Jill Jerk Off First Time

When I was growing up, I had a next door neighbor named Jill. She was two years younger than me. She was cute, dark brown hair and started getting curves when she was only ten years old. She loved to flirt and check out guys.

We got in trouble at a young age playing doctor and nurse. I think I was just 12 years old and she was 10 when we got caught. She was using a stethoscope to listen to my hear beat, with the listening device on my hard-on!

Needless to say, they moved across town shortly after that. We still saw each other in school.

In high school, she would often sit next to me and she would talk to me about which guys she liked and what parts of their bodies she liked. I would tell her the same thing about the girls a liked.

Overtime, I conversations became more explicit. When I was a senior and she was a junior, she teased my by telling me about her experiences with her first serious boyfriend. She told me how warm his cock felt, how much bigger his cock was than when she saw mine when I was 12, the feeling of pride at making him spurt in the air. The salty/sex smell of fresh cum. She really drove me nuts when she told me she jerked of her boyfriend and then slowly licked the cum of her hand and fingers in front of him.

I often couln't wait to jerk off when I got home hearing her stories. She would occasionally look at my crouch to see if I had a hard-on, which I usually did. When she noticed that I saw her look, she would just smile with a devilsh grin.

Two years after I graduated high school, I was home for a few weeks and contacted her. She said she would love to see me again and get caught up. She had just graduated and turned 18.

I biked to her house and she agreed to bike to an open field a mile from her house. The weather was perfect,sunny, 80s, light wind.

She wore a tigh T-shirt with her bra visible and shorts two sizes to small. The bottom of her ass cheecks showed. When she got on her bike, she leaned over several times "to adjust" her socks. She noticed my bulge in my bike shorts and just chuckled and said "Things haven't changed that much"!

We packed some snacks an had lunch in the field. We sat on some warm rocks and made small talk. She said she was looking forward to college and being able to fuck guys with no parent around. I was extremly horny by now.

I told her I had to piss and walked behind a tree. I did piss and then put lube on my cock. I took off my shorts and once I had a full erection, I sat down on the rock. The funny part was Jill kept talking and looking over the field for what seemed like an eternity while I stroked my cock.

Finally, with my hear pounding, she turned her head. She smirked and shook her head and told me to put my shorts back on. I told her I had been thinking about this for years and continued to slowly stroke my cock. She was only 3 feet away. She slowly turned her head away, but didn not leave. I kept running my hand up and down my shaft, squeezing just below the head of my cock.

I turned slightly away from her to be less direct. I noticed that she turned her head so she could see what I was doing, but not be brazen. When I had enough pre-cum, I rubbed that on the head of my cock and shaft for lube. At that point, Jill turned hear head some more so she could see better.

At this point, I had all I could do not to cum right away. I had been thinking about this moment for years and wanted to enjoy the scene a little longer. After a few more minutes of bringing myself to the edge, Jill stood up and said "I do have to get back home". She was staring straight down at my cock when she said that.

I got the hint and storked my cock fast and furious. She grinned when she heard the sticky sound of my pre cum rubbin up and down my shaft. When I came, I leaned back and shot 3 or 4 large ropes of cum in the air. You could hear the cum land on the grass. I squeezed the last few drops of cum out of my cock then stood up. Jill just smiled and asked if I enjoyed myself. I said of course and we rode back to her house.

When we got to her house, I notice her crotch was wet through her shorts and there was some pussy juice/crotch juice on her bike seat. She saw me checking out her crotch and said "I didn't realize how sweaty I got" with a grin, knowing that I new there was more than sweat on hear bike seat.

She thanked me for an interesting afternoon and I rode home, still abuzz from what happened.

Stay tuned for the next summer's Jill jerk off story.
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6 months ago
we really are curious about a man's penis and how it cums... xx linda
2 years ago
Thanks! Girls were that way at one time!