Vicky's new job, part one.

"I guess this is the place", vickykinkade thought to herself as she pulled into a parking spot in a nearly empty lot. The building is nothing more than a simple steel building, a warehouse of sorts. Since the job posting is for an advertising agency, Vicky expected a much more inviting looking entrance. There aren't any windows, just a solid steel door, and a large steel garage door. Both of them are closed. Nevertheless, Vicky needs a job that pays well, and fast. Her landlord gave her a week to catch up on her late payments on her rent, and the last thing she wants to do is move back home with her parents.

As Vicky approached the door, the door unlocked itself and even popped open. She noticed there's a security camera above the door, so this in itself didn't seem too odd. Once inside, Vicky found herself in what appears to be a simple front office. There's a desk, a couple of chairs in front of the desk, and there's an older, stocky man sitting in a large leather chair behind the desk. "Odd, that guy looks a bit like Ron Jeremy", Vicky thought to herself.

"Sit down, Miss Kinkade, did you have any trouble finding the place?" the man said.

"A little, but I figured my phone's GPS was correct," Vicky responded.

"So, you're interested in our open position for an advertising agent", the man said.

"Yes, but I don't have a lot of experience, though I'd really like to learn the ropes."

"Indeed, you are very green. I read on your resume that you're still in school. That's alright, we like to mold our employees and train them from within. We find it builds loyalty, and as a result our employees tend to hand around longer. Well, enough with the formalities, I think you're more than qualified for this position," the main stated as he studied Vicky's body intently, as if he were trying to determine her measurements.

"Great! When do I start?", Vicky responded enthusiastically.

Before the man responded, Vicky abruptly squealed as she felt a hand around her neck and a cloth stuffed into her mouth. The room began to spin slightly, and everything went dark.

As Vicky slowly regained consciousness, she found herself hovering a few feet above a silver steel surface, which looked a lot like the bed of a large truck. Panicking a bit from the disorientation of not being able to touch the ground, Vicky started to squirm frantically. She learned very quickly that she's not able to move much at all. As she started to focus, she realizes that she's actually hogtied to some sort of metal A frame. In fact, Vicky is suspended about two feet off the back of a flatbed truck. She's hogtied, and she's been dressed in a full body black pvc catsuit. As she squirmed a bit more she noticed there's a hitachi wand that just started to vibrate, which is attached to a rod that's mounted to the truck. Her nipples feel a bit sore too. She tilted her head down to find there are two strings tightly tied to her nipples, and there are large fishing weights attached to the ends of the string, hanging a few inches directly below her hard breasts. Other than her head, her nipples are the only part of her body that's not covered by the pvc outfit.

Suddenly, the garage door starts to open. Daylight starts flooding into the garage. Vicky starts to panic. "How long was I out? What happened to me? Where am I?", she thinks as her mind is racing. Then, she remembers, it was late afternoon, and she was at a job interview.

As the garage door opens, she realizes it's now morning. Vicky has no idea how she wound up in this predicament, other than she was at the job interview and someone put something in her mouth during the interview. Now the only person that seems to be around other than Vicky is the driver of the truck, and she only assumes this as the truck just started up. Vicky tries to lift her head up to see into the rear window of the truck, but she can't move enough, and stretching her neck only makes the weights move and pull harder.

Now that the truck has started, that also seems to have triggered the Hitachi wand, which is still pressed firmly against Vicky's clit. She now realizes that this truck is one of those vehicles where billboards are attached to the sides of the A frame, and they're driven all over town to promote events. But the billboards have been removed, and Vicky is hanging inside of the open A frame, wearing a skin tight, black PVC catsuit, with a Hitachi buzzing away on her clit and her nipples getting harder by the second as the weights are now swaying from the vibration of the truck's large idling diesel engine.

The truck abruptly snaps into gear. Startled, Vicky screams. "Oh my fucking god! It's moving!", she thinks to herself.

Sure enough, the truck begins to pull out into the parking lot. From the motion of the vehicle, Vicky begins to sway like a pendulum under the A frame. The weights are now swinging quite a bit, and the bumpy ride is randomly jamming the Hitachi wand violently into her clit.

The truck has now pulled into the morning traffic, and Vicky is drawing a lot of attention. Guys are honking their horns, cars are dangerously swaying all over the place as people are trying to capture the scene with their cell phone cameras, and people on the street are stopping in awe at the site of Vicky hogtied and tormented on the bed of the truck.

The truck continues to drive through traffic for what seems like quite a while, though in truth it's only been about 15 minutes. Vicky's nipples are now so sore that she feels as if they might start to tear. Her pussy is also really sore, and it feels like it's been bruised by the Hitachi as the truck has hit a number of potholes and bumps.

Just as Vicki feels as if she might start to pass out from the pain, the truck pulls into shopping mall parking lot and backs into one of the truck entrances to one of the department stores.

As soon as the truck comes to a stop, the large metal chain attached to the A frame that kept Vicky suspended above the truck bed started to move. It slowly lowered Vicky onto the cold, silver metal truck bed. Exhausted, Vicky welcomed the release as she slid off of the Hitachi and was left for a moment lying on the bed of the truck.

Vicky, finally catching her breath, tries to sit up. But, Vicky only made it to her hands and knees before the truck bed began to move. It started to tilt, raising the bed closest to the truck's cabin up while lowering the back end of the bed closer to the ground. Vicky desperately tried to scramble to the front of the truck, but the stainless steel seems to be covered in oil, so as soon as Vicky tried to crawl, she slipped and slid off the back of the bed onto the ground. At that moment, the truck drove off. Exhausted, sore, and bewildered, Vicky passed out from the shock of her experience.
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