like every morning Francesco was serving breakfast to Mistress Claudia.
Was a spring day, a beautiful and warm day after several days of boring rain.
- when you have finished cleaning all you have to undress and then reach me in the dungeon!
- yes Mistress
Ten minutes after Francesco entered naked in the dungeon, knelt down and waited.
Claudia came in and began to dress: collar bracelets and anklets of thick leather.She joined the ankles with a chain of about 30 inches then Francesco pulled on a blackplastic shoes from the sea......

- Today I want to go hunting ......and thou shalt be my prey!
The rules are very simple: now you go and hide in the woods. You have 30 minutes of time and then began my hunt.....after thirty minutes I come looking for you. If I find you in the first half hour you will receive 20 lashes, in the second half-hour you will receive 15 lashes. That go down to 10 in the third and only 5 in the last half hour.
- Yes Mistress
- if I do not find you after two hours I'll shoot a shot in the air and we will meet to the abandoned hut in the woods and come back together at home.
- yes Mistress.

Was almost ten o'clock when Francesco came out of the house naked at a quick pace: the chain prevented him from running. Walked toward the woods, the rain of the previous days covered of mud the thin plastic shoes and slowed down the walking. Francesco wanted to hide in the woods and find a point for observing the movements of the Mistress and then go in a direction far away from her! In the woods the lower branches of trees, weeds and bushes scratched the legs and often even the sex was struked. In addition, the chain at ankles in addiction to make noise catchled in all the places.

Finally he found a place in the woods where he could see the house of Mistress. He waited and rested. Finally saw the mistress out of the stable on riding horse.
At slow trot she went toward the woods looking at the ground: was trying his tracks! Francesco had walked in a circle several times in and out of the woods to try to confuse the traces.
Claudia after some time and some indecision looked at the forest and slowly entered. Francesco started walking in the opposite direction the one in which it was directed the woman! Now with a broken branch held raised the chain to keep the noise down!
Was walking slowly. Often stopped to hear noises.
passed thirty minutes and an hour.....walked in silence and in the woods was covered in scratches and mud ....
Claudia also moved with the horse in the woods looking for tracks and listening....
she was angry. She might be easily..... She decided that the next time she brought his dog with her!

Time passed......two hours passed...... Claudia took the gun she had and fired a shot into the air. Then she walked to the meeting point.Angry!!
Once arrived dismounted from his horse and waited! Francesco arrived after about 15 minutes!Naked, mud covered legs and splashes were all over the body, scratches on arms legs and all body!
Francesco knelt close the Mistress
- Compliments!!
- Thanks Mistress!!
- You played well! I'm sorry cannot use my whip!!
Francesco remained silent:He knew they were not necessary explanations or excuses to use the whip. Indeed......

- But.....maybe it is not the last word.
She said smiling
- Prepare ourselves for the return...
Claudia took the bag that was behind the saddle. She took off her leather collar and made him wear a leather hood ( covered all head, thick leather with small open for eyes and a gag for mouth) then a stiff posture collar.
After joined and tied with belts arms behind his back....then a huge strap similar to an corset was put to hips.....this belt forward have a metal ring to which the Mistress tied a rope .....
Claudia made bend forward the slave then took from bag a ponytail assplug ...... an inflatable plug! Put it in her ass and swollen it!
- and now the final touch!!!!
Claudia took a bag full of colored pegs.......and she began to put to balls, cock and total 25 clothes pegs....
She mounted her horse and tugged the rope that he had tied to his belt:
-back home! each clothespin will be lost on the way a whip lash for you....

laughing and did start the horse.....
Francesco .......dirty wounded tired,,,,,walking tied to the horse by the pulled rope.....he tried not to fall both due to the chain that due to the pegs.....he did not want the Claudia whip. But....
But in the same time was excited.....the situation: tied , hooded. gagged. assplugged........his exhibitionist side wanted to be seen. be exposed......and cock grew....the excitement grew....and two clothespin fell to the ground......

After 30 minutes of walking finally arrived! The Mistress entered directly into the horse's stall followed by a slave on a leash.......

......horses the control missing 5 of clothes pegs on slave body
- 20! 5 missing.... so 5 wiph lash for you...
Francesco was gagged and silent , Claudia led him toward a bench and made him bend in order to have legs apart and torso touching the bench with his ass exposed ....
Five strong lashes
......from gagged mouth of Francesco some whimperings.....immediately after Claudia led the slave in the farmyard:
she began to wash the mud and dirt with a hose from body slave......cold water for hot body....
a superficial washing . She untie slave hands and arms.....
- undress, leave plug too and clean all before back home! Then come to me
Francesco agree with head..... then start to undress.....remove chains collar braclets and plug from his arse.....all open-air and if someone want watch can see all......cleaned everything: collar straps bracelets plug hood then return home and go to the Mistress!
She was still dressed in her riding with boots dirty.....Francesco kneel in front of Mistress who was drinking and eating something after the ride
- follow me
The Mistress got up and him followed. They went upstairs then into the bathroom.He helped her take off her boots and then to undress her. He starts to massage and lick her sweaty feet......shortly after Claudia stood up and turned:
- I want your tongue in my arse slut...
- Yes Mistress
Francesco began to lick and then stick tongue in her arse while with her hands widened cheecks.....he loved to do this, the pungent taste on her tongue, the face completely covered by Mistress ass....the humilianting and exciting situation at same time. Mistress too loved to be ass licked to feel the tongue deep in her arse (he would have liked to have a longer tongue to enter more deeply)
When was very excited Mistress turned and Francesco start to lick her sex and clit....until orgasm!!! Was the second of day after awakening orgasm!!
Now slave was lie on floor and Claudia sitting on her face and after some moment she start to piss....pissing directly on face and body slave......
After Claudia took a long bath, Francis wiped and then went to prepare for dinner. It was a quiet evening. Before going to sl**p Claudia gave a summary report of the day!
-I liked the hunt even though I would have preferred to find my prey and then whip him! The'll do it again next week with some variations...and I had an idea for your passion for running....a new training sistem: once or twice a week we will run together! I on horseback and you, naked, behind me tied to a rope with a plug in your ass!My wiph with me to stimulate you !!

- Yes Mistress
- ...ops! A last thing! tomorrow morning when I wake up I want you to come and bring with you the 5 that clothespins that today you lost when we got home ......
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