THE UNINVITED - The Nanci Report- Chapter 5-4

The Uninvited
The Nanci Report - a fine line between reality and fantasy
Chapter 5 Part 4

Nanci knew that this was only the beginning.
She knew very well that almost everyone in that office was in collusion with her tormentors. She wondered why humans could be so cruel; why there was pleasure in other's suffering... now; his words took a different meaning.

Often he would complain of her cruel demeanor and wanton disregard for his feelings; every time she had attributed those words to a character weakness. More often than not, had found such a flaw off-putting, unnerving at times. She had lashed out, many times, and suddenly, a new feeling entered her heart.
These were no words, there were actions that threatened her existence, but still she could not avid the parallel.

These people that she knew so well had turned into these monsters, for whom she mean very little next to their impulses.

She fidgeted in her chair as the fluids started to vacate her snatch and drenched her panties... she hesitated in going to the washroom and clean herself; she really didn't wan to leave her safe corner; didn't want to have to cross Randy's office again. But she thought; the bastard came twice; there was no way he'll feel like doing anything again, at least not for a little while; perhaps she'll make it through the day and she would have to tell her girlfriend what had happened; she was a smart and strong woman; she'll understand that it wasn't Nanci's fault... she'll forgive her.. Yes, and she would protect her once again and she would know what to do.
After all, she was the only one Nanci cared about; it was truly the only one the bastard could use against her... yes. She only had to make it through the day.

She stood up and headed for the washrooms.
She walked straight, a fake smile in her face to mark her fear. Did not look at anyone in the eye and she exited the room. Twice she looked behind her, expecting for Randy to follow her out of the office... nobody came after her. Nanci let out a sigh of relief.
She entered the brightly lit washroom and headed for the last stall. Closed the door behind and took her jeans and stained panties off.
Pulled her jeans back on, it felt strange to have her now sensitive lips touch the rough fabric of her jeans; she regretted having chosen the tight pants as the seams dig between her parted lips.
Nanci was surprised at feeling mildly excited; her pussy lips were lightly swollen and exposed her overtly sensitive clit to the fabric. The thought of it caused her pussy to lubricate rather quickly; she panicked at the prospect of her own fluids staining her jeans.

She f***ed herself to gain control of her sensations and emotions; opened the stall door with the intention of washing her face with cold water, maybe that would help.
She opened the door and froze in fear.

Blocking her exit where the twins; Bill and Bob!

-" Oh, Hi Nanci... Going anywhere?" - Bill said with a broad smile - "Your shift is not done and Randy told us you're willing to work overtime on out little project"- He and his b*****r laughed... Bill reached for Nanci's arm and pulled her, rather brusquely.

Nanci tried to protest but no word could escape her lips... her eyes opened wide while being pulled of the stall, into the middle of the room; it appears that the whole office personnel was there.
Her heart sunk in dismay.

Betty took as step forward and said, rather casually.

-" You know Nanci? You truly need to have your attitude adjusted. You can't go around teasing people and no expect retaliation at some point."-

Nanci looked around and only saw the group nodding. Her eyes darted from eye to eye, looking for some sign of solidarity.. Why would everyone want to hurt her? What could she have done so awful that there was no one willing to help her, to stand up for her, to protect her... No one... just clod smiles and glances set on her and she felt enormously little and vulnerable.

-"Please. Don't, don't hurt me..."- She managed to squeeze off her lips. Sweat broke in her forehead.

Bob and Bill got immediately a hold of both her arms and f***ed her out of the room followed by the group; Nanci knew that protesting would not get her anywhere; no one would come to her help. If she resisted it will make it even worst for her; it will likely exacerbate the a****l's instincts and she could truly ended up hurt.
She kept her mouth shot and let her tears flow while being dragged to the elevators.
They kept the strong hold on her arms, now reddened with the pressure. They all got inside the elevators, crammed in and Cheryl pressed the button for the basement.

Nanci's heart was threatening to jump off her chest... in the basement she would be even more isolated from the world; the a****ls could very well kill her and get away with it; an irrational panic swelled in her chest.

-" Noooo... please..."- That's all she could say

The door of the elevator opened and they crossed into the dark storage room across the narrow hallway.

Someone turned on the lights and Nanci saw a sturdy wooden horse bench sitting in the middle of the room; beside a black garbage bag.
On one of the walls she noticed ropes strategically hanging from metal hooks she hadn't noticed before... her heart sunk deeper at noticing hooks at floor level with ropes also attached to them...

Only then Nanci saw Randy walking into the room. He addressed the ones in the crammed room..

In a solemn voice, he said -"Ok, everyone, we all know why we're here... we will stick to the plan I presented to you this morning." -

They listened and nodded their heads in agreement that they could be trusted to act like intelligent people. They managed to conceal their glee even when Randy added that Nanci deserved and needed what was about to happen to her.
Nanci was not at all sure of either the intelligence or honesty of the group, but there was little she could do once they cuffed her hands behind her back and pushed her against the wall.

Nanci's companions got busy removing her jeans and hiking up her blouse to get at all her goodies.
They amused themselves by groping her, fingers insinuating themselves into her tight, dry cunt in order to poke and pry, seeking out those sensitive spots that could be sources of pain as well as pleasure. The girl did her best to fend them off, but she was in no position to stop them.
To make matters worse one of the men stood behind her, put her into a choke hold and began squeezing the life out of her as she struggled fruitlessly against the assault on her body.

Betty took the opportunity to torment Nanci's nipples, yanking the tender nubbins of pink flesh until it felt as if they were about to separate from her breasts. Not satisfied with this, she then twisted them cruelly, bringing a whimper from the girl. Bill took over from her, his mouth closing over one of Nanci's firm breasts and then his teeth began working the tender flesh bringing strangled screams from her. All her struggling resulted in the pressure on her throat increasing to the point that she could not draw breath. Things began to get dark as she was on the verge of being choked out.

Nanci offered no further resistance and let them have their way with her. Her breasts were mauled, bitten, twisted and slapped over and over as the group launched themselves in frenzy. Despite all the pain associated with the relentless pawing her body was getting, she realized that there was no end in sight for her torment.

She gasped as someone pinched her breast cruelly and a female voice said, - "Looks like the guys want in on the action. Guess we'll have to take a **** break." - Those words froze the bl**d in Nanci's veins; she was going to be ****d, this was not right!

They dragged her body over to the bench and f***ed her, belly down on the rough wooden surface, she tried to struggle her way out but the man holding her neck squeezed even harder, she almost passed out and stopped struggling. Many hands spread her arms and legs down and the ropes swiftly secured from further movement.
There she was, completely naked and completely exposed, with her round ass and pussy fully available to their basal instincts.

It took just a little over an hour and a half for everyone to properly introduce themselves, in the truest sense of the word, to Nanci.
The men and women, who extracted all sort of paraphernalia from the plastic bag; dildoes and strap ons, took turns screwing the girl until her eyes crossed. It turned out that three of the ladies were packing some damn good copies of some huge male genitalia, and didn't mind sharing with the less fortunate who had not planned for this kind of opportunity.

Nanci's poor pussy had a terrible time trying to adjust to the alternating hard male equipment and the plastic and rubber replicas that were also used to warp her insides. To make matters worse, she was constantly sucking on a cock or pussy while her cunt and ass hole was being pummeled.

A second round of r****g was briefly discussed, however it was decided to get her to the farm so that they would be sure of bringing the excitement up a notch.

Nanci could not stop crying and her sobs only increased at the revelation that she wasn't going home that fateful night. She knew, deep in her heart, that she may not even make it out this ordeal alive.
She ignored the pain her body was transmitting to her brain and her thoughts drifted to the image of her girlfriend... and the only two men who cared about her.

She saw herself, deep in a dark hole and saw all three looking down on her, with smiles in their faces; only that one of them was a face she could not recognize.
She tried to reach their extended hands but she could not... her vision blurred and the laughter of the ones in the room drowned her cries for help.

-"Not before we all have our tension relief" - Laughed Randy. He brought another bench from a corner and one of the women dragged a wooden plank -" Take her out of there..." - He shouted.

The twins quickly complied, untying Nanci's bonds and straightening her body away from the first bench. Quickly Randy and two of the women placed the benches side by side and placed the wood plank over, making a makeshift table of sort.

On Randy's signal, the twins dragged Nanci over and lift her in the air and dropped her violently, on her back, on top of the plank, her head, arms and legs dangling precariously over the edges. The women rushed over and with ropes secured their victim to the fixture. Spread even more so than before, Nanci stifled another cry... There was no sense to complain, she just hoped that everything came to an and soon.. She just wanted to die... soon.

The guys were offered the first crack at the girl. Randy began to rub his semi-hard dick against Nanci's cunt mouth to get it hard enough to penetrate her.
Bill straddled the table and fed his cock into Nanci's mouth. It took a few hard slaps to her face to convince her that it was in her best interests not to fight him on this. Everyone else gathered around to watch the action.

Nanci's pussy was as dry as dust, so it was tough sledding for Randy, but he persisted and inch by inch his hard cock began to burrow its way into the girl. After he had about half the length of his cock inside her, he slipped his hands under her firm ass and moved her so that he could drive down into her tight box, making it easier to get full penetration.
While this was going on, Bill was punching his stiff cock into the back of her mouth, attempting to get it down her throat. He too began to make some progress and Nanci was soon tightly plugged at both ends.

It now became a contest to see which one would go off first. There also was the question whether Nanci would be able to stay conscious for the time it might take, since Bill's cock was doing a great job of depriving her of all but an occasional, gasping lungful of precious air.
Meanwhile Randy had grabbed her tits in his big hands and was using this to provide the leverage to allow him to begin hammering away at that stubborn hole of hers.
Gradually he began to widen her sore hole to accommodate more and more of his hard rod, which was now moving toward her cervix.
The sound of his cock pounding her pussy to a pulp and her gagging and choking from the **** of her throat grew louder and louder as they tried their best to ruin her.

Their audience was awed by what they were witnessing; and cheers erupted from them, encouraging them to move faster, harder and wilder. These two were the real deal and certainly would make the day even more of a nightmare for their haughty teaser.

The sheer brutality that they displayed towards their helpless victim inspired some of the audience to vow that they would show the girl no mercy when they had a chance at her, either that day or during the night. Some of the women were a bit taken aback by the terrible assault Nanci was enduring, having never witnessed such v******e directed at any member of their sex.
Others got horny just watching Nanci's tits bounce in rhythm to the beating that her cunt was taking from Randy's stiff cock. To them it seemed as if it was a sword that he was using to cut his victim to shreds as she lay there, her face beginning to turn blue.

There was a feral look on Bill's face as he stared down at his victim slowly choking to death from his thick shaft that now had gone so deep into her throat that she was unable to draw a breath.
Her frantic attempts to f***e the intruder from her totally plugged throat were to no avail; he had taken command of her air passageway.
He leaned forward in an attempt to f***e his twitching cock still deeper down her throat. At this moment he had no thought that she was getting close to suffocation from his cock blocking the way to her lungs.

All he wanted to do was feel her convulsing throat muscles stroking his cock closer and close to delivering the cum that was churning away inside his balls. He was oblivious to the gasps from some of the women as they watched Nanci's face turn to a pale blue and her eyes roll back into her head.

Then he began to spurt and a flood of boiling cum bathed her tonsils. With a roar that caused everyone to step back, he pulled his spurting cock from her throat with a loud pop followed by a wheezing noise that signaled that she was drawing breath and at the same time struggling to handle the flow of thick creamy semen that flooded her mouth and bubbled out to make her appear to be frothing like a mad dog.

Shortly after Bill began pumping his cum into Nanci, Randy joined in, his cock spraying cum over the walls of her well stretched cunt. He continued to hose her insides with one spurt after another, all the while slapping his hands on her hips every time his prostate squeezed another burst of hot semen into her birth canal.
Nanci was completely out of it by then and she lay there like a rag doll as the two of them finished her off. There was total silence by the time they had finished this brutal **** of her cunt and throat.
Randy looked over to the crowd, grinned and asked,

- "Who wants a piece of this fuck meat next?" -

Nanci was ****d, re****d and ****d again by the group. Inspired by the performance given by Randy and Bill, they stirred up her cum filled cunt and sc****d her throat raw with cocks and dildos that never seemed to stop rubbing away at the linings protecting these two entryways to her body.

Nanci's mouth was glued to one pussy after another while they mauled her tits and pinched her nipples until they were nearly twice normal size and so sore that even blowing on them caused her pain. Toward the end of the session Betty managed to get her hand inside Nanci's tired twat and cheered on by the group she slowly turned it into a fist and made the slow trek up Nanci's sore and throbbing tunnel until she finally encountered her cervix.

She grinned down at the girl's contorted face and gradually drew her fist back a few inches.
Then she screamed, - "Take that, you piece of stuck-up trash!" - as she drove her fist against the entry to the girl's uterus.
Nanci brought up a mixture of saliva and bile as she experienced a pain unlike anything she'd had before.

The second punch finished her for the session as she began to choke in her own vomit.

* It will continue…

The Nanci Report is the regular update of ongoing sexual abuse and blackmail details provided by Nanci herself and rendered in a fictionalized style by “elausente”. Some events are true and accurate to every detail with few facts changed for artistic reasons and to protect the guilty. You will not know where reality begins and fantasy ends, but her plight is ongoing and she may be willing to discuss details via email with any interested party.
(Emails with extreme erotic content of any kind whatsoever are given first priority for reply.)
***Contact Nanci at:
And the author at: ***

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