Elamehs night out

I Finally Got A Chance To Dress Up And Go Out My Wife Dosent Know Bout This She Went Away For The Weekend To Connecticut So I Dressed Up In One Of her Dresses And Finally Went To A gay bar Called The Cubby Hole In Manhattan NY


It Was A Nice Spring Night. So Off i Went To Finally Find A She Male. Oh By the Way I Have A Thong On And A 8in Butt plug Up My Mancunt.So I Hopped On The train To West 12st, And Let me Tell You It Was Great To See All those People Looking At Me On That train. So As I Got off And Started To Walk Down The Street Where the Club Was , It was bout 1 Am In The Morning, I Saw So many Gay men And She males Up And Down The Street. So I Felt Comfortable So i Walked In And Sat At A table And Ordered me A Rum And Coke. My Legs Crossed And Sipped On My Drink.. So I Lit Up A Cigarette.. When I Lit it Up I Locked Eyes With This Beautiful She male Who Caught My Eye.. She Smiled And Walked Over To Where i Was Sitting. She Had On Red 6 in Heels With Black Fishnet Stockings Which I Loved A Black Skirt With A Red halter With The Biggest Boobs I Seen . She Introduced Her Self As Nancy I said My Name Is Elamehs. She Asked Me Was i Ever In Her Before, I Said No This Is My first Time In A gay Bar.She Smiled And Ordered A Drink Which Was A Margarita. So We Chatted, I Was So Nervous Having To Be My first Time Doing This. i Spilled My Drink. So Nancy Ordered Me Another One. So Now She Moved Closer To Me. And Im Feeling Horny As hell. Then She Popped The Question i Was Waiting For... Have You Ever been With A She male Before?.. i Said No.. This Is My First Time. She Smiled And Said well Welcome.. I Will Be Your First One. Then She Kissed Me. i Smiled And Said i Liked that.As We Sat In The Booth Holding hands And Chatting She Said Lets Go To My Apt. i Said Sure...My Cock Was Hard But it Was hard To tell With My Wife's Dress On You Couldn't See it
SO I'm Feeling A bit Tipsy Now After A Couple Of Drinks So We Walk Out The Club. As We Walked Out She Turned back And Smiled At Someone Sitting At The table And Winked At Her.
Were holding hands Walking to her Apt Which Wasn't very far And Walked Up The Stairs. i Could hear Her heels Clicking On The Floor. i Love To hear That. So She Opened The Door And Said have A Seat. So i Sat Down.. My But-plug Still In My Man Cunt. She went in The bedroom. As i Sat there i sat To My Self Here It it. My First Encounter With A She male. I Had The Weekend All To Myself. So Nancy Called Me In To The Bedroom So I Went She Said take Off Your Dress. I Did As She Instructed To. I sat On The bed With My Bra And Thong But plug Still Up Hole. She Undresses And Now She Has Nothing On But Them red Spiked Heels Her Cock Was Hard And Rigid. My Mouth Was Watering. .She Told Me To Get On All Fours On The bed Which I Did . I Still have My But plug in My Cunthole. She said Now Here Is Where You Earn Your Rewards.Then She Feeds Me Her Cock Slowly In My Mouth.. In And Out.. mm It felt So Good...The Head Was So Big i Started To Lick it Like A Lollipop.She Commanded Me To Slap My Face With It.. Which I Proceeded to Do I Loved it...harder And Harder... hen She Told Me To Look at her While i Were Doing it.. In Which i Did. Then She Shoved That Cock In My Mouth As a Sucked Her Cock I Couldn't Help But Looking Up At her Beautiful Face. As She talked Dirty To Me...."Suck Me Bitch"... Make Nancy Cum In Your Mouth...The More She talked That Was , The More i Sucked...I Could taste her Precum Which Was Good...Then I Heard The Front Door Open Up And Closed... Somebody Came in...She Commanded The Person To Come in The bedroom... In Witch They Did. As I'm Sucking Her I Saw it Was The Person She Smiled At The Club As We Were Walking Out. She Came In Behind Me And Said ' Well Well What have W here".. She Took The But plug Out. My mancunt And Started Laughing "Ha HA Well He Wont Be needing this any more" As I Was Still Sucking Nancy, Nancy Said "Do Your Thing Jenny"... So Now my Hole is Exposed To Jenny And She Starts To Lube Me Up... i Know Whats next.. i couldn't Wait. She starts To Slap her Cock On My ass Which i Liked, Then She Proceeded To GO in.. mmmmmm i Was In Heaven.One In My Ass And Mouth,.. i Couldn't Talk....They Were having So Much Fun With Me They Were talking And giggling. And i Could hear Them Giving Each other Hi Fives. To Each Other. Then The Phone rang And Nancy Answered it. And Was talking To Some One Who Was At the Club Bout how They Were Fucking me..I Just Ignore them And Continue taking This Fucking And Sucking. But i Was Listening to them Share Each Others Great Time they Were having With Me Over The Phone...Then Jenny Fucks Me Harder Mmmm Im Loving It Nancy Fucks My Mouth harder There Holding hands in Motion As They Ram My Ass n Mouth.. It Feels So Fucking Good.... Loving it. Now i Can Feel Nancy Gonna Cum.. She Lets Out A Loud Cum Sound She's Cummminnn.. Jenny's Cummin Too i Can Feel Her cum In My Ass Hole..MMMm My Cock Wants To Explode.. So Jenny Stops Comming But She Stays In My Hole Not Moving Much And Starts To Jerk Me...I Still Have Nancy's Cum In My Mouth she Pulls out to Watch jenny.Now jenny's Fucking me And Jerking Me harder.. OOOOo OIm Im Gonna Cum.....Yess i Came So hard And Good That Nancy Inserted Her Cock Right Back In My Mouth.. And came Again...Then They Both Pulled out And got Dressed While i Laid in Bed gasping For Air... Then They Left And Went Back To The Cubby Hole. They Made sure i Wasn't Going Any Where So They Locked Me Up In The Apt So I Couldn't get out. i Stayed Until they got back. I Went To sl**p And Waited For Their return.
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9 months ago
you should get all you need.......loved the story
9 months ago
mmm i need more