Cougar prowls Glastonbury

June 2011, a true story, enjoy...

Every year a group of mates and I go to the Glastonbury Festival in Somerset. On the Thursday night there were only a few bands playing before the festival proper began on the Friday. To while away a few hours we went to the b*****rs Cider Bar. After a few pints I went for a piss. When I returned to where we’d been sitting there was no sign of any of my mates. I looked around the crowd but, to my annoyance, they appeared to have gone off without me. I tried phoning them but they all had their phones off to conserve their batteries. I was pretty pissed off but decided to get another pint and wait on the grass near where we’d been sitting, before trying to phone them again.

I was sat next to two older women who I hadn’t noticed before. Both seemed to be in their mid to late forties, and were very good looking. I’ve always fantasised about mature women and these two looked hot. They were both quite d***k and seeing I was alone turned round to talk to me. They introduced themselves as ‘Val’ and ‘Denise’ (not their real names). Denise was short and plump with dark hair. She seemed the more reserved of the two but Val was very outgoing and confident. She was fairly slim with pert breasts and had shoulder length dark brown hair. She was wearing a flowing yellow floral print knee length dress and wellies (standard Glastonbury wear). She was definitely a MILF.

After chatting for about 40 minutes they said they were going to back to their tents to get some more to drink. They asked me if I wanted to come. I didn’t know if they were teasing me but Val had been flirting with me unashamedly and I decided I had nothing to lose. I followed them back to their tents in the middle of one of the campsites. The walk took forever, trudging through the mud, and I began to wonder whether it was going to be worth it.

When we got to their tents we cracked open some cans and sat on the grass outside chatting. Val was married but was separated and Denise was apparently happily married. They also got out a bottle of rum with some mixer and we started passing it around getting us d***ker. Val kept on flirting with me brazenly; she kept touching my arms and legs, maintaining long eye contact and playing with her hair. I flirted back but still wasn’t sure whether she was just joking around. Both Val and Denise started asking me questions about what I thought of older women, whether I thought they were attractive and if I’d ever kissed one. After some more rum Val dared me to kiss Denise. Denise looked uncomfortably and protested. ‘Ok, kiss me then,’ said Val. I was slightly embarrassed so I jokingly kissed her on the cheek.

Val and Denise both laughed, ‘oh he’s so shy! Go on, why don’t you give me a proper kiss?’ I blushed, ‘ok then,’ I said and pulled her head towards mine and gave her a really passionate snog. When we stopped all three of us started laughing hysterically, ‘there, that’s much better!’ Val said. I don’t know whether either of them noticed the bulge in my jeans.

After a bit Val complained she was cold so I said ‘you can cuddle in to me for warmth if you want.’ She laughed, ‘not as timid now then.’ She snuggled in close to me and I could smell her musky scent. We continued to talk and laugh, then without say a word Val started rubbing my thigh. I put my hand on her bum and squeezed it to let her know I liked it. I was now massively horny and wanted this hot cougar badly. We kept passing round the rum between the three of us and continued to laugh as we got d***ker. By now it was pretty dark and Val slowly worked her hand up to the stiffness between my legs. If Denise noticed she didn’t say anything.

Soon, it was almost completely dark and Val continued to rub the bulge through my jeans. Then when Denise turned around to get something from her tent Val loosened my jeans and slipped her hand inside. I trembled, partly from the shock of her cold hand and partly from the thrill. She continued to chat to Denise while she was wanking me off. I don’t know whether Denise could see what see was Val was doing in the dark but that was adding to my excitement. For the whole time Val barely even looked at me but I was fighting the growing urge to cum right there and then.

Just then Denise got up and announced she was going for a pee. ‘Alright, take care hun,’ Val said and Denise stumbled off d***kenly between the tents to find the toilets. ‘Is she going to be ok?’ I asked ‘she’s pretty fucked’. ‘She’ll be fine, and now we’re all alone,’ Val grinned. She grabbed my cock harder. We we're now very d***k and I couldn’t really believe what was happening. It was clear what we both wanted, I leant into her and kissed her on her luscious, soft, moist lips. She immediately responded, our tongues touching each others. She pulled back and laughed, ‘I haven't been kissed like that for twenty years.’ We kissed again harder. My left hand clumsily groped her thigh and moved up to her bum, then the small of her back pulling her towards me. We kissed passionately, our tongues flicking in and out of each other’s hot mouths. She snorted with nervous laughter, then took hold of my hand and guided it up her long skirt. I followed her lead, stroking her bare inner thigh until I reached her knickers. I began to kiss her wrinkled neck, enjoying the soft mature skin.

With my fingers I tentatively began to rub her pussy through the knickers, feeling the moisture through the lacy fabric. I pulled her knickers aside and ran my fingers around her furry muff. We both began breath more heavily and faster as I began to massage her clit. She let out a little moan. I poked one, then two fingers inside her sopping pussy. She continued to moan as I fingered her whilst rubbing her clit with my thumb.

‘I wana fuck you hard’ I breathed in her ear. She chuckled, her eyes glittering with excitement. She snogged me again urgently and ran her hands over my chest. Then she got up and led me to her tent. As I withdrew my hand from her skirt I had to sniff my wet fingers inhaling the sweet, potent scent of her pussy juice. I couldn’t resist putting my fingers in my mouth to suck off her juices that covered them.

She crawled into her tent, kicking off her wellies. As I followed her in, I cheekily slapped her arse which made her laugh. Inside the tent she grabbed my t-shirt and hungrily pulled me towards her. She kissed me ferociously, biting my lips. I started to feel her great body, stroking her beneath the thin fabric of her dress, enjoying every curve of her mature figure. She ran her hands across my upper body in return and then lifted up my t-shirt, teasing her fingernails down my chest. I quickly obliged by hauling it over my head. Next thing we were ripping off our cloths as fast as we could in the awkward, cramped tent, laughing as we struggled because of our d***kenness. I pulled off my jeans and pants so I was naked apart from my socks. She slid off her dress and lay back on her sl**ping bag.

In the eerie half-light of the tent I could see her in all her glory. Her body was superb. She was wearing a black bra and lacey black knickers. She had smallish flat tits, a flat, creased, belly which blossomed into broad welcoming thighs and long legs. With both hands I stroked the entire length of her trembling body from her firm calves to her supple tits. I moved on top of her pressing our bare flesh together and intensely kissed face and her neck and squeezing her boobs as I nibbled her ears.

I pulled down her bra to reveal her huge erect nipples and dark areolas. I buried my face between her boobs loving her scent. Then I cupped each boob in turn sucking on the enormous stiff nipples pulling them hard with my lips which drove her wild.

‘I need you to fuck me now!’ she gasped. I rolled off of her and fished in my jeans to get a condom. Val tried to sit up but fell back clumsily and we both laughed, giggling at the funny situation and at the unbelievable naughtiness of what we were doing. Instead she arched her back thrusting her pussy towards me. I moved my right hand up her calve, above the socks that our frantic undressing hadn’t had time to remove. I kept going up the soft inside of her leg up to her pussy. Her knickers were hot and soaking wet. I rubbed her pussy through the black lace, softly, then harder and more frantically as she let out a deep impulsive groan. I couldn’t wait any longer; I pulled her knickers down roughly over her knees.

We were both breathing fast now, ‘ooh, ooh yes’ she moaned quietly. She grasped my naked buttocks and pulled me towards her, opening her legs a little further to make me welcome. I moved into her, afraid of what the sensation might produce. She moved upwards to meet me and I rolled my cock around the edge of her pussy then slowly filled her, letting out an involuntary gasp as I did so. I moved in and out of her carefully at first but quickly increased the rhythm to match our rapid heart rates until I was thrusting furiously. She was so excited that she began to peak almost straight away, I could feel her shudder but I kept going as I my life depended on it. As I thrust hard, deep into her, she panted and grabbed my arse pulling me hard into her spasming body with every stroke. As she did, she dug her long fingernails into my bare arse, scratching and squeezing until it was raw but the pain added to the exhilaration and I continued ploughing her. After a short while I couldn’t hold off any longer. I gasped hoarsely as I felt my cock pulsating and shuddering inside her as I came hard. I rolled off her onto the freezing floor of the tent. It was the only part of the tent that was cold. The air inside was hot and stuffy and smelt strongly of our sweat, cum and pussy juice.

Val woke me up early next morning as it was first getting light and told me I had better go; she didn’t want Denise to know what we’d done. I agreed and got the rest of my clothes on, leaving the tent as quietly as I could. I staggered back across the campsite in the twilight with a massive hangover. When I got back my mates asked what had happened to me. I said I just had too much to drink and crushed somewhere to sl**p it off. Luckily they couldn’t see the scares on my bum from where I was mauled by a cougar!

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3 years ago
Brilliant story, loved reading that ;-) x
3 years ago
Nice story. I have been to some festivals like that and loved every bit that I can remember....