My High School Buddies

Me, I'm a junior in Belmont High and my two best buddies are seniors. They have been best friends for years but I only met them last summer. Whenever we can we go hiking, wilderness biking and swimming in a hole off one of the trails. My buddies have never been shy and they are always pissing and jerking off in front of each other and me. They are straight and I've seen them fuck girls a lot but they don't mind being horny and getting naked when the three of us are alone. I'm the shy one but they like having me around and don't say anything about me keeping my dick inside my pants.

After biking the trails last Sunday, we took a long swim, me in my briefs and they butt naked. Afterward, we found a place to lay on the grass and we all fell asl**p. Some kind of bug bit me on my thigh and I woke up and looked around to my buddies. They were naked and sl**ping in each others arms. I never saw them cuddle each other before. I thought that was weird for two guys to do but I felt a little jealous that they were such good friends. My dick got hard when I looked at them. Their naked legs and arms were entwined together. I walked back to the water to cool off and to be alone. When I heard my friends talking I headed back but stopped and hid behind a tree when I saw what was happening.

"You want me to fuck you?" "Hell no I ain't no cunt". "OK then, if I can't find a cunt, then I won't fuck you". Danny pulled Reese up on all fours and rammed his erection into Reese's ass, making him scream really bad. "Fuck Danny! Get your cock out of my fucking ass you fucking r****t!" - "This don't feel like ass, it feels like virgin pussy!" Danny said as he sunk his cock all the way inside. Reese hollered and struggled to pull away while cursing his buddy. "Stop it you faggot, go find shorty and fuck him if you're that damn horny." - "No way. In fact, I'm gonna let you take the boy's cherry soon as I'm done busting yours." I stayed hidden and was scared but my dick was harder now than ever. I figured I had some growing up to do and I couldn't run away without my clothes and my bike.

"I been hot to bust your cherry for a long time and the way you keep looking at my big cock, I know you been itchin' for a fucking and I need to drain my balls really bad". - "Oh God Danny, your cock is killing me inside, I can't take any more of you fucking me like I'm some bitch!" - "Then beg me to cum up your ass and I'll juice you up and take my meat out of your cunt, but you gotta beg for it!" - "Hurry up then and cum in my ass, do it man, cum deep up all inside my wet pussy. You like that don't you? I should have known you like boy ass you closet faggot. Ram me, ram it deep and shoot that load with that big white cock baby. You're hurting me man, you're fucking r****g me like some school girl virgin pussy!"

It sounded to me like Reese was serious. Was he liking getting butt fucked by his best friend? Reese's dick was hard and reminded me of a horse's penis when it got hard and rose up to toward his stomach. His cock bounced every time Danny pounded deep inside his ass. My dick was so hard from watching one of my friends get ****d by the other that it was hurting me. I decided that today was not the day for me to do something like this. I figured that while they were so distracted fucking that I could grab my pants and bike and take off for home.

"Yea, get ready bitch cause I'm 'bout to cum up your cunt hole and you better not get pregnant with my baby cause I'll fuck you up till you both bleed to death". - "Just do it man, just give me your hot white cum from that big cock you've been showing off to me for 8 years already. You been fuckin' everybody else, it's about time I get to see what you can do with that big fat pecker wood!" - "Yea bitch, here it comes, I'm about to cream that ass you sleazy whore pussy bitch!"

That was my cue. I ran up to just a few feet from where Reese was getting horse fucked and I grabbed my pants and headed for the bike then started running away from them as fast as I could move. "What the fuck" screamed Danny as he started to shoot his load inside of Reese's hot bowels. "Get back here you pussy twink! You ain't goin' nowhere". Danny pulled out of Reese's ass and bolted toward me, his cock spraying thick white cum in front of him. He reached me before he was done squirting his semen and several globs of it marked my stomach. He grabbed me by my hair and pulled me forward toward the prone Reese who had collapsed flat on the ground spilling Danny's seed from his no longer virgin ass hole. My cock was still rock hard so there wasn't much argument I could make about me not liking what was going on here. Fact was I was scared and I really didn't like it, but something was happening to turn me on.

Danny ripped my shorts off me and saw my erection for the first time ever. "Not bad for a punk" he said. "What you been hiding that thing for? It's not like we ain't seen you get all those erections when you thought nobody was noticing. Me and Reese's big cocks get you hard don't they. We knew you were more than just our 'buddy'. You been wanting some of this ever since you started staring at us showing 'em off. Why you think we been flashing our cocks and asses so much? We were just giving you something to go home and jerk-off to. Well your jerk-off days have come to an end for you little boy."

Danny grabbed my dick and balls and squeezed them hard, making me scream and double over in pain. "Oh, you like that, huh? Listen Reese! I got the girl screaming already. I should be the first to bust this cherry like I just busted yours. I'm sure this one is gonna be a lot tighter than your worn out pussy."

"Not on your life." Reese said as he struggled to walk towards me, his 8 inch cock pointing towards my pained face. Those soft ass cheeks are for me to pluck you god damn r****t! "Now boy, get down on your knees and suck me and Danny's cocks. Get a taste of what you been staring at all your faggot life."

We all knew then and there that today was going to be just the first day of my sexual servitude to them. I was literally fucked from that moment on. Reese began to take all his anger toward Danny out on my asshole. He had me d****d over a huge fallen rotting tree trunk and he was hammering my ass with all his might. My penis was bleeding from all the scr****g it was getting from the cramming it got against the flaking tree bark. I screamed out like the virgin I was. I'm sure I screamed louder than one of the virgin cheerleaders I saw them take into the gas station mens toilet and watched them brutally bust through there virgin hymens. Danny was now r****g me just that hard if not harder.

We lay on the grass spent until the day light began to move out. When Danny and Reese got up off the ground, I sat up and tried to raise myself as well. "Not just yet" ordered Danny. "You're gonna eat me first and you're gonna swallow my load down your queer throat. You Got That?" By the time the sun was dangerously close to setting, I had learned to hold a big fat cock half way down my throat and let it fuck my mouth while being semi-conscious from the lack of air. I felt as if my entire body had been stuffed by cock. Thick, hard, juicy cock, attached by sacks of hairy testicles pushing on my chin.

I prayed that I could feel this good forever.
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4 years ago
I forgot to mention that this event really happened although there was more than one version of who said what. The two older boys were suspended from school after bragging about it. The younger boy became a hustler, seeking out the wrong men in the wrong places. He was damn cute though. Thanks for your comments.
4 years ago
wish that was me
4 years ago
Sounds like u had a good time
4 years ago
Wow that was hot some experence i bet he had a lot of fun after he got used to the fact that getting fucked and sucking cock is pretty hot and fun thanks