Hedonistic Crossdressing, Part 3

The best way to describe Vince, probaly is that he was a socially functioning pervert. I had no idea just how varied, and intense, his sense of erotica was, but I was going to find out as time went on. Perhaps the worst thing is (or best perhaps, depending on your point of view), is that I became quite the little "apprentice", you might say.

I'd been his "guest" for only a few hours, and I'd experienced more than I'd ever dreamed. I've dressed, I've sucked my first ever cock, been fucked hard up the ass, taken cum, been made to cum like a girl, been made to take ass to mouth, what else could there possibly be?!

As Vince moved away, he told me I should clean myself up a little, and change into another outfit as what I was wearing was quite "cum dampened".
He suggested I find a nice little satin slip or something to wear for the evening, he was sure I'd find something suitable in one of the dressers.
Also, Elaine...check the closet...you'll find a couple of old wigs in there I believe...I want your appearance a bit more, feminine for this evening.

I went back upstairs to my room, slipped out of my dress and into the bathroom. I got out my razor, stepped into the shower, and after cleaning up I soaped up my legs and began to shave them. I'd never done this before, but needed to feel more feminine. Especially now since Vince wanted me to be more girly, I wasn't about to disappoint him. I didn't have any body hair...and I still didn't have to shave my face...at all.

I finished shaving, stepped out, wrapped a towel around myself and went out and sat at the vanity. After rummaging around a little, I found some mascara, a little rouge and some lipstick. I'd only experimented a couple of times, but managed to make myself up enough to bring out my bright, blue eyes, and put a little more fullness to my lips. I really liked the way this brought out my more girlish features.

Stepping into the closet, I found a shoulder length, auburn colored wig.
Had just a little bit of wave to it so it sort of followed my neckline, tuning in slightly at the neck but then flowing out along my shoulders. I worked it on and into position...I was amazed at the transformation. Now, I needed some sexy lingerie to put on.

I began looking in the dresser's and came upon some luxurious satin slips.
I pulled out a white one, heavy satin, double fabric with soft, fixed shoulder straps. I slipped it over me, and as it slid down my body and over my hips and ass...the feeling just made my whole body quiver, it was that sensual.
It stopped just below the knee, and had a small 1" lace hemline at the bottom.
I looked in the mirror and almost instantly became aroused! Even with no boobs, I still looked amazing...at least I thought so, compared to what I'd been used to. My cock was beginning to swell already and needed to "confine" this part of me...at least for a while. I found some panties and slipped them on, tucking my cock backwards to keep it from tenting up the front of my slip.
I found a pair of thigh hi's and slipped them on, followed by a pair of 4" white open toed heels I found in the closet.

I descended back down the stairs, called out and Vince directed me into the kitchen. He was fixing a drink and offered me one, which I accepted.
He looked at me, or actually looked me over. Scanning me, up and down, walked over to me, set a drink down in front of me. He was back in his baggy sweats and t-shirt. He put his hand to my ass and just squeezed lightly, and told him I looked just ravishing.

He led me downstairs into his small movie room, where he had a small 8mm projector set up. Back then, there weren't any VHS, DVD's etc..8mm was about it...and pretty rare as they were pretty expensive. He told me he thought we would settle in and take in a little movie from his "private collection". I would soon learn that his "private collection" was actually underground porn. And...quite a lot of it. A wide range of topics, I would come to learn over time.

He pointed for me to sit in the front loveseat (there were 4 rows of them in this small room). He turned on the projector and the movie started to play.
No introduction, credits, etc., just the start of the movie. Vince pulled me close to him, put his arm around my shoulders and I had to place a hand on his opposite side to keep myself from falling into his lap.

The movie started out with one rather plain looking women, dressed in a dark red, form fitting coctail dress, medium length blond hair, large breasts, wide hips and a proportionate waiste, 3" heels or so. She was standing in the center of 3 men, 2 white, 1 black. The men were pawing at her body, feeling her up, rubbing her ass, kissing her neck, rubbing the front of her dress. The men began taking turns disrobing, taking off their suits while fondling the lady. Once they'd all undressed, they really started groping the lady, started rubbing their cocks on her ass and hips, pulling her hands and placing them on their cocks, making her stroke them. It didn't appear as though she was resisting, but didn't appear as though she was really into it either.

The men were all a bit larger than average in cock size, maybe about the size of Vince's 8". I was getting turned on as I watched the 3 men rubbing there hard cocks on her dress, making her jerk them off. I shifted in my seat as my panties were making me a bit uncomfortable, now that I was becoming aroused. Vince had slipped his hand down to my waist and felt the band on my panties. He whispered for me to rise, ran his hands up under my slip, and slipped my panties down to my knees, then had me sit back down, and he worked them down and over my heels.

As I looked back to the screen the men had her on her knees, the 2 white cocks in front of her and she was working back and forth between them, the black man had lifted the back of her skirt and had is face up under her ass cheeks. I'd repositioned myself next to Vince, and could see the rise in his sweats. His cock was getting hard. I slid my hand to it and just gently began to massage him, while we both watched the screen.

The black man on screen rose up, and the 3 men together repositioned the girl sideways, on her hands and knees, and I could clearly see that the girl was a transvestite! Her cock was semi-erect, hanging just below the skirt of her dress that had been worked up over her hips. She was still sucking the 2 white cocks in front of her, as the black man moved up in behind her.

The black cock at her ass slowly began to penetrate her, easing his cock up into her ass until his groin was agains the cheeks of her ass. There wasn't much dialogue, some periodic ooh's and ahhh's but not much in the way of talk.

Vince's cock was rock hard now, and he was pushing down on my shoulders and I knew he wanted me to suck his cock. I pulled back his sweats and let his cock spring out, and lowered my mouth down onto it. Vince spoke, loudly, how he loved watching a slut get gangbanged. He started bucking his hips as if trying to fuck my mouth. I couldn't believe how rock hard his cock had gotten again. His hand had moved down to my ass, and was fingering my rose bud, right through the fabric of my slip! Vince began to actually talk to the movie. "Pound her, pound that slut's ass with your big black cock. Make that slut take your cum down her throat boys!. Oh Yeah...fuck that whore, breed the bitch like ya know she wants it!" His hand had gone from ass to the back of my head, and he was f***e fucking my face. I was trying hard not to gag, and trying to get a little air. I pushed down on the seat and began to lift my head up and take my mouth of his cock, when his other hand grabbed my head also, and f***ed me back down onto his raging hard on.

I regained my composure a bit, and began to work his cock with my tongue and mouth, making him ease his grip. He stopped thrusting into my mouth and just sort of sat back and allowed me to work his cock. He told me to stop and look up at the screen. I looked up, to see the girl straddle a man on the floor and take his cock inside her ass. Then, the black guy worked in behind her, and worked his cock up into her too. The first time I'd ever seen 2 cocks in one ass. My hand, still on Vince's cock, had tighten as I was watching this. My own cock had sprung to life as I watched this queen take 2 cocks in her ass. The 3rd guy stepped in front of her and she took his cock into her mouth! 3 cocks gangfucking her, and it was incredibly hot!

Vince sensed my excitement, pulled me up and slid me off the love seat onto my knees in front of him. He didn't even bother to pull up my slip, he just placed the head of his cock to my rose bud and began to press his cock up inside of me. The satin fabric, along with already having been fucked a couple hours earlier, allowed Vince's cock to penetrate me. All up into me he pushed. I looked at the screen and the girl couldn't keep the cock in her mouth any longer. She had her head down and was tightly gripping the man beneath her as the anal onslaught continued.

Vince began calling me a slut, a whore. He began telling me he knew I was just a little sissy whore when he first saw me in the terminal. He knew I'd love having his fat cock fucking me like the cum slut I really am. He is going to have me gang****d, double and triple fucked, filled with cock and cum all the time. He was brutally fucking me, right through the damn slip, he was fucking my ass hard. He pushed me forward, hard, and dropped me prone down onto the carpet. His cock still raging inside me, fucking me, r****g me now.
I couldn't stop my climax...I wanted to, I didn't want him to make me cum again, like this. I thought for a moment, that I'm not really a slut, I'm not like this. And then, my body, betrayed me. An incredibly thunderous orgasm swept through my body. Both my prostate, and my girl cock, were climaxing in unison. Again, my body has repsonded to Vince, his raging hard on, his cock, his dominant personna, has MADE me repsond erotically to him.

My whole body went incredibly tense beneath him. Everything tightened up as my cum bolted from my cock, and this anal sensation racked my body with such intense pleasure, it was almost painful! And the grip my ass now had on Vince's cock was almost beyond anything he had ever experienced, and he came.
God did he cum, and cum, and cum! My slip, used as a condom, cum soaked, up my ass, wrapped around his shuddering cock! Again, I'm cum soaked and stained.
I can't even look up at the screen, nor does Vince. We lie there completely exhausted. A fucking more intense than the first!

Vince whispers now, softly in my ear, that he owns me. I am his slut, and will always be his whore. I am going to do things to you, Elaine, anything i want to do. You will never deny me, you love what I can do to you, don't you? I want to say no, but I relent. Yes, I do love what your making me feel.

After a few moments, Vince slips his cock from my ass, helps me to my feet, and again, I go upstairs to clean up. It's getting late and I'm getting tired as is Vince. I wonder if he'll take me to his bed this night.
He takes me to his room and pulls back the bedsheets. I protest that I need to change first, and he pulls me to the bed and puts me into it. He crawls in on the other side and we drift off.

What will tomorrow bring?
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ahhh nothing like a sissy beginning to know he place...
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Oh MY !
Thats so fucking HOT !
Got me so hard & so HORNY !
Cant wait to read the next chapter :)
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That made my gurl clit leak. Yummy
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Would love to have seen you in that audern wig and satin slip
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cannot wait to meet someone like me... stinday..d sexually pleasure me 5 ways to sull dream of a 1st time as a CD Ucan shave me , lingerie dress me five ways to sundy
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fantastic story i got so hot i did it asgain i jacked off all over everything thanks
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