The Uninvited - The Nanci Report - a fine line bet

Jen saw her opportunity she had been expecting for so long...
Finally the bitch will have what was coming for so long.

Nanci had been the teaser from the moment she had came to the AnswerPlus Call Centre; a flirt not only with the guys, but could provoke girls as well... it wasn't really a surprise when Jen had found out she lived with a girlfriend since moving from Ontario.

Jen had always been bi-curious; a slip resulted in have a k** at home without really knowing who the father was. That kinky bitch of Cheryl had introduced her to the Sapphic world, she had reached the agreement that while always hungry for cock, she could relate better to a woman.
Blessed invention those strap-ons. Who needed the hassle of dealing with the drama of the guys? She despised them to begin with..
She resented the fact that Cheryl had refused to elevate their relationship to anything of significance; beyond the occasional sex encounter on a cheap motel of the little place she lived on; which left her extremely frustrated and emotionally exhausted.

She had fallen rather easily in Nanci's constant games; she was so much fun to be around... Jen began fantasizing about her friend; this was soon noticed by Nanci, who then began pushing even further with steamy jokes and overtly sexual insinuations... often Nanci will spank Jen's tush saying

- When will that be mine, Jen? - She'll leave Jen shaken and walk away swinging that gorgeous butt of her.

The other guys? a bunch of losers.. She wouldn't even consider them not even on the worst dope or d***ken stupor.

The Call Center had a very loose schedule and people started working at the most dissimilar hours; which worked well with Randy; the supervisor...
Soon Nanci would step up her teasing to physical contact; while both of them were on the petite side, Nanci had a more defined body which she shamelessly flaunter to cause a stir on the guys of the office; soon the women start noticing as well...

It all came to a head one of those late afternoons, very few were on the office; Randy as usual, stayed as long as possible but just to be able to check Nanci's ass for as many hours as possible; the poor brute didn't have the balls to approach the girl and express his disturbed impulses.

It was late and Jen headed to the washroom to get ready to leave; went into one of the stalls and sat, lost in her thoughts...
The place was silent and soon she heard to door open and heard steps approaching the last stall where she was... someone has entered the one right beside her... Fought the impulse of calling out for who it was but she contained herself; washrooms stalls are not really places for conversation; weren't they?

She managed to pee and was about to pull the paper towel from its receptacle when she noticed that Nanci was peering over the top of the adjacent stall, looking at her with a huge grin in her face...

- Go ahead, don't stop, clean yourself; I just wanted to know if you were bald down there.. -

The way she had said it, so unaffected by the circumstances cause Jen to immediately blush

Nanci's grin, grew even larger and her enormous eyes seemed to glow in the scarce light of the place
- Oh, that's so cute... don't feel embarrassed... I prefer them like that, hair belongs on apes!!

If it was possible, Jen face got more flushed in a strange mix of embarrassment and excitement.

Nanci's face disappeared from the top of the stall and felt her shoes hit the ground, in a few seconds Nanci opened Jen's door and stood there peering intently at Jen who was still petrified sitting..
In a fraction of a second she realized that Nanci wasn't going to move she stood up and tried to reach for her panties and Nanci close the short distance between them... pushed her body against the side wall and kissed her with an intensity she was accustomed to; Nanci's lips were burning, she had expertly stifle any attempt at resistance by Jen.
She let herself go and kissed Nanci back and let her pent up emotion erupt and followed with an embrace... locked lips she did not noticed Nanci's hand sliding down and reaching her still exposed pussy.. a sharp pang of pleasure shoot up her spine when Nanci's finger made contact with her suddenly excited clitoris... a gasp escaped her mouth

- You like that, do you? - Hushed Nanci, with an almost feral smile... - I know you wanted this for a long time... so did I, you little slut!

Jen could not utter a sound beyond the gasping created by Nanci's expert handling of her pussy; alternating between probing her clitoris and sinking her fingers in rapid thrust in her gaping and increasingly wet love hole.
Orgasm came quick and violently... the intense sensation that grew between her legs traveled rapidly up her spine and threatened with blowing her head off in ecstasy

Nanci let off a giggle... - Yeah, baby, let this nasty girl give you what you want most ! -

Once the trembling on her legs subsided Jen looked at Nanci's eyes - Why did you do that? -

= Because I know that you wanted this for a long time, am I wrong? - Said Nancy with a sudden seriousness on her voice...

- Hmmm, yeah, but I was scared of getting rejected... it happens to me too often, you know? I don't think I can handle another one... - Her voice trailed and she lowered her eyes

- Oh honey, old Nancy Nasty would never do that to you... - and she hugged Jen, She hugged back...

Nanci's face illuminated - Tell you what.. What are you doing tonight?

- Nothing I guess gotta pick up my son from my mum's place... -

- It's Friday, so you think you can call your mum and tell her you'll be a bit... late? - The feral smile returned to Nanci's big hazel eyes... - My girlfriend is away on business until tomorrow night.. And I feel rather lonely too, what do you think you come to my place and we continue what we started? -

Shivers ran though Jen's body... - I... I guess it could be possible.. -

- Ok.,, go, make that call... I can't wait to make it home... let's take my car, I'll drop you back tomorrow... -
And Nanci left, leaving Jen in shambles...

It will continue...

* It will continue…

The Nanci Report is the regular update of ongoing sexual abuse and blackmail details provided by Nanci herself and rendered in a fictionalized style by “elausente”. Some events are true and accurate to every detail with few facts changed for artistic reasons and to protect the guilty. You will not know where reality begins and fantasy ends, but her plight is ongoing and she may be willing to discuss details via email with any interested party.
(Emails with extreme erotic content of any kind whatsoever are given first priority for reply.)
***Contact Nanci at:
And the author at: ***

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