Closing the Deal!

My husband and I have worked in commercial real estate for several years. We both used to swing as a couple until my hubby aquired a stalker. Needless to say he was a little timid after that! We were out showing a property one afternoon to two young blackmen (very handsome and built). It was a old nightclub they had plans on opening. I was 5 months pregnant at the time and really never changed much physically except for my belly! Everything else remained the same physically, except for my sex drive! I was wet all the time....always wanting a good pounding! That day it was late October so I had on my full length coat covering below my knees. Under it was a one piece black and white short dress, sleeved, black stockings, 3 inch strap back black pumps and a nice little thong! We stepped inside and began showing the building, within 15 minutes I removed my coat and watched as the two men eye fucked me for several seconds! I became dripping wet! We walked through the areas and joked with both of one point Marcus stopped and said he would have never guessed I was pregnant, I carried it well. He asked how far along I was and if everything was going alright? I replied that I was great and so was the baby! He smiled and said "White women like you are hot when pregnant"! I felt a drip began to run down my thigh! My husband looked at me and smiled! "Why don't you show Marcus the Office area and I will take Dom to look at the mechanical room". Marcus and I went up to the first big office, a couch and desk sat in the room with numerous chairs and a old mattress in the corner. We both walked around the office area and he smiled as he looked at the mattress. "Can I keep this?" he asked. I laughed "Now what do you need that for?" He walked over to me, "I just have to say that you are just a hot lady!" I looked down at his pants and noticed a thick bulge..."You are a very good looking man!" He began to reach out for me about the time my hand reached down and grabbed his thick cock! We began kissing, I unbuttoned his pants and released this very thick piece of black meat! Marcus was hard within seconds. He reached down and sank a finger deep inside my wet kitty....I moaned as he rubbed over my clit! "Damn lady you are WET!" he whispered. "Lay your ass on that mattress, I am going to fuck that pussy up!" he demanded. I laid down and pulled my skirt up removing my thong, Marcus straddled me lowering his piece of meat into my mouth as he buried his mouth into my wet kitty! His cock was to big to get inside my mouth.Marcus pulled back my stocking covered legs and spread my wet kitty open and began to tongue fuck me! Within minutes I was thrusting my hips into his face I began to orgasm! He let my legs down and stood up! "How do you want this dick today?" he asked! I grabbed my heels and pulled my legs back spreading wide,"I just want you to fuck me!" I replied. Marcus kneeled down and pressed his thick head against my wet kitty! He began to slowly enter inside me! I could feel my hips start to spread! "Fuck me hard!" I begged! "Pound my pussy!" I asked again! With one shove he buried himself deep inside me! I let out a scream! "Oh Fuck Me!" Marcus wasted no time as he began pounding his thick black cock deep inside me! This time it actually hurt a little! I was being stretched beyond belief! Marcus placed his hands behind my knees pinning my legs back to the mattress! All I could hear was the sucking wet pussy sound as he pounded harder each time! Between screams and moans I begged him to fuck me hard and when he was pounding me as hard as he could I moaned "Oh yeah that's it...keep going.....fuck me!" Marcus continued to fuck me in this position for 15 to 20 minutes. The he pulled out, rolled me over pulling my ass high in the air and pushed my face into the matttress! He spread my legs apart and rammed his cock deep inside again. This time he hit bottom! It felt so good! He was rubbing every inch inside me! Marcus raised up and squatted over me spreading my ass as he pounded each stroke deep inside my pussy! I buried my face in the mattress and screamed each time he thrust deep inside me! Marcus began grunting....."Oh shit I am gonna Cum!" I squeezed my pussy tight around him as I felt his cock begin to unload inside me! Marcus continued to jab deep inside as he let go with every load! I felt his cum squirt out and run down my belly! As he pulled out he said "Oh shit Elaine, that was some damn good pussy!" I looked back at him "Marcus that was the biggest dick I have ever had...Damn, you can fuck me anytime you want!" I stood up and as I did I felt his seed start to run out of my freshly fucked pussy, I looked down at the inside of my thighs to see cum running down the inside of my thighs and across my stockings. Within a few minutes I had cum all the way down to my knees! He looked down, "Sorry about that, I forgot to warn you about the amount!" I laughed....I love it! I looked down and even my right heel had cum dripping onto it! "Damn you were not k**ding!" I replied!

Part Two is Next!
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5 months ago
You are sooo Hot and beautiful! I Love your stories, pictures and videos! I wish I had a big black cock to give you. Wish I could see all of your content.
1 year ago
love you
1 year ago
великолепно! хочу лизать вам пизду
1 year ago
hot milf realtor fantasy
2 years ago
Loved it. Reminds me of a hot realtor I know.
2 years ago
That was awesome I love the sexy thoughts it was giving me
2 years ago
AWESOME one very hot story,,thanks
2 years ago
Hot, can't leave Dom out!
2 years ago
Great story