True Stories of a Sex Hungry Housewife part#1

Dinner with wifes guy friend turns into a naughty sl**pover:

So my very beautiful and luscious bodied wife "chrissy" invites her longtime
guy friend "derek" over to our house for dinner and drinks!So after a yummy dinner my wife cooked for her friend and us,we put our k**s to bed in their bedrooms!We all started having some mixed drinks that i was making in the kitchen,"earlier that day i stopped by the porn shop and purchased some packets of:super-horny-female-sex-powder"and i secretly poured some into my wife chrissys cocktails!so for a couple hours my wife,me,and her guy friend derek are laughing hving a great time and getting d***ker and d***ker! I can start to tell the horny sex powder is starting to kick into my wife as she is getting flirtier and flirtier with her guy friend derek who is really enjoying her like this! the conversations get more adult and i hand out shots of teqiulia to my now horny wife chrissy and her guyfriend derek.while her friend is in the bathroom my wife cant stop touching on my cock and on herself!i wisper to her for her to rub her hands on her body in a sexy way right in front of her friend and she got sooooooo turned on by that!Its kinda late at night and we relize my wifes guy friend derek is too d***k to drive home so we have him stay the night at our house!and all three of us go in the livingroom and continue drinking and takng shots as i sneak more horny female sex powder into my wifes drinks as she is slowly becuming a sex-slave to her fantasys!So me,my very hot and so horny wife chrissy,and her longtime guy friend derek all start playing an adult version of sexual fantasy "Truth or Dare or Strip" game!!!as we start playing wifes guy friend picks "truth" and he confesses that hes always been secretly and sexually attracted to my wife chrissy!My wife also picks "truth" and confesses shes always had fantasy about a m.f.m threesome and how she desires one!I also pick "truth" and confess ive always wanted to watch another man pleasure my wifes body!next my wife gets a stripcard and me and derek both have to take our shirts off!next i dare derek to give my wife chrissy the most sensual,sexual kiss "lips-to-lips and tongues-tongues for 2-minutes and damm did the temp.go up in this livingroom!now my wife gets another stripcard and me and derek both take our pants off leaving us both in nothing but our boxer-briefs!my wife is now in a very deep state of mind called a sexual-trance where her mind and body are sexually-hypnotized where she will do anything and everything to make all her sex-fantasys cum true!so next i dare her to go put on her sexiest and slutiest lingeria she has and then cum back to the livingroom and play the rest of the game in it!
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