Elamehs night out

finaly i had time for myself..my fiancé finally went away to Conn for the weekend friday
morning. so i had all day to prepare.i started that eve to get dressed in her clothes.http://xhamster.com/photos/view/2889342-47848480.html#imgTop
this is what i wore..i have my 12 in butplug up my mancunt.. it was about 12 am
so i left to go to to A Gay Club In Lower Manhattan. i slipped out the back door so no one could see me and caught a cab. then i hopped on the train to the city. i felt so free that no one knew me.i loved the way i was walking in my heels as my butplug was in my hole..so i finally got in the club sat down and order a drink of rum and coke. lit up a cig, and my eyes glazed upon a tan skinned woman/man across the bar. she was smiling at me so i knew she would come over.she came. i was nervous at first.she had on red 6 inch pumps and black fish net stockings that went up all the way to her thighs. a white blouse with stunning tits. long blond hair. she sat next to me and said hello...you new here honey she asked. i told her yes . this is my first time in a gay bar dressed up. and then she said don't worry hunnie. ill be your friend and then she put her hand on my thigh..my cock started to rise. she felt it and said wow....we ordered some more drinks and chatted. and finally the question came up...wanna come up to my place?....i said sure why not...so we kissed and she told everybody in the bar that she will be right back..as we walked out i turned around and every was staring at us laughing. i said so what. the dreams of my fantasy is finally coming true. so we went up to her apt a couple of blocks away holding hands all the way. occasionally touching each others cocks..hers was really big..i just couldn't stop thinking about her fucking my mouth .mmm so we went in. sh said have a seat while i get undressed.mm i wonder what she what she was gonna put on.so im sitting there so hot n horny.. my butt plug was still im my mancunt. i was getting prepared for my first she male action...she told me to come in the bedroom. so i went by this time my cock was hard i could feel precum. went in bedroom and sat on bed. she came out bathroom fully naked only in her red pumps and headed toward me..she said have i sucked cock before. i told her only once but that was a long time ago.right then she planted a long tongue in my mouth mmmm. she undressed me and began to kiss over over me. then she turned me on my stomach and took the but plug out and sucked on it..there i was exposed to the first she male i ever been with. she then pulled me up and held me by my head..i knew what was next.. i just opened up and her massive cock about 9 in went in my mouth.. for the first time i was sucking on a she male cock and loving every minute of it..i held it by the balls as she was fucking my mouth,,then she told me to look up at her while i was sucking it..i did..and i loved it..i was jerking off while i was looking up at her..then she started smacking my face while i was sucking on it.. which i loved and talking dirty to me...."suck my cock bitch" she said.."make me cum in your filthy mouth".....mmmm
now im gaggin but im loving it. then i heard somebody else come in the room. and i looked while suckin on her big cock and it was another shemale.so they told me to get on all fours on the bed. and i did..i think my fantasy was being fulfilled. Nancy was the one i met at the bar shoved her cock in my mouth and continue to fuck my mouth. my hole was exposed to Jenny that what she said her name was... but i really didn't care what it was she lubed me up and i felt her entering into my hot mancunt and beginning to pound my fat ass... i was in heaven...being in the middle of these two she-males made me the happiest person in the world....i can feel Jenny thrusting her massive cock in my hole and loving every bit.and Nancy fucking my mouth,never felt better,,mmmmmi m gaggin
they seemed to be r****g my mouth and cunt..they were holding hands and i can hear them laughing and talking how they were having so much fun with their new found friend...i just let them have thier way with me.then jenny started jerkin my cock while she was pumping my mancunt.
i could feel her balls bouncing against my ass while i could feel nancy balls against my chin.mmmmmm then at the same time they both let out a loud scream.. they came in me at the same time... mmmm i could feel jenny's hot cum all in my ass,while nancy's cum in my ,mouth. at this time all i can do is just be quiet moan and groan and take all they had. then nancy pulled out looked at me and said "now you freak.how did you like your first experience?...jenny has stopped cummim but still had her cock in my mancunt . and with cum still in my mouth i said i loved it. then jenny started to jerk me off faster. faster i was about to explode.. her cock was still in me as she was strokin my cock..im cumminnnnnnnn...yessss...then as i came nancy came over opened my mouth up and she had to pee..so she pissed in my mouth..mmmmmmm i loved it...then jenny pulled out and they just let me lay there in thier lust, and got dressed and went back to the bar...before upon leaving nancy said we will be right back after they tel everyone in the bar what they had did to me. they ahd one of those locks that i couldnt get out. so they left. i went to sl**p until they return.
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8 months ago
it was fun shemale..i gotta go back there someday
9 months ago
Super hot story!!!
10 months ago