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My Tips as an User for Posting at xH

An update of this blog follows in July - there will be lots of new informations.

1: Choose a regular Username and no one with special characters such as _a1__b2_ The name will be still accepted as your Username, but problems occur due to the otherwise forbidden connecting "sub-lines" ___ when this Username _a1__b2_ is inserted elsewhere using the copy and paste function.

2: The title / headline of a gallery can be up to 60 characters long.

3: The description can be up to 200 characters long.

4: For both title and description, there are Taboo Words that prevent the upload, but the words will not be displayed. To find out the blocking Taboo Word, you'll have in a first step to proof sentence by sentence and then word by word by deleting a sentence or a single word by yourself and then try to upload again the galery without the deleted sentence or word. If Upload-Function works, you are knowing now, which term is taboo and can replace it with another word Go back at the former site, add a substitute word and post again your gal or pic without any problems, if no other word is taboo too in your description. Otherwise, do the same thing again. This is very frustrating and time consuming. It be easier if xH would mark the taboo words in the text! :-(
Examples of taboo words are:
- f***ed (erzwungen, gewaltsam)
- sl**p (Schlaf, schlafen)
- c***d, c***dren, u******e (Kind, Kinder, nicht volljährige Personen)
- v******e (Gewalt)
- attack, terror (I am amazed that this words had not been censored in my blog! xH is very inconsistent and chaotic).
Some of taboo are comprehensible to me, but some are not ...

5: Forbidden signs: In the Title bar and in the Description it is not allowed to use any special characters or signs such as
? ! - & $ § @ and others. Most of them are lined up on the numbers on your keyboard.
Forbidden are also, for example, accent marks on vowels, French cedillas or Danish double vowels.
Curious that the special characters can be used in PMs and blogs, but not in captions or descriptions. The hamster is anothertime inconsistent and chaotic!

6: Forbidden are pictures or videos in connection with c***dern/minors, a****ls (Tiere), **** (Vergewaltigung), i****t (Blutschande), v******e (Gewalt), bl**d (Blut), shitting, pissing, vomit and other disgusting things.
Forbidden in videos are: d***k (betrunken), d**gged (on a trip), passed out or sl**ping (schlafende) persons. Censorship has struck!

7: Forbidden are pictures or videos with copyright or watermarks, such as cr-entries, web addresses or famous trademark.
Allowed in pictures are:
- Time stamps
- E-mail addresses
- Name, title, and xHamster user name
- Magazine scans and DVD covers
- Plain Text
- Signatures
- Foreign Font
- Artist's stamps
Videos: Many users who post videos downloaded from commercial video portals, do not note the copyrights at the beginning and end of the film. Therefore, these vids, if someone reports it lateron to the support will be deleted.

8: After uploading videos or pictures the entered text in title or description can not be edited nor corrected - typos included! :-(

9: Forbidden are videos or pictures with c***dren/minors. Whether clothed or naked.
Example: Playing c***dren/minors in bathing suits on the edge of a picture with a nude beach beauty run to deletion of the the image. This strict ban also applies to cartoons, comics or hentai with drawn with c***dren/minors, such as Lisa Simpson.

10: The above rules and bans of xH also apply to cartoons, comics and hentais. Accordingly, for this category of posts are banned: c***dren or minor cartoon characters, adult cartoon characters having sex with any real a****ls (Tiere), urination, i****t (Blutschande), **** (Vergewaltigung) or all other sexual v******e (Gewalt).
Allowed are adult cartoon characters having sex with robots or non-existent creatures such as jinn or an aliens, and of course sex between drawn actually existing a****ls like cat and tomcat, so long as not drawn human figures are actively involved in its sex ...

11: Procedure of the reviewing process
In general, all pictures and videos go after posting from the waiting position at once online and then it will be (partially) channeled in a few days by random selection to reviewing. If pictures or videos had been deleted lateron , a user had previously pressed the button "Report inappropriate video / photo" and thereby started a new reviewing-process. Reported images or videos are sent on a random basis to a reviewer for reviewing. Regardless whether this reviewer observes a violation of xH-rules or not, the video / image will be sended to several other reviewers for additional reviewing and only then it may be deleted. A single reviewer can never decide alone on the deletion. If in a gallery 2/3 of all pics had been reported by users and afterwards been deleted by the reviewers, the entire gallery will be deleted.

12: By this way you get the information why your picture or a whole gallery had been deleted by xH:
- Edit my photo - click in the deleted gallery again at Edit and scroll the page down - click Deleted - there you can read the reason for the deletion.

13: If your gallery had been deleted by xH out of the Waiting position one or two minutes after posting without being public, it could be due to a virus in your own image files (check your pics always before posting with virus scanners) or xH has a bug. How can you determine that xH has a echnical problem? Click on the Home Page of xh on Pictures. If you can seen there under the current date many empty fields instead of images, is the culprit of xH and you must wait until the problem will be solved by the Technical Support... Inform the Support about this problem. Scroll down the site and go on Help and Support and then on Contact and write a PM.
It is even easier when you click at the top of your profile near the Hamster-logo on the information:
Found a technical problem? Please report it to make xHamster better !

14: If your upload feature for videos does not work , even though other users are able to upload their videos, try this way: See all videos - Upload Your Video! That had been sucessful in my profile!

15: In case of an overload of the server of xH videos or pictures can be frozen for a long time in the waiting position, before they are visible on your profile. Instead of the usual half to three quarters of an hour of waiting for pictures it takes half a day or more ... Then "wait and see!" :-)

If you have additional tips to this matter, please wrote to me - then I will supplement my blog!

Posted by egines 2 years ago
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3 months ago
Right on! Was very helpful when we first started here.
2 years ago
THX- Sho shou behn tres lagres / datamine-8331671{encapsulate jk556 } {:)
2 years ago
fantastic blog
looks very helpful to make postings
thans for taking the time to share this information
2 years ago
I got a lot of good information from this.

Thank you so much!
SassyBri ~
2 years ago
2 years ago
this is a copy of the profile comment,
If you don't need it just erase the comment,
I'm not a comment collector.
Remember : I never read the entire blogs,
just if I see something about I can help
I try to be usefull.
The reason is because I must translate with my mind, translator are unaffordable with italian.
about forbidden sign:
The reason because a sign(character)mis visible
here, " ? ' , and invisible in other part depend
by the way the site read some "boxes".
The comment box is assumed like a text input,
and every sign is alphabetical also the numbers,
in the other case the box is assumed like
"code receptor", so the forbidden sign
has a "translation", ?=print (old basic language), is a way to say at the site
"make something special", the pc where the site
is "write" receive this signs directly in his
language, the binary code, 0 and 1.

as I said you can erase this comment.
2 years ago
Why is pi irrational? Its not the easiest thing to prove but is has been done. A simpler proof is why sqrt(2) ~ 1.414 ... is irrational. First, you assume sqrt(2) rational. That means there is some fraction sqrt(2) = x/y where x and y are integers and share no common factors (that is the fraction x/y is fully reduced like 40/30 gets reduced to 4/3 cause they share the common factor 10). So if sqrt(2) = x/y and you square both sides of the equation you get, 2 = x2 /y2 or 2y2 = x2. That means that x must be an even number (remember y is an integer and 2y2 is an even number if y is an integer). Hence you can rewrite x = 2z, where z is an integer. Then you have the equation 2y2 = (2z)2 or y2 = 2z2. By the same argument, we just used we know y must be an even number. Hence, we just showed that x and y are both even numbers. That means the fraction x/y isn't fully reduced, but that's what we assumed at the start. All rational numbers have some fully reduced fractional form; hence sqrt(2) is not a rational number. Similar proofs have been done for pi.

Now, you may say well how do we know that an irrational number (one that can't be written as a fraction of integers) never ends. Well if it had an end (say it was just 3.14) then it would be possible to write it as a rational fraction (314/100). Similarly if it repeated decimal there are ways to write it as a rational fraction.
2 years ago
So many "rules"; What's the sport in that anymore :-)
2 years ago
Looks good
2 years ago
Great blog!
2 years ago
Got a tip....a white tip....reef