Under Dr G

I do have a fantasy about a Doctor, that I've been taken to.
Imagine its several decades ago and my f****y are worried about me being promiscuous, my husband is dead and they want me committed because they think my curiosity about sex and men means I'm not normal, as well bought up girls don't peek through key holes in their servants private quarters!

I'm taken by f***e, to a place where I'm examined by a specialist doctor, Doctor G. He decides to conduct tests on me and tells me that to pass the test I must not get turned on, I must learn to resist all stimulus.

He ties me down so I can't escape and examines all my body. He takes measurements, and pokes and prods. He explores all my holes, how deep they are how wide they stretch, even recording how wet I get. He doesn't appear to be trying to turn me on and some of the stuff he does hurts, he lets me beg him to stop and I think he likes it when I plead for mercy, but he just ignores me. He uses pegs and clips on my nipples and pussy. He ties my pussy lips wide using a combination of pegs on my labia attached by cord round my legs. He tries different size dildos in my vagina measuring their width and how deep they will go in both my vagina, mouth and anus.

He gets me to taste my pussy juice and asks me what I think of it? He gets me to taste many things off his fingers. He likes my mouth to be held open so I can't bite him and he can rub his sticky fingers all over my tongue and make me eat and drink whatever he likes. Sometimes he uses cold metal gags, sometimes a wooden handle held in place like a horses bit. Often he uses cloth to tie around my head and neck forcing my chin down and open and then more cloth from the crown of my head down my cheeks and under my chin. My mouth is then unable to close or open wider. I hate this, it makes my jaw ache and I drool loads. Dr G likes this best as he can get the most into my mouth as nothing is obstructing the entrance. If I don't co-operate or make too much noise he threatens to stuff my mouth with cloth, so I gag and can't breathe. I always try to be helpful!

He blindfolds me and gets me to pose in different positions, sometimes staying in that position for many minutes. I hear him enter and leave the room and possibly other staff as well, I never know who is watching and observing my tests. It is very embarrassing, he will undress me and make me do obscene movements while naked, or he gets me to bend over and touch the floor, pulling my skirt over my head exposing my naked pussy. Often he will sit in a chair and get me to stand legs either side holding up my skirt hem up so I can't see and he pokes me with his pencil. He makes me stand like this for a long time with my legs wide apart, stroking the sharp tip over my pussy and groin. The point of the pencil is very sharp and sometimes he has me bend over and use my teeth to turn the handle on the desk mounted pencil sharpening machine, laughing at me, as he holds the pencil to sharpen it. I can't help it but I start to get wet and he has complained that we will have to stop because I'm dripping pussy juice all down my legs and on to his trousers and groin. Sometimes he then spanks me and asks what I feel or puts his fingers into my pussy or bum and then spanks me to see if my pussy contracts and then asks if I like it.

He keeps telling me it is for my own good and records everything, getting me to help by counting and remembering measurements. I can't help but get aroused by what he does, he tells me that if I cum he will have to punish me, as it will invalidate his readings about my body and he will have to start again.

The worst is when he needs to examine deep inside me, he fills my pussy and anus with oil using a speculum to open my vagina and sphincter wide. He looks deep into me and uses metal and wooden tools to rub my cervix and try to find my Hot spot. This is an area he believes governs women's sexual behaviour, if he can find it and document that it exists and where other doctors can find it, then he believes sick women like me can be cured, perhaps with an operation. Sometimes he uses big tools that vibrate and make me squirm and sometimes he uses cotton buds, he strokes deep inside me asking what I can feel sometimes he presses it against my cervix and it hurts and sometimes he puts it in my pee hole to see if I have to pee. He says "I must not lie to him" but sometimes he makes me go pee when I've told him I don't need to, this makes him laugh and say
"more punishments for you!"

Sometimes after he has used the speculum he says
"it's no good, I can't examine you adequately, I will have to use my hands, don't worry" he says "I will try to stretch you as slowly as possible, using one finger at a time, but I need to do this to you, to get you well," he says before he works his whole hand inside me.

It is at this point that I keep failing, I try not to cum, he slips more and more fingers inside me, feeling around my inner walls, working his big chunky fingers round stretching my vagina. He pours more oil and lube into me, it feels cold and I'm embarrassed by the farty squelching noises that come from between my legs. Sometimes he complains my pussy is very tight and that I must relax and learn to ignore the sensations if I am to control my promiscuous behaviour. If I am too tight he will use one hand with 3 fingers in my pussy and the other hand 2 fingers in my arse, working them in and out till I am moaning and begging him to stop. Eventually he always gets his whole hand, all 4 fingers slipping in and out, twisting and moving, stretching my vagina. But first he works the 3 fingers in my vagina, curling them round, cupping them into a C shape and pulling out against my clitoris, as he does he pumps in with the other hand stretching my sphincter wide as he pulls his fingers apart. As he adds another finger in my pussy he takes one out my anus. Lastly he gets his whole hand 4 fingers and his thumb in and takes his last finger out of my bum.

His hand is very big, he is a big man over 6'3 in height and his hands and feet dwarf mine in size. I try to keep myself from moaning at this point, but I do find myself wondering about the size of his cock, would it be better or worse to be fucked by his cock than his hand. My husband only had a small cock and after he died I only saw one other and my imagination has me wanting his cock to be huge. I chastise myself for thinking such immoral thoughts and try to concentrate on something else.

As I squirm, impaled on his hand, he uses the heal of his other hand to press down grabbing onto my clitorus and labia pulling it up, pressing it down, stretching my lips into a long vertical slit. As he grabs my flesh I'm pinned down unable to move, he pulls out his hand from my vagina and then thrusts it back in a huge clenched fist, 4 fingers and a thumb, hard and round with knuckles forming hard lumps, as his hand pulls in and out and his knuckles graze and stretch the inside of my pussy to its limits, my muscles can't help but spasm. Pee and juices spurt from me and sucking slurping sounds combine with pussy and anal farts and I cum violently. As I thrash impaled on his fist, I hear him shout for help, tie her down she's having a fit as hands rush in to hold me down.

He is very sorry to have to punish me afterwards. He knows I orgasmed and lied to the staff to spare me public humiliation. He has me tied to my bed in case of additional fits. My eyes are covered and my mouth has the horse bit gag in it, a wood stake covered in leather strips, to stop me swallowing my tongue during a fit. The leather is slimy when wet with my saliva and tastes disgusting but it's not too uncomfortable. The medication he makes me swallow is disgusting, thick and salty, he wipes it into my mouth with his hands, he's not very accurate getting it into my mouth because of the gag and he has to scoop the dribbles off my face and chin. It coats the gag and the taste lingers in my mouth for ages.

He said if he can't stop me cuming with one fist inside me, maybe he will have to try both hands next time.
He says he will have to keep me there and every day examine me and treat me with intensive therapy until he is sure I am cured. I'm so lucky to have such a dedicated Doctor

I hope you like..? Don't worry it's only a fantasy to be enjoyed I don't really want to be locked up! LOL

Ellena X

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2 years ago
very hot story
3 years ago
hi im terryn62 and im a 66 mwm from ohio, in the usa
i loved your story, well glad you mentione like it was several decades ago as this behavior of a hot woman would be hot so thanks
write me back love to hear from you
3 years ago
Fantastic story ! xxx
3 years ago
3 years ago