THE UNINVITED - The Nanci Report; Chapter 4 - Part

The Uninvited
The Nanci Report - a fine line between reality and fantasy
Chapter 4 - Part 2

Jen and Nanci were laying next to each other on the bed laughing.

Suddenly Nanci reached over, and without warning kissed Jen softly on the lips.
Her face was still so close to Jen's, and she could feel her breath on her cheek. Jen was left speechless, not knowing what to say.
She felt at peace, thinking that Nanci was rapidly becoming her best friend...almost like a s****r. A very i****tuous s****r that is!

Without realizing what she was doing, Jen reached up and brought her face closer, kissing her back.
The kiss was as soft as the one that she was given that fateful evening at work, but then it became more demanding.
Nanci kissed her back, harder this time...with more f***e behind it. Jen had many things swirling through her head. She could not tell for sure what was going on, she only knew that she liked it. It felt so wrong, but so good.

Jen couldn't help but think that she should stop all of this going on, but didn't really want to.

- I mean, what people would think. We are coworkers and girls!... - She thought to herself

Soon her worries left her. She didn't care what other people thought. Never knew that she was capable of such things...not until that night...until this moment. Nanci pressed her body on top of Jen's and began running her hands all over her body.
Her long sleek fingers made their way under her shirt and worked their way underneath her bra.

Jen's body twitched and trembled under her touch, sending electric shocks up and down her spine.

Soon, they were removing each other's clothing.
Nanci kissed her harder and harder with each piece of fabric that was removed from their young and trembling bodies.
They stared at each other's bare bodies, unsure of what was next to come.
Looked into each other's eyes, but could speak no words.

Nanci smiled lovingly at Jen, and she returned the smile. Then both laughed nervously, and reached for one another as they returned their naked bodies to a lying position on the bed. They lay there motionless, not moving, not speaking, and barely breathing.

She stood and walked toward her bedroom door. At first Jen thought that she may leave, and she could feel her face growing red, feeling the warmth of embarrassment creeping up her entire body. But instead Nanci locked the door, it felt strange as she had said there was no one at home, or there would be anyone arriving that night.

Nanci walked toward Jen, and she could also see the warm red glow in her face. Both of them were trembling, both nervous as hell.
Never before had Jen felt like anything like this, though she had thought and fantasized about it many times.
Never would she speak of such a thing to any of her friends though, fearing what they may of thought of her. She could only hope Nanci had at some time been in the same situation as her.

Nanci returned to the bed, this time laying on her side and facing Jen. Once again they did not speak, the looks that they gave to each other seem to say it all.
She reached in and kissed Jen again, and she returned the kiss.
Nanci's tongue explored Jen's mouth, sending chills over her body. Her hands again reached and caressed Jen's breast, nipping her nipples slightly in-between the fingers. She moaned softly, the sound trapped inside of her clenched mouth.

She worked her hands down across Jen's breast and across her stomach, then reaching down a little further she began to tease slightly with her fingers, making her whole body shake and tremble with anticipation.
Nanci stopped the teasing and began to trust her fingers inside of her.

Jen's head tilted back as pleasure swept over her body, her breathing becoming deeper and harder...soft moans escaped her lips.
Her own fingers also found Nanci, entering into her, giving her the same pleasure that she was been giving.

Their bodies moved together, grinding against each other. Both moaning, with their bodies quivering, trying their best to be silent, so Nanci's neighbors would not hear them.

Jen's whole body shook as she began to reach the peak of pleasure. She could feel herself being brought to an orgasm around Nanci's fingers.
Nanci's back arched and her insides trembled. She fell back on the bed, feeling out of breath. Jen continued to please her, until she reached the same pleasurable peak as she had. Nanci collapsed on the bed next to Jen. They looked at one another and started to laugh uncontrollably.

They stayed that way for a while longer, and then Nanci returned her lips to Jen's once again, this time her kiss was not as soft, her tongue exploring her mouth from the very start, and once again Jen returned the kiss.
Nanci looked at Jen, and this time Jen noticed that familiar dangerous smile and a twinkle in her eyes.

She worked her way down the bed until her face was level with Jen's mid section. She brought her hand to the inner part of her thigh, running her nails lightly along her skin. She brought her hand further and further up along Jen's leg until her fingers were once again teasing her quivering pussy. This time instead of trusting her fingers inside of her, she spread her legs further apart, and then brought her body in between them.
Once again, she began to tease, this time with her tongue instead of her fingers. Jen gasped, a wonderful feeling washing over her...a feeling of wonder and amazement and excitement.
She continued to please her with her tongue and slowly began to work her fingers in and out of Jen's slippery pussy, this time she could not hold back her moans, her body almost convulsing under her movements.

Nanci stopped for a brief moment only to cover Jen's mouth with hers. Jen could taste herself on Nanci's lips; the pleasure of this surprised her.
She pulled away, and covered Jen's mouth with a scarf she had retrieved from her bed stand to stifle her moans. She then returned to pleasuring her with her tongue and fingers. Once again her back arched, and her body began to tremble as she began to orgasm once again. Jen lay there for a second motionless as Nanci returned to her side, removing the scarf from her face.

Once again she kissed her and again Jen could taste herself on Nanci's lips and it caused her to softly moan again

When she was able to regain some energy, Jen began to pleasure Nanci again.

Starting from the bottom of the bed where her feet were, kissing the inside of her leg all the way up until she reached her inner thigh, her body quivers with every touch of Jen's lips to her creamy skin. Jen then returned to the bottom of the bed, proceeding to do the same with Nanci's other leg.
This time when she reached her inner thigh, she stopped, looking up at her. She stared down on her, a look of anticipation in her eyes, awaiting the next movement.

Jen then began to pleasure her same as she had with her. Her body once again trembled under Jen's touch, moans escaping her lips. Repeating was done to her, Jen came up beside Nanci and kissed her, her tongue playing with her mouth, letting her taste herself. She, too, moaned.

Once again Jen returned to pleasuring her, and within moments she felt her body shake and she moaned louder, covering her mouth with the scarf as it was done to her. Nanci's back arched, her body trembled, and she came to a complete orgasm as Jen continued to work her fingers in and out of her, pleasing her with her tongue as well.

They lay down, exhausted, for a few minutes, and then made their way to the bathroom where they climbed into the shower together. The water felt cool against their flushed skin, running between their breast and over their skin. Helping one another they washed each other's backs, still not speaking a word.

Jen's body would slightly tremble as Nanci's fingers brushed against her skin, sometimes finding her breast, causing the nipples to peak once again.
Noticing she smiled, and brought her lips down upon Jen's nipple, using her fingers to message the other one. Jen closed her eyes, letting the feeling of pleasure wash over her body once again. Nanci pressed Jen against the wall and continued to nibble tenderly at her nipple. Jen's hand reached down and her fingers entered Nanci again, she raised her head and looked Jen in the eyes, and then her hand began to work its way downward, and once again her fingers entered Jen's pulsing love box.
As they pleased each other one last time in the shower, they kissed each other deeply as their orgasms envelop them once again.

After they had dried off they returned to the bedroom and lay next to each other, in a close embrace and as Jen drifted off to sl**p, all she could think was - "Everything is going to be ok " -

* It will continue…

The Nanci Report is the regular update of ongoing sexual abuse and blackmail details provided by Nanci herself and rendered in a fictionalized style by “elausente”. Some events are true and accurate to every detail with few facts changed for artistic reasons and to protect the guilty. You will not know where reality begins and fantasy ends, but her plight is ongoing and she may be willing to discuss details via email with any interested party.
(Emails with extreme erotic content of any kind whatsoever are given first priority for reply.)
***Contact Nanci at:
And the author at: ***

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