She is so hot

Honestly I was a virgin until this happened. Im a 18 year old male 6'2'' with a 9'' cock. My parents were going out to dinner and a movie that night. I called one of friends thats a girl, not my girl friend. I did not think she would wanna chill with me because im not the most popular. But to my surprise she was happy to come over. Now this girl is 6'' with HUGE 36dd boobs, an ass to die for and an awesome face. When she got to my house I put in a movie and made some pop corn. Tonight she was wearing the shortest skirt I have ever seen which when I could I looked up and saw her thong. On one of my looks up her skirt she must have like moved her body or something because one her her pussy lips came poping out her thong. Right then my dick got ROCK HARD I grabbed a pillow to tryed to hide it but it was to late. She noticed my boner and asked if I saw something I liked. I told her she was beautiful and she replyed by saying from what I can see you have an enormous cock and asked if she could see it. I asked if she was serious and she said yes. So I stood up and pulled out my big dick. I could see her eyes shine when she saw it and I though I might get lucky. She all of the sudden grabed my dick and started rubbing it. She then sucked my big cock which felt so good. When she pulled away i asked if we could go all the way, i told her i had condoms and she shook her head and said no condoms i love the feel of warm cum in my pussy. I was in shook that this was finally gonna happen. Thats when she saw me staring at her tits and she just ripped he shirt off, she had no bra on and the best tits i had ever seen. She then pushed me backwards on the couch and we did 69 for a lil while. When we were done that she asked if i was ready for the real thing. All i could do was shake my head yes i was so excited. She got ontop of me and started riding my rock hard cock. Her huge boobs were bouncing all over the place, i was in heaven. Then something amazing happened. She started moaning so hard and loud she pulled off and squirted all over my chest. She started fucking me again but this time she took my whole dick up to my balls. I told her I was about to cum and she didnt reply. I came in her tight pussy. It was the biggest load ive ever shot. She just laid on top of me for like 20 minutes both of us breathing heavily my dick still in her. After she got up all of my cum slowly oozed out of her pussy. After she left i cleaned up the mess. Just when I was finished cleaning my parents showed up. They bealived my story that I was bored and just watched a movie by myself. She must have liked what she got from me because for the past month we both sneak out every other night and meat under the local bridge and fuck the same way. I love my life now.
91% (10/1)
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3 years ago
sounds like a keeper
3 years ago
With a cock like that I'm surprised you waited so long