Sam, Susan and me

Sam and i been best buddies for some years and shared some great times together. we usually go snowboarding several times during the winter and have great chats there. st some stage we suddenly decided in the summer that we should go snowboarding.. we arranged a trip to the nearest glacier and the evening before the trip we talked to a girl we both know.. she was not a big looker but slim , good ass and fun to be with. when she heard out plan she asked if she could join and we said for sure why not..

the next day we took the trip to the glacier.. on the way to the glacier we kept joking and make small sexual hints... at the end of the day we took the cabin down to the valley again.. it was very foggy and the where problems so it took 30 minutes. in this time Sam and me really joked and told her what we could do with her.. she joked with us but seemed unsecure.. i think at that stage she was two guys here in the cabin nobody can hear me they could do anything.. well sam and me had a good time and laughed a lot...

a few days later a large group of friends incl. sam and susan took a trip to my apartement in the city i studied.. we had a great trip and made a lot of hints also in front of the others how susan would sl**p in bed with sam and myself and how we would play the three of us.. the whole night susan kind of ignored us and told the others. they must be crazy i will never sl**p in the same bed as them tonight.. basically she tried to ignore us the whole night.. after we had hid some clubs and had drinks we came home at around 3 am.. we had to figure out where people should crash and suddenly susan siad that she will sl**p in the big bed with me and sam..

sam and myself looked at each other and smiled.. we got to bed in a t shirt and boxers and susan in a shirt and her knickers.. we let her sl**p in the middle.. we started talking and joking about how the whole situtaion.. thats when i took a chance and placed my hand on her stomach.. she didnt remove it.. it was a falt stomach.. i started moving it and got slowly under it.. sam saw what i was doing and started kissing susan. her reactions where clear. i started touching her breasts.. tiny little things with man like nipples.. i slipped the blanket of her and pulled her panties down.. her pussy was shaved to a small triangel.. i split her legs and started fondeling at her .. i kiseed her on her stomach and her inner thighs and hear monas.. i look up and see sam kissing her and fondeling her tits.. my head moves into her and i strt lickign her pussy.. i am going really at it and again i look up and i see sam looking down to me and smiling i cant help and i start laughing a bit but concentrate on the job.. after some minuted where i got her really wet and her little clit standing straight Sam and i look at each other and switch.. he only has to lick her for another minute or so and then she came.. her mouth sucking har on mine while i hold her hands back over her head and Sam holds her down at her hips and still licks her prolonging her orgasm... as soon as she calmed down she tells us to get on our backs.. she pulls down our boxers and starts rubbing our already har d cocks.. i am lucky to be on the right side of her.. so soon my tension build up and i spurt all over my stomach while she continues t rub. and just 30 seconds later Sam starts to moan and cum.. i look to him just finshed with my cock stil in Susans hand and i say.. First .. suddenly we all three break out in laughter..

after the session we get dressed and go to sl**p.. the next morning just as we wake the others crash into our room trying to catch us in the act.. we all act innocent and have a good morning.. we agree to keep the night for us because susan is afraid that it will make her a slut in the eyes of others..

a few days later one of the guys who slept in the other room asked me and Sam .. coem on guys what happend tell us.. i look at Sam and say .. well we kissed then we licked her and she jerked us off and i came first.. our friedn looks at us and says,,, assholes. you just have to say that you dont wanna talk about it and not make up a story.. if he just knew :-)

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2 years ago
sex and snow, great combination
3 years ago
HOT story, very sexy.
3 years ago
really good ;)
3 years ago