered down the little trail, the car rocking on the uneven surface and weeds scratching its sides. We came to a wide cattle gate, locked. No mailbox or sign saying what it was. On either side of the gate, a high wooden fence disappeared into the woods.

“We’re here!” Max said. “Open the gate for us, will you my dear?” From his pocket he pulled out a key ring with one key on it. I got out, opened the padlock and swung the gate wide enough for the car to proceed. I locked the gate behind us and got back in.

We drove for another hundred yards or so until we came to a clearing in the underbrush and trees. In front of us was a small parking lot. Beyond that down a shallow hill was a two story clapboard building and a small lake. The entire area was shrouded in dense woods.

It was a glorious morning, clear and cool, and I couldn’t wait to jump in for a swim and have the picnic lunch we’d brought. We strolled down to the waters’ edge to a wide sandy beach.

“Here we are,” said Max, already stripping off his T-shirt. His upper body was certainly nice looking – more muscles than I’d expected. He had just a nice flat stomach, not too much hair and the clear presence of some time in the gym.

“Where is ‘here’?” I asked. “Is this some kind of state park?”

Max laughed. “No,” he said. “It’s a club my parents come to in the summer. It’s not open yet so I guess we have it to ourselves.”

That was great! A whole lake all to ourselves. I couldn’t wait to get into my suit.

“Mind if I change over there?” I asked, gesturing toward the building.

“Knock yourself out,” Max said. He started taking off his shoes.

I went behind the building. It was kind of nice but obviously hadn’t been used for a while. The windows had been shuttered and the door was locked. It needed paint, maybe shingles too. I pulled off my t-shirt and shorts and slipped into my red bikini.

I emerged with clothes in hand, all set for a splash and some sun. But when I got to our towels, Max had already gotten into the water. His head bobbed about twenty feet out and he shot me a grin of satisfaction.

“How’s the water?” I said.

“Cold,” Max replied, “but it feels great! You can’t come in, though.”

“Why not,” I said, somewhat confused.

“You’re over-dressed.”

“What?” I said, looking down at my swim suit which I thought was maybe even a little too revealing.

“This is a nudist club,” Max explained, beaming. “Club rules: nobody swims with clothes on. You have to be naked to be in the water.”

A NUDIST club! Holy shit. I was just a little embarrassed, and damn glad we were alone.

“Are you k**ding me?” I shouted back. I turned around and sat down on my towel in disgust. I was pissed I couldn’t go for my swim because of their stupid rule.

Max paddled up toward shore, then started walking through the shallow water. Every step slowly brought more of his body out of the water. Sure enough, a step after his waist showed, Max was obviously naked. He came on shore and the water rolled off his body in rivulets and dripped of the end of his circumcised penis. I couldn’t help but look. Max’s dick was nothing short of spectacular. Even after being in the cold lake, it was long and thick. At the top of it was a neatly trimmed “v” of pubic hair. At the end of his shaft was a large knob that must have driven his girlfriends wild. I was impressed but I wasn’t about to tell him.

Max sat down on the towel next to me. “Not goin’ in?” he said stretching back. “It feels great.”

“No way,” I said. “What if somebody sees us,” I said. What if somebody else comes in?”

“It’s just us, Ellen.” Max said. “And I’m not going to tell anybody. Don’t worry, we won’t have any company. The club’s not opening this year. Budget problems.”

“So why can’t I wear my suit?” I asked.

“Well,” Max said, “I suppose you can, but it’s just a whole lot nicer without one. Don’t you know? They get cold and wet when you come out, all tight and sticking and full of sand. When you swim naked, you dry off much more quickly, and the feeling of the water on your body is amazing. Haven’t you ever gone skinny dipping?”

“Not sober,” I replied with a chuckle. I decided to hell with the club. “I’m going in,“ I said firmly. “Screw their rules.”

I stood up and dashed into the water. It was indeed cold and I felt my nipples instantly harden when I plunged head first into the lake.

“Yikes, it’s frickin cold!” I said when I came up. Max stood onshore, arms crossed. He smiled watching me swim. He looked great naked, standing like that on shore.

I swam around in the shallows, enjoying the lake water. After a few minutes, I decided to get out and get some sun. When I walked to my towel, I realized Max was right. My suit was wet and clammy, it stuck in my butt crack and it made me shiver, even though I was in the bright sun.

I said sarcastically to Max, “As long as you’re naked, mind if I get some sun on my titties?”

Max sat back down on his towel. “Knock yourself out,” he said. “I won’t look.”

Max turned slightly away, stretched out again on his back and he closed his eyes. Satisfied that he wasn’t going to stare, I pulled the string on the back of my top and slipped it off. It felt good to have warm air on my body, the sun shining on my freezing breasts. I wrung out the suit, put my head back on the sandy pillow under my towel and felt the warmth of the sunshine on my body. I closed my eyes, and slept.

I must have snoozed for an hour or so. When I woke up, I saw Max halfway across the lake, stroking like a swimmer casually doing laps. I scooted back to reach for my bag and realized I was off the towel, going backwards through the dry sand. I felt the grit trickle down my butt crack and get under the edges of my suit.

I considered cleaning up in the water but knew I’d never get it all out unless I took off the bottoms and shook out the sand. Then I thought, “You know, Max is right. These things are a nuisance.” I pulled off my bottoms and stood on the sand completely naked. It felt great, even with a bit of paranoia about being seen.

I walked into the water, which was still cold. I reached up and stroked my nipples when the water was above my waist. They were standing up, rock hard. I played with them gently and felt their hardness, in contrast to the softness of my breasts. As I rinsed out my stupid bikini bottoms, I decided to swim out to Max. He’d never know I was nude.

Max was half-way back when I met him in the lake. He stopped and dog-paddled as I swam up. “Great lake!” I said. “Thanks for bringing me.” Max nodded, catching his breath a bit.

“Race ya back,” he said.

I kicked out and pushed him backwards with my foot. “You’re so on!” Neither one of us was an Olympic swimmer, but we were about evenly matched. I was so intent on the race that I forgot I wasn’t wearing any clothes. When I got near shore, it dawned on me.

“So do I hold back” I thought to myself, “and stay in the water, or do I win.”


I swam as hard as I could, with Max right behind me. When I knew I was in waist deep water I stood up and sprinted the last few yards.

Max let out a yelp when he saw my white butt appear out of the water. “You did it!” he shouted. “Good for you!”

I collapsed on the towel, dripping and exhausted. “Yeah,” I said breathing heavily from the swim. “It’s like, what the hell. Besides, I didn’t want to get you in trouble at your parent’s camp. Letting a guest run roughshod over the rules and all.”

“Good,” Max said. “How does it feel?”

“Surprisingly nice,” I answered. “I like the way the sun feels. I’m wearing nothing but I’m warmer than if I was. Swimming in the water felt amazing too, like you said.”

We sat on our towels and talked, hanging out naked like two nudist club veterans. It felt very natural, and I didn’t feel threatened by it, although I must admit I did steal a few looks at Max’s endowment. I noticed his eyes moving down my body a couple of times as well, and he didn’t hide his interest.

I had always liked Max, thought he was sexy with his wavy brown hair. But we never got together. It just never worked out. One of us was always in a relationship when the other wasn’t. Still, he had a great body.

Then Max spoke in a quiet tone of voice. “You know what else is great in the naked outdoors?”



“You’ve done it here?” I thought there might have been a reason for bringing me to a closed up nudist club.

“Not here. With Andrea Jeffries. On the roof of her apartment building last fall.”

“Andrea Jeffries?” I was surprised. “She’s not really your type.” I thought: blond, dumb, sorority. Yes, I was jealous.

“It was kind of an accident,” he explained sheepishly. “Somehow we wound up there after homecoming and it just …happened under the stars. But it was great!”

I looked down at Max’s glorious cock. I thought, “So that thing fucked Andrea Jeffries,” I couldn’t stand the thought that that stupid twit had enjoyed Max’s spectacular penis and I hadn’t. I decided, “Well if it’s good enough for her, its good enough for me.”

I rolled over with my face next to Max’s hip. In one motion I pushed myself up on elbows and said, “Was it as good as this?” I put my head down over his cock and sucked his un-ready member into my mouth. It was so soft, so smooth. His large head felt like a giant lollypop in my mouth.

“Holy shit, Ellen!” Max said loudly. “What if somebody comes?”

I looked up and took Max’s cock out of my mouth. “You promised nobody would be here. Remember?” I winked. “The only one likely to come is you!” I sucked Max’s cock back into my mouth and felt it get a little harder.

Next: A happy ending for Max.

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