My meet with Mistress Vic in Paris

True story . as is my first story..

I met Victoria when i was 21 in Australia. she was 11 years older then me but we had some fun times there. we kept the contact over the years and meet several times all over the world :-). in the last 4-5 years my sexual preferences have changed as i realized that i am more into submission and BDSM in general. i started to be pn second life and had some online mistresses and since two years i have a steady online mistress i adore a lot and would do anything for..

ts been 10 years since i meet Victoria last and we kept contact through email and chats.. she was slowly also getting in the idea of submission and domination.. some stage last year she wrote me and said that she would come to europe and travel around there with her son.. we looked if we could arrange a meet and found 3 days i could get free and meet her in Paris.. we looked for a apartment that had a nathgroom and a bedroom that could be closed so that when her son sl**ps that we could play.. finally we found it .. the months to our meet went slowly and we wrote and indulged in fantasies and tried to find things we could do with each other .. finally the time was there.. i took the plane to paris and had the adress .. i took the metro there...

i was ordered by mistress victoria to wear a cock ring and a latex thong for my travles ... when i arrived the apartment i she opend the door and we hugged .. at that stage her 10 year old was also there and we sad down .. talked and chatted and ate.. i tried to touch mistress vics legs under the table but had to be careful so her son didnt see. later after dinner we had a stroll down the seine and talked.. when we returned to the flat we prepared to go to bed.. mistress victoria told (suggest) that i can have a shower while she prepare the sl**ping couch for her son and gets him to bed.. i went to the bedroom and got undressed when she came in and whispered to me.. and i want you in your thong and the cock ring on lying on the bed and be ready for your mistress when i get in.. i said yes and my cock sprang right there into attention..

i took a good long shower and cleaned myself all over .. i shaved myself again to be really smooth and then got dressed and into the position she told me.. after 10 minutes she came in and said well he sl**ps now.. she looked at me and said good my toyboy.. now close your eyes..

i closed my eyes and heard her going into the bathroom taking a shower and preparing.. then she got into the room again and sat beside me onto the bed her hands started running over my body.. my cock already straining in his clothed prison.. i will use you all night my slut she whispers into my ears and then positions herself right over my face.. open your eyes and lick me.. i open and see her hairy but already wet pussy.. i normally like my woman shaved but Victoria never was and it was part of her. i dug my face into her moist musky pussy and licked her while she ran her fingers and nails over my stomach and finally opens the zipper to my thong.. my erect 7 inch cock springs out .. right away she takes it in her mouth and sucks it so hard.. precum is building up and the anticipation of all is to much for us.. within minutes i made her cum and as she sucks my cock hard i cum hard into her mouth.. we rest for one minute and then she starts again.. she binds me to the bed and starts playing with me... i cant do anything but enjoy.. i get my eyes blindfolded and the moves my legs apart .. i hear her fondeling in a bag and her some strange noises.. suddenly i feel a vibrator at my balls it is oily and vibrating slightly.. we talked in our planning about anal sex and that i wanted maybe to try it also at me.. but this comes as a surprise.. the vibrator runs down and ends on the rim it feels fantastic and my cock grows super hard and i think it hasnt been as big as right there ever..

"you like it" she whispers but all i can do i moan and she starts drilling the vibrator into my arse.. at the same time she startes rubbing my cock.. deeper and deeper she run the vibrator into my arse and rubs me.. it is so amazing.. my first anal expirience.. i am panting and she is working me really well.. after a short time my cock gets rigid and she fucks my arse furiously.. and then i cum again.. my hot cum shoots all over the place and one spurt hits my chin.. lick it she tells me and i do. i am in heaven..

she unbinds me and says my turn.. she turns om all her four and presents me her arse.. lick me she says .. i lick her cheeks and slowly worked my way to the rim.. first time i lick an arsehole and i love it i work my tounge round her rim adn start pushing it in.. my finger started to fondle her pussy and inserting .. mmmmh omg.. she loves it and presses her arse even more into my face.. but i now have other plans and the whole thing made me so hard again that i get up and ram my cok into her arse.. she screams a little of pain a it is the first time anal for her as well but that pain fast changes into pure lust and i fuk her arse long and well until she cums in a huge explosion.. my cock is milked by her and as i pull it out i see some of my cum flowing out of her arse.. omg..

this was just the first couple of hours of the amazing 2 nights we had in paris.. i might write a bit more later on .. hope you all enjoy
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